Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Crystal Nightmare nightmares
I'm going for 100% completion right now, which means Crystal Nightmare runs. Lots and lots of Crystal Nightmare runs. I got the right items to get by nowadays, and tend to get decent loot on each run. But sometimes...

For example, I got Arma's Omega Cannon yesterday and thought about trying her for a Floor 21-29 run. And things went well. Very, very well. Never even got close to having problems health-wise, and I already found a number of rare items: Hevelius, Legendary Armor, Water Emblem and two Food Emblems. I get to the final floor, find the entrance but think 'eh, why not find some more chests'.

And then I kill a Yellow Bomb too close to a wall, it blows up in my face and hits me for 600 damage. and I'm dead in one hit. Seething rage ensues.

So, what are your Crystal Nightmare horror stories?
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Enn 17.1.2013 kello 14.30 
Hey, this "Why not look for some other items *dies*" thing happened to me, too

Up to now, my adventurers used to have lousy stuff, so I had to give them my own items; hence when I died, I just ragequit so I didn't lose my good items.
But now, Tielle has bought a good stuff and I only have to give her ONE of my own items when I go dungeoning. But I'm still used to ragequit when I lose, so I ragequit. And then I'm like "Eh, I could have picked my equipment + 2 other rare items I got in the dungeon"
I'll have to break the habit I guess
That "Why not look for some other items *dies*" also happened to me too! Now i am very, VERY cautious when venturing in one of the high level dungeons.
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