Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Damn you Euria
damn you
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Enn 2.1.2013 kello 2.34 
It's always fun until Euria enters the shop
Protip: You can beat the entire game without triggering Euria visiting your shop. I advise doing so.
I know right, she's unlocked when we're at 100K+ pix and visit the plaza..
Who the hell is Euria, why I should avoid her (?), and how?
Actually, if you want to craft some of the more unusual items in the game, you want her to come around. The problem is that she expects you to buy the items at 300% of it's actual resale worth. This can ruin your just combo and pin bonus streak.
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Enn 8.1.2013 kello 7.19 
Falterfire lähetti viestin:
Protip: You can beat the entire game without triggering Euria visiting your shop. I advise doing so.

She can really screw your money if you try to buy her stuff on your first playthrough, but when you have like 10 000 000 pix you can buy anything she wants you to. When she enters the shop you're like "Come at me sis"
Aionion 9.1.2013 kello 17.21 
Razorhoney lähetti viestin:
This can ruin your just combo and pin bonus streak.
What is the "combo" and "pin bonus streak"? I have a feeling I'm playing the game wrong...
Enn 9.1.2013 kello 21.37 
Aionion lähetti viestin:
What is the "combo" and "pin bonus streak"? I have a feeling I'm playing the game wrong...

The combo is an experience bonus that is given everytime you sell something without haggling, and that increases with each sell. When you'll first sell without haggling (That is to say your customer does not ask for another price) it will be 2, then 4, the 8... And it stacks up up to 128 I think.

The Pin bonus is an experience bonus you earn when you sell something at a price the customers really agree with;
it can be a 15 exp bonus (Near pin bonus)
Or a 30 exp bonus (Just pin bonus)
It'll often be around 104-108%, even though there are exceptions, like the said Euria who's bonus price is around 350%, and Prime who's bonus price is around 102%. It also changes when the prices are down (Though you should never sell something that's price is down unless someone asks you too) or when they're up.

Talking about Prime, I figured if you don't want to mess your combo, you REALLY have to sell the item 102% it's price to her. And rather a "low" 102% than a "high and close to 103% " 102%. If you give her a 103% price she will deny this price 3 times, and then accept it, and even though she accepted the initial price (Or even if you increase your price for the 4th price, she may accept it... Fairies ><), theorically you haggled, so you'll lose your combo.

If you don't wanna ruin your combo, sacrifice a bit of money, it'll be compensated by the gain of exp. After the end of the game you'll be so rich you won't care anyway (Even though after level 50 you don't have any new bonuses for leveling up)

If you want to have an idea of the percentages for every person, check this out

I figured some of them might be a bit wrong, unless there are several pin bonuses depending on how you played your whole game, but it's still quite accurate and helped me a lot at the beggining. T
roll Tear tells you to sell stuff really expensive, like 110% their base price... She only thinks about money. Recette's so naïve she accepted without thinking... Though she can see the customers are not really happy when they come to Recettear... Cut those prices, Recette! This is the way!
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cearn 10.1.2013 kello 9.33 
For me, Euria has always accepted a 210%-ish without haggling. You won't get the pin bonus, but it won't break the combo and you save a substantial amount of money.

(Of course, in the late game where XP doesn't matter anymore, I can just set the price to 1 pix and watch her storm out of the store, hehehe)
Aionion 10.1.2013 kello 10.34 

Great explanation. However, if you are selling so low, how do you meet the payment?

I'm on week 3...I have $80K due in a few days. I don't think there is ANY way I'll make that payment and thus, game over for me. I'm selling at around 120-125% successfully. But even at that rate, I won't meet the deadline. So it's difficult to see how selling at 102% will even come close to reaching the payment schedule.
Enn 10.1.2013 kello 11.42 
Well, I remember I missed the payments on week 3 or 4 a lot of times when I was on my first playthroughs, but when I got used to the game I made a brand new game (I mean, not a new game +) and ONLY sold things <106% (Unless it's price up of course), and I never got any problem.
If you haven't been doing this since the beginning of your game it may lead to some problems, I'll explain why:

The customer's reputation increases every time you sell something, but it will increase more if you sell it without haggling, and with a near pin bonus. And when it increases, eventually it will level up (You will see a little heart next to the face of the customer) and their budget will increase.

The biggest problem to me in this game is not to stack up enough expensive items, it's to sell them, and if you sell stuff cheap and make your customer reputation increase, people will not leave when you ask them to buy expensive things.

Selling items at a high price will make a lot of profit in the short run (Wow I feel like in economics lessons), you'll have to do that at the end of the week if you see you won't have enough money

But if you sell cheap things throughout time, it will increse your customer reputation, and people will be able to buy more expensive things. Plus, it will increase your merchant level and you will be provided with more expensive things in the merchant guild. You can only sell a few items per run anyway, so it's better to sell a few expensive items with a low relative profit than a few cheap items with a lot of relative profit

If you sell a Steel Sword (Base price: 3000) for 105%, it will be 3150, you will earn 150 pix, most probably a Near Pin Bonus if you sell to almost anyone, and thus more customer's reputation and more experience, and thus faster access to more expensive items
f you sell a Longsword (Base Price: 1200) for 110%, it will be 1320, this means you only earn 120 pix, no bonus (Unless it's the Guild Master, sometimes his Near Pin bonus is around these percentages), no customer reputation, less experience (Some customers will even haggle at these percentages I think? Like Louie and the little girl. So it will prevent you from making combos as well) and thus you'll not have access to expensive items as fast as you could.

Edit: I saw you were talking about 120/125% sells: You'll make more profit than the second example I gave in the short term, but even selling things 110% their base price is better imo, because less people will get mad and ruin your exp and your customer reputation

You can save before you start selling stuff:
Depending on your store atmosphere and on the hours, more or less people will come in, so if you see really few people come in, it may be a waste of time, just reload your game. (Overall, people who come early like it when the shop is bright, and people who come late like when it's dark. But if you keep the shop around the middle you'll make enough people come in, so as long as you don't want a special customer to come in and you just want money, just set your atmosphere in a neutral mood.)

If you mess a combo or drive a customer away, you can reboot as well

Anyway it's pretty long but I think it deserved a bit explanation, I also used to sell stuff for a high price and I don't think it's the way to go. But in YOUR situation, if you're close to the end of the week, and if you may meet the payment by selling stuff for >110%, just do it, and at the beggining of the next week, just try to start selling things less expensive. Yet I don't know if it's relevant at the end of the game, it just helped me pass the beginning really easily.

PS: English is not my first language so some sentences may be hard to get, if you want you can add me so we can discuss it?
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cearn 10.1.2013 kello 11.49 
Selling at 105-110% itself isn't really what makes it all work, it's the XP and customer rep bonuses, especially how that piles up over time. With higher merchant levels come more expensive items at the market and guild. With better customer XP comes bigger budgets. Being able to sell an item with a base price of 30k at 105% is better than selling a 4k item at 120%.

Let's look at XP, for example. Let's say you can do 7 transactions in a timeslot. The regular rate of xp is 10 per transaction, so you would get 70 xp for that timeslot. Now look at the bonusses. It's fairly easy to get the near pin for (almost) every transaction when selling near 105-110, so that adds about 105 xp. Then there's combo bonusses, which for 7 transactions would equal 255px (note that even if you break the combo even once, the best you would get is half that).

So you have 70xp vs 430xp. That's a 6x difference. That's rather a lot. I'm not sure which level you are at now, but basically you might have gotten get the merchant items 6x quicker than you currently do. It's the difference between being able to take advanced orders at 4 instead of day 20; more expensive items at day 6 instead of day 30, vendors at day 8 instead of, well, never.

Okay, so I am exaggerating here. Even at 120%, I assume you still get a little combo some of the time, maybe it's fairer to say using 120% would earn 110xp for a time slot, that's still almost a factor of 4x.

In the end, this game is all about cumulative effects, and it helps so much if you have access to the better stuff early on.

EDIT: heh. crossposted.
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cearn 10.1.2013 kello 12.01 
Also, just looking at the percentage you sell at is a little deceptive. If you just look at that, and compare 105% to 120%, it seems like, "whoa, 120% gives me 4 times the profit!". However, a purchase is generally at 70%. The correct way to look at things shouldn't be 5% profit vs 20%, but 35% vs 50%. The relative difference is much smaller then.
Enn 10.1.2013 kello 12.38 
cearn lähetti viestin:
EDIT: heh. crossposted.
One explanation is not worth 2 anyway :p Plus, yours is quite clearer

cearn lähetti viestin:
However, a purchase is generally at 70%
The airhead that I am never noticed that. Makes me wonder why they did not put the purchase price as the base price of the item
I think trying to avoid her is too much of a pain. I just let her come to my shop even if she ruins my combos it never really makes a huge deal imo. I got to buy a rare from her at 152% by haggling at 150. Though I have to admit that I got really lucky.
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