Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Silly 28 MAR 2013 a las 12:36
Which adventurer do you use?
Question is in the title. For those of you that have unlocked more than one adventurer, which do you prefer and why? Also, feel free to share tips and stuff.

My most comfortable adventurer is Tielle, by far. She's has amazing range, which is really important because that means that she's really safe. And all of her skills are useful in different situations (except fire arrows, they suck). I've basically used her exclusively for a large percentage of my playtime, so she's probably gained enough exp by now to have reached level 99 two or three times. I've completed tons of Crystal Nightmare 1-30 and Boss Rush runs with her many, many times each.

I've also picked up Arma a few days ago as a change of pace. Mainly because I don't really have to focus really hard when I play as her. She runs around really fast with the Rocket Boots, has a lot of health in case you make mistakes, and with the Omega Cannon+Hammer Arm I don't even really have to aim. I can do Crystal Nightmare 1-30 runs as her, but I'm not confident in my ability to clear the Boss Rush, so I haven't tried yet. (plus dungeoning gives more exp than boss rushes, and Arma is only about level 50 right now for me)

Caillou is also randomly level 99 for me, but that's as a result of farming Lapis 91-95 over and over again for Crystals. I've never taken him into Crystal Nightmare and am pretty terrible at using him.

I basically haven't touched any of the other adventurers besides those three (except for Louie, which I was forced to use for a while because he was my only adventurer).
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Vallen 28 MAR 2013 a las 15:50 
Although I am only at the start and have louie, charme and caillou I use charme by far the most. Maybe because I am impatient and she does dungeons like 3x as fast as the other 2 :)
cearn 29 MAR 2013 a las 10:09 
I started out with Charme because of her speed. In the late (very, very late) game, Tielle and Arma. Tielle's Cuterage spell makes the CN boss rush almost easy, especially when you learn how to magic-parry. And Arma's Omega Cannon makes for safe CN runs. Well, mostly safe (fecking bombs in 2x damage zones). I'm still missing the rocket boots though, so walking is kinda slow :(

I have learned to value Caillou for his Sparkburst, and Griff for his high damage output and HP vacuum, but when you have Tielle and Arma maxed out, there's really little benefit of using any others.
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minstrelofmoria 30 MAR 2013 a las 22:39 
Like a lot of people, I like Tielle. The ability to charge your attacks while walking around makes your life a lot easier when you're on a floor with doubled enemy defenses (or, for that matter, a "nearly blinded" floor. I'm attacking the darkness!)

I've noticed no one ever mentions Nagi as their main. Is she underpowered, or just late-game and overshadowed?
dilworks 9 MAY 2013 a las 21:39 
I've yet to unlock Tielle, Arma, and the rest of the bunch:

- Louie: Balanced, dependable... BORING. Still, it's my backup.

- Charme: FAST... but her range sucks. Oh, and initally she is insanely weak. I had to harden her with a few rounds on the Hall of Trials before any real-world experience.

- Calliou: I'm not good with magical attacks. Plus, I had unlocked him only two days ago, so I haven't fully tested his power. Being able to recover SP with physical attacks is a boon, though.

- Nagi: Amazing range, and spears do quite a lot of damage. But being a linear attack it means that if you'get surrounded by blobs or other ugly things... well, I can understand why she doesn't have so many fans.

- Elan: The Hulk/Bruce Lee of Pensee. Lots of HP means that you don't have to worry stocking healing items before going to every dungeon. Nothing beats a couple of fists o' fury! Unfortunately he suffers of the same problem as Charme: lack of attack range.
Ludo Bagman 31 MAY 2013 a las 20:09 
I use Calliou the most in my current playthrough, at first it was because I liked his attacks more, and the fact that you could recharge his magic without consumables, but later it was just because he's 50 levels higher than everyone else so it made things easier. I'm making an effort to try to use other adventurers if I'm going into one of the earlier dungeons though, starting with Tielle.
Reighnvhasta 2 JUN 2013 a las 14:29 
I mainly use Griff because of his speed and decent attack range. Other than that, I use Calliou for fun.
Waypoint 2 JUN 2013 a las 19:43 
I'll whip out Louie if I have to play defensively (the Tielle fight). Charme or Caillou for everything else -- both are difficult to use safely, but very very rewarding.

Tielle hasn't impressed me yet. She plays a good defensive game, but Cuterage mostly just makes up for how her attack is terrible against a single target, and Charme can pretty much outdo her with a few shadow clones anyway.

I'm willing to give Elan the benefit of the doubt that his current issues are low-level and he scales better, but for now he seems terrible.
Puzzlemint 3 JUN 2013 a las 14:01 
Charme for speed, Caillou for brute force
dilworks 3 JUN 2013 a las 20:34 
OK, I've unlocked Tielle.

AMAZING range! But it's kinda tricky to get used at first with the whole "charge-before-attack" thing.

As for Calliou... nah, too hard for me. I don't do well with glass cannons.
Waypoint 3 JUN 2013 a las 21:32 
I didn't really see the advantage of Tielle's range. The field of view is so narrow and the enemies that you worry about are fast enough that there isn't really that much point to a ranged attack, especially not one that takes so long to go off. For that much trouble I might as well have just gotten up in their business with melee, and if I need to keep some distance for safety, I just use a Charme-clone.
Silly 3 JUN 2013 a las 22:11 
I don't really see how charging is much of a problem. You can move at regular speed while charging, so just be either charging or firing all the time. It's not much trouble once you get the hang of it.

Also, if you encounter a group of enemies that you can't make short work of with only one or two shots, Tielle is still good as long as you can properly kite the rest of the enemies while building charge. You outrun pretty much every enemy anyways (except in "enemies move like race cars" floors, but that's not much of a problem either once you get used to movement patterns), so it's not much of a problem.

She's mainly good in my opinion because she combines a few things.

1) High damage output. If you hit with it right, a single level 2 or 3 charged shot will take out an enemy. You can even hit multiple enemies at the same time. Also, cuterage makes charging really fast, meaning she murders bosses. She probably has the second easiest time or easiest time (depending on your opinion) doing the nightmare boss run.

2) Range. You may not think range is that important, but it really is helpful sometimes to be able to damage the enemy from afar. In the later dungeon levels (Nightmare 20-30), enemies do significant damage to you, even if you're fully geared with the best stuff. Taking 40+ dmaage randomly because you messed up is not a good thing, and quickly adds up. The higher your range, the safer you can play, meaning that you take less damage overall. Also, a lot of boss fights suck really badly if you're melee.

3) Cuterage is op. Seriously. It stuns enemies, makes your damage go through the roof, and prevents you from being knocked down.

I have tried other adventurers, and I really think that range is pretty much the most important factor in an adventurer. Maybe I just suck with melee adventurers, I don't know.
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Waypoint 3 JUN 2013 a las 23:56 
Between the pause before Tielle fires and the spread possibly being too wide to reliably kill something that fast-charges her from the very close edge of the screen, I tend to whiff it considerably more often with her than I do just drifting to a good melee position as they approach and then pinning them to a wall. Like, I'll run around carelessly and get hit a lot when I'm blasting through Jade/Amber for a True Card run or farming junk, but if something actually threatens me and I slow down, I hit diagonals and juke attacks pretty safely.

I'd probably use her more often if the dungeon camera was pulled out another couple body-lengths, because it's right on the edge of where that feels too awkward for me. I can see her playing an amazing defensive game against bosses. The camera's far enough out to use the full range, and she's fast enough to maneuver. Cuterage just feels awkward for me though, and I tend to hit harder with an army of Charmes anyway.

Eh. I'm used to the likes of Ys, so dancing a melee character around bosses of doom isn't really anything new to me :P
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