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any good stratigies for floor 50 griff and the hand laser boss fight?
i just cant seem to beat griff and his pet laser arm (i know its not his pet) if anyone can give me a good stratigy id really appriciate it not sure which adventurer will be good to fight him with or how id go about it.
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The hand alternates between going up, down, up, down, etc. (or the other way around, it's been a while >_>). That should help when trying to avoid it.As for which adventurer, Tielle is probably the best against bosses because she can stay at a distance. And cuterage is OP.

Rings can also help a bundle in boss fights. Willpower rings are especially potent.
how do i equipt the rings coz ive tried a few times but to no avail and unfortunatly tielle doesnt have a dash to avoid griffs homeing fire ring attck shes my favourite to use but i cant win it with her coz of those dumb rings xD
You have to take them with you yourself, and then swap out another item they already carry for the ring in the quip tab.
Also, I beat him with Charme quite easily, if you make diagonal mirror images so that both you and the image hit him at the same time, he falls down instantly and does not retaliate.
You equip rings in the equip menu, just like other equipment. It activates when you get hit: you should receive much less damage that way.

As for the homing fireL you can't outrun them, but as homing fire can't turn very well, you can dodge them by, well, strafe, I guess. Not sure that's the right word, but it'll have to do. Basically move towards or to the side of the attack, not away.

Also, there's a sort of magic parry. If you use a special attack just before you get hit, it won't do any damage.
thx alot for the help guys ill see if i can pull this off :D
Tielle is my personal favorite too, she can be really good against Griff (and everything else) with the right strategy. Try to keep as far away as possible, and try to keep at a diagonal from him. The best attack for this fight is just your standard charge shot attack, so I would avoid using specials. Cuterage can be useful though to help take him down faster, and to "dodge" an attack because it gives you a moment of invincibility, so just spam it a few times if the arm is about to hit you with its laser, then quickly move away. The same goes for the fire rings, it is much better to manually dodge his attacks if you can manage. When you see him about to do his dash attack, move to the side and nail him with a charged shot to his side, this is probably the single best opportunity to deal some serious damage to him. As for the fire rings, they cannot change directions very quickly, so move in one direction, then shift to another direction and they shouldn't be able to follow. He also completely stops while doing the fire ring attack, so you can take the chance to Robin Hood his face. If you aren't good at dodging the rings though you may just want to focus on them. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
I DID IT! thank you for the help every one it was actually a really easy fight to do only had to heal twice so glad thats over now i can continue to see what else is in store for me :D
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Glad to hear it! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.
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... continue to see what else is in store for me :D
Small spoiler:
You should have unlocked a new dungeon now, which is absolutely massive. And once you finish with that one, there's an even harder one waiting after that.
oh sweet ive already cleared 30 of the floors so far they are massive and the dungeon always seems to put the portal in the last room i check xD
This was my strategy: since I currently suck with Tielle, I just went with a well-equipped Elan, spammed my item box with lots of ham sandwidches, and that was all. Oh, and his fists-o-fury skill (can't remember the name right now) helped a lot.

For hard bosses, if it is your first time, always pack a bunch of high-tier healing items.
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