Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

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Who's your favorite customer?
That includes the adventurers.

My favorite's the generic husband, though the generic wife has some pretty hilarious situations, too.
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The ones that pay the most. Why because it makes the game easier.
The Guild Master makes me rich.
Generic Husband is also my favorite. After the first day or two, I wanted to put up a sign that said "No Children Allowed" because the little girl was a waste on my time.
I actually like the litte girls :)

NO, I'm not a perv!

They're ANNOYING AS HELL during your first days, but once you learn the tricks (sell cheap junk, stick to 102-103% pricing), litte girls will gladly come back over and over and over. THEN you can rip off these litte brats.

Louie is dumb, but he is a good buyer (if a bit hard to attract to the store). Charme only sells crap, and rarely buys anything. Nagi is a excellent buyer, but rarely sells. Don't expect getting rich from Calliou. Elan and Tielle aren't that easy. Arma is the perfect customer - no questions asked, she will just drop the cash quickly. Griff... meh.

Allouette gladly pays obscene pricetags without complaining, but she rarely buys anything of great value, so... meh. Prime can get very VERY annoying at times, even worse than litte girls.

The other recurrent customers (old mans, conventional mens, housewives) are hardly remarkable. From time to time the Guild Master will sell really cool merchandise, but it's Artificial Stupidity(TM) baffles my mind.

And of course we all agree that the worst is Euria. Fortunately it's easy to keep her away - just make the store decoration fugly for her tastes.
Louie is my favorite... Mostly because he's the one that gets me the item in the first place and now pays big for the sword he used to beat the dungeon boss XD
All I can say is that it's NOT the little girl sprite that comes in. Can't get her to by anything over 100% cost. Very stingy, that one.
I'm gonna go with Alouette. There's just something magical about little girls with big wallets.

Other than that, I like all paying customers. Euria can go die in a fire.
My favorite is Charme, Not because of what she sells or buys. I just like her the most so far lol. I hate Calliou the most just because of how mean he was. >.>
I like it when Prime comes into my store. Yes, she tries to rip you off on sales, but I like her attitude. Also Elan because he's a nice guy.
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Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale > กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป > รายละเอียดกระทู้