Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Doom approaches.
So I am at day 30 with only 10k, at level 17. I just about broke the last payment of 200k through small, slow profit making so this new goal of 500k is unfathomable. I just looked up other people with this problem and found out about 'looping'.

My question is if I even stand a chance of completing the payment and if winning the game first time through is expected or likely or more like Dead Rising 2 where you are expected to fail eventually, then restart.

So is restarting OK or no?
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Not sure if you can make it. Maybe. But if you think you can't make the deadline, then keep all your items for the next playthrough. You can only keep your items but not your money when you restart.
Thing is, I just want to play through in whatever way its intended. At the moment it seems as though I could never have played well enough to succomb this obsticle, so it seems like maybe I wasnt supposed to? Im just asking if its commonplace for a player to fail first time through.
I've failed a total of seven times, several of which were on purpose, if you can't make a payment, it simply takes as much money as it can and then resets you back to day 2, you keep any and all items you've acquired, your merchant level, shop size, adventurer levels and equipment, the ideal idea is if you can't make a payment on the final day, stock up on as much as you can. Long story short, yes, you're meant to fail the first time through, good luck!
Автор останньої редакції: Hellpwnage; 5 сер 2013 о 4:35
Thank you sir! I was worried I was somehow playing wrong. Ill make sure to go down fighting, figuritively speaking, and use the final time slot to buy as much stock as possible.
No, you're not meant to fail. It's not that kinda game where it's expected as part of the story nor of such. Just might mean you didn't experiment enough with the pricing of items to get to the expected final figure. It takes a bit to know where to set prices. Just see how far you can consistently get a good sale by trial and reload. You should see the trend eventually.
Out of curiosity, at what percentage do you usually sell/buy stuff from customers?
5-10% unless its that dumb rich kid then I sell at 20-40%. I maybe sell too low but I barely get sales from these cheapskate customers as it is without basically giving this s**t away. Ill try toying with their sweet spot from now on although the way the game has been screwing me I dont think playing any better would have helped get the extra 350 000 I need
Hmm, that's odd. The main thing about leveling (and making the deadlines) is to never break the xp combo, but at a 105-110% selling point you should have been good on that point.

Maybe you're going over the customers budgets? Each character has a fixed budget and if you try to sell a more expensive item, they'll never going to be able to buy it. That or not fulfilling item requests -- I know how the categories are sometimes less than obvious.

Also, adding a vender is usually also good for another 3-5 sales per timeslot. If you pack it with expensive items (store decorations are usually a good choice), that's 10k-20k profit per timeslot if not more (I can't be precise because I can't say what items are available to you right now).

I failed once. Then looked to the internet for help after and beat it.
Цитата допису cearn:
Yeah one mistake I made was expecting people to have more money than they did. I left the game for months and came back thus forgetting this crucial factor. Other than that I played pretty well. Im on my first loop now and everything is trivial, but its pretty fun. This game seems to be either too easy or way too hard. Still awesome though.
Like Mythbusters, Failure *IS* an option here.

It took me like 7 loops to finally make to the last 500K payment.

Of course, depending on your game style and how quick you grasp the mechanics of the game, you COULD be able to do the entire debt payment in a single loop. But it's pretty much hard unless you're lucky lucky lucky :D
Yeah I get that impression. It seems like you physically COULD do it, but you would need to do everything perfectly and get super lucky or savescum until you get perfectly lucky. I on the other hand didn't get a single sales boom, only ever found complete trash in dungeons even when trying over and over and if I ever DID find something good the market for it would immediately devalue.

Then I made the mistake of experimenting with gaudy decour, which scared away all my reliable customers. Speaking of which new question: What kind of decoration would you say is the best?
It really isn't all that hard to complete it in one loop ... if you're aware of a couple of things the game sadly doesn't tell you:
  • The power of the just combo: the fact that if you don't haggle you can have 2-5x as much XP in a single timeslot.
  • Customer reputation and budgets (and how the pin bonuses increase rep more quickly).
  • Item categories, to always make good on requests and not lose the just combo.
Admittedly, it's been a while since I did my first loop, but I do remember always having enough money left over for the next week as well. I've been doing some experimentation with different price points. With perfect play (108% and no missed transactions), at the end of week 2 I'm level 16 and make about 15-30k per timeslot.

But again, this does all hinge on the fact that I did read up on the game mechanics on the wiki. It's astounding that some of the most important parts of the game aren't mentioned anywhere in the game itself. So I do agree that it's likely one would fail at the first loop, and since there's even a counter to track it maybe that was the intent. But a 1-loop complete is certainly possible.

Цитата допису Mr Compassionate:
I on the other hand didn't get a single sales boom.
Item booms are triggered by filling up the store window with the items mentioned in the announcements. Of course the game doesn't tell you that's what you have to do, nor what items to use, but that's the idea. Again, wiki.

Цитата допису Mr Compassionate:
Then I made the mistake of experimenting with gaudy decour, which scared away all my reliable customers. Speaking of which new question: What kind of decoration would you say is the best?
Staying close to the center is recommended for attracting all customers.
Автор останньої редакції: cearn; 5 сер 2013 о 23:47
The game gives you the basics but doesn't tell you exactly what to do - thats why trade is an art that needs to be mastered :). I beat the game for the first time on the 3rd loop but with my new playtrough I managed to do it without looping. Just a tip: levels and reputation is what its all about - charge low (under 110%), keep them happy, make streaks and you will have access to great items for the final week and the shop will be filled with people to buy them!
should be able to beat it the firt time through without missing a payment.
you really need to combo and sell continously if you can (even if some times its a loss)
you need to get to the higher priced items so that the profit you gain from selling is higher.
if you are still on middle level items clost tothe end they dont give enough profits to make the last few payments. tip: vending machines are awsome when used properly/
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