Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Cabbae 5. aug 2013 kl. 19:42
If you could add achievements, what would they be?
I've seen several discussions about achievements for Recettear recently, and I was wondering what you guys should think they should be. The best ones I could think of are: Achievements for getting an adventurers True Card, one for beating the game, one for beating the game without looping, and one for completing the item encyclopedia. Are there any others y'all would want to see?
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SanguineTear 5. aug 2013 kl. 22:44 
Maybe an achievement for beating the entire Crystal Nightmare Dungeon in one go, and another one for doing that with all characters. Could also do achievements for making over a certain amount of money within a single transaction, then another one for a certain amount in a singe instance of opening the shop, and another for a certain amount in an entire day. There are quite a few things that would make good achievements really.
Mano 6. aug 2013 kl. 14:12 
One for going to all the events in the city
Mr Compassionate 6. aug 2013 kl. 17:23 
One for actually buying one of Euria's "art" peices.
Besting a low boss rush time.
'Fruit Machine' selling 30 fruit from a vending machine.
Beating character bosses as themselves in boss rush.
Decorating your shop with a consistant theme
Complete one of every synthesis.
Defeat 10 enemies by hitting bombs into them.
Discover every item
dilworks 6. aug 2013 kl. 20:34 
Sell "Booze of the World" to a litte girl
Unlock Euria :P
cearn 7. aug 2013 kl. 1:15 
Some of the ones I'd like to see:
  • 'So close' : Get a Near Pin bonus.
  • 'The price is right' : Get a Just Pin bonus.
  • 'Max combo' : Get a 7-streak just combo.
  • 'Full combo' : Get a max just combo and keep it going for the whole timeslot.
  • 'C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker' : Get a max combo and break it.
  • 'Kaching!' : Sell an item at 250% or over.
  • 'Capitalism No!' : Drive a customer away by consistently overcharging.
  • '<3' : increase a customer's reputation.
  • 'Everybody loves you' : increase all customer's reputations to level 2.
  • 'Come all, come all!' : Activate an item boom.
  • 'Black Tuesday' : Crash the market for an item.
  • Earn 10k in a single day.
  • Earn 100k in a single day.
  • 'One MILLION dollars' : Earn 1M in a single day.
  • Earn 10M in a single day.
  • 'Venderception' : Sell a vender through a vender.
  • Unlock all item tiers.
  • 'Fuuusion HA!' : Fuse your first item.
  • 'Mad Scientist' : Perform all fusions once.
  • 'Hoarder' : Complete the encyclopedia.

  • 'Deswindled' : Try to buy an item from Euria for 1 pix.
  • 'Wardrobe Malfunction' : Sell the Sailor Suit to Guildmaster, Man, or Old Man.
  • 'Snaaaake!' : See through Allouette's disguise.
  • 'Can I see some ID?' : Sell "Booze of the World" to the little girl.
  • 'Ew' : Buy an heirloom food item from a customer.

  • Unlock [dungeon].
  • 'Where no shopkeeper has gone before' : Unlock all dungeons
  • Complete all dungeons.
  • Unlock [adventurer]
  • Unlock all adventurers.
  • 'Power overwhelming' : max out an adventurer.
  • Get all true cards.

I particularly like the shopkeeping ones, as they hint at the combo and customer reputation -- things that you may otherwise overlook. I'm sure I could think of a few other interesting ones for Customers.
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Cabbae 7. aug 2013 kl. 7:33 
Wow, there are some really good ones here, never thought of some of these O_o. Maybe there could be one for making no profit off a boom?
cearn 7. aug 2013 kl. 9:24 
Some more:
  • 'Master of Disguise (totally)' : find out what Elan is doing at the orphanage (you know what I'm talking about).
  • 'Bad religion' : discuss the Tear-Griff relation.
  • 'TMI' : can't think of a description, but basically this: .
  • 'Die in a Fire' : get killed by a Will 'o the Wisp.
  • 'Fight Fire with Fire' : kill a Will 'o the Wisp with Caillou's Pyrobomb.
  • 'Ka-BOOM, Baby!' : kill [X] enemies with Bombs.
  • 'Surplussed' : fuse a +15 item.
  • 'Christmas has been cancelled' : buy a Santa coat from Charme.
I know it'll never happen, but damn these would be fun.
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ai-shibo 9. aug 2013 kl. 10:58 
Kill an enemy in back with critical hit. :)
dilworks 9. aug 2013 kl. 17:30 
- Sailor Uranus: Sell the Sailor Suit to Caillou
- Diamond-tipped drill: Use Arma's drill arm to try to kill one of those metal knights, but only racking zero-damage hits
- A Ticket to Jail: buy any item from Charme that she have "found" (aka buy stolen property)
- Dude, your GPS is broken: Meet and unlock Nagi
SanguineTear 9. aug 2013 kl. 22:50 
- Stranger Danger!: Buy candy from the old man.
- You're going to get a cavity: Take an inventory completely full of sweets into a dungeon with Tielle, and use them all.
- Don't get the wrong idea...: Give an adventurer a ring in a dungeon.
- I thought you had to use magic?: Defeat a skeleton with a physical attack. (Reference to Chantelise)
- You're lost aren't you?: Using Nagi, stay on a single dungeon floor for 10 minutes.
- This is why you're broke: Hire Louie as an adventurer for free.
- Cheaply made: Have a ring break on it's first use.
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Cabbae 10. aug 2013 kl. 8:11 
-That's not metal!: Offer a gold, silver, or platinum item to a man looking for a metal item.
-That's TOO much decoration.: Offer a carpet to someone looking for a home decoration.
-You did WHAT?!? : Buy an item from Euria
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The Emperor 11. aug 2013 kl. 14:06 
Achievement Unlocked: Sell something to the little girl
dilworks 11. aug 2013 kl. 19:14 
- Pawn Star: buy any precious metal from your customers (Or buy a rare and expensive treasure)
- YUUUUUP!: pay over the base price to a customer (except Euria) during a market crash
Sidst redigeret af dilworks; 11. aug 2013 kl. 19:16
SanguineTear 11. aug 2013 kl. 23:42 
- I rounded up: Get over 50 total hits with one use of Nagi's Hundred Thrusts (hits on multiple enemies are added together)
- With great power comes great larceny: Defeat and obtain a rare drop from an enemy trapped in Charme's web.
- King of Fighters: Use Elan's Flame Charge to land the killing blow on all bosses in the Crystal Nightmare boss rush.
- Better than Robin Hood: Defeat a boss in the Crystal Nightmare boss rush using a single fully charged attack with Tielle.
- Denied!: Use Charme's parry ability against a boss's attack.
- I can do this all day: Continuously cast Caillou's Sparkburst for over 30 seconds.
- World's Best Dad: Meet Recette's father.
- Friendship Discount: Sell equipment to an adventurer for 1 pix.
- You've got it backwards: Buy 99 of an item from the guild or market when its prices are raised, then sell them back when prices are down.
- It's super effective!: Defeat a Will 'o Wisp with Caillou's ice attack.

Love what you all have come up with, there are some awesome ideas here. It's a shame we'll never see achievements for Recettear. =(
stikyliteswitch 12. aug 2013 kl. 6:30 
I sold booze of the world to a little girl twice,and I laghed so hard my lungs hurt both times.
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