Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

New Game+
So, I was wondering what exactly carries over to NG+ after beating the Story Mode. I'm atm. in Day 80 of the Endless Mode and want to collect the other True Cards, what about my pix etc.?
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cearn 10.8.2013 kello 8.25 
Everything carries over except
  • money (back to 1000 pix),
  • dungeons (but progress within a dungeon is still there),
  • adventurers that you don't have the true card for.
You keep your inventory, merchant level and customer rep, so making enough money isn't an issue. Be sure to clear out the store first though. Your adventurers should be OP for the first few dungeons, so re-unlocking those shouldn't be a problem either.
Arsan 10.8.2013 kello 8.28 
Nice. Thanks :D By the way..what is it with Griff or Armas True Card since you can't unlock them in the first 5 weeks of the Story Mode?
cearn 10.8.2013 kello 8.33 
You can unlock Griff in the first week if you're really persistent about it. But it's easier to just complete Obsidian Tower in Endless Mode, go to NG+ and then blaze through the dungeons again.

You get Arma's true card by completing Lapis Ruins ... I think.

Oh, and in case you were unaware: you get the true card of the adventurer you used the most after the 5 weeks.
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Arsan 10.8.2013 kello 8.36 
Huh. Griff in the first week. Alright then! I guess I'll continue then until my completion of the Lapis Ruins before starting NG+ Thanks!
Griff is pretty easy to get early on in New Game+. The required events are:
- Clear Hall of Trials, Jade Way, and Amber Garden in NG+ (you can skip to the final set of floors in each)
- Griff will have two events in the Town Square at Midnight
- Next he'll visit your shop sometime at evening or night, to talk.
- Louie will visit and tell you about the Obsidian Tower
- Clear Obsidian Tower (you can skip to the final set of floors, neither 1-5 or 26-30 are required)
- Griff will visit and give you his card
(Griff is much more likely to visit if your shop has a dark atmosphere.)

Arma's card is indeed unlocked by completing all of the Lapis Ruins.

Also, since items do carry over, but Pix doesn't, spend all your money on anything you need or want before starting NG+.
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