Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Great Game.
I have to say, I am impressed with this game. I admit, when I first took a look at the art, it seemed a little to "girly" for me, like a lot of other "shop" games you seem to see popping up in the last few years targeted towards preteen girls (the "Mama" series for instance).

However, looking at some vids, The actual game-play seemed pretty interesting, so decided to get it scene it's on sale, and I have to say. good game. While the art is a little to "cute" for my tastes, it's well done and eye catching, and the game play mechanics for the most part are well thought out, It really challenges you to play your day, even WEEK ahead of time; will you go into a dungeon and gather supplies? will you play the market and rack in some nice cash? will you stroll around town meeting new people?

The Story is a tad weak, but far better than some games of the same Genre, and the writing is done very well, with a mix of good humor and some sweet moments. They could do with some flushing out and a few less cliches, but most of the Characters are lively and will grow on you, either in a good way or bad; You'll feel a twinge of sympathy for the Wife-beaten Guild Master, while you'll come to hate the Old Men and Little Girls who visit your shop (stingy ♥♥♥♥♥♥!), As well as a good number of other characters I won't spoil.

Combat-wise, the game can be slightly strange. While all it all it feels like a common Hack-n-Slash Dungeon crawler, it still feels quite different from others. For one thing, your character is not actually the person doing the fighting. Rather, you hire a "Adventurer" to do the dirty work for you. This brings a wide variety of play styles into the game, as you are not locked into one "Class". Adventurer equipment management can be quite a pain however. You've two options. First, you can "Loan" items to the Adventurer during a dungeon, while this is the easiest way, it also greatly cuts down on the number of items you can bring back from dungeon. Another way is to sell items to your Adventurers in your shop. which they then equip semi-permanently (till you sell them better gear) however this can be much more difficult. As not only much the Adventurer first VISIT your shop, but then they have to actually choose to buy the item you want to sell them, and THEN you have to get a good price for it! Often times you find yourself selling a good item for far far less that it is worth, simply to get them in better gear.

Ok, I'll shut-up now lol. Anyway, all in all, It's a Great game. there are some stuff that would have made it even better (would have loved to walked around town, instead of having a menu option, and what does a man have to do for English voice actors dang it!!!!), but it have it's charm and will fit in well in any RPG or RTS lover's Library!

Final Score: 8.75/10
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You've heard my say, but what do YOU guys think of the game?
It's quite good.
Well, what do I think?

The game's combat is too simple, the tasks you do repetitive, and it unfortunately has a "best way to play" which limits the amount of free reign you have.

But the game's friggin' cute as hell. I found myself wanting to figure out what the next adorable thing Recette was going to unleash.

After playing Dark Souls, Mass Effect, and a slew of other "more mature" games, I was really happy to sit down with something like this for a few hours.

On a different note, I did find the learning curve to be... adequate. The debt puts a fair bit of pressure on a player, and having to start the next week with all your money gone does leave you slightly crippled. I also found there were several patterns amongst the customers, as well as a reputation system working in the background - it's best sometimes to sell/buy at a loss if it means continuing a chain of sales, and some customers you're going to have to put aside cheap loot for because they won't be able to pay higher prices (freakin' Charme won't pay more than 75% on anything for me). Failure to complete a dungeon, price adequately, or invest in shop improvements can promptly lead to a failure.

I'm not sure if the pressure is a good or bad thing, to be honest. For a 'childish' game, it's sure as hell has got quite the learning curve.
The combat is fairly simplistic, but it has a good feel to it: responsive, monsters have unique attacks, you can dodge attacks, use special moves, and the classes play differently. You don't have ten different buttons and it is not twitchy, and yet I found the dungeon crawling satisfying and fun. I liked the graphics, actually, but I got it for the simulation and crafting aspect. It really opens up in the endless mode where you no longer have to stress about the payments and I like that the story continues after the goal is met.

Definitely a solid game and well worth even the regular price. Plenty of bonus content too, with new game+, survival mode and endless mode.
I just cleaned this thread: this is an interesting review, and there's absolutely no reason to bash it. :)
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Wrong. He is factually wrong about several of the points he makes! He is misleading people into not buying it!
Then point out these points and explain why you think Torigoma is wrong: that's how forums are supposed to work!
Sorta reminds me of the Edgebee game Swords&potions... yet with the actualality to accompany/control the adventure into the dungeon makes it more fun, Rather then having to wait for a recipe to be completed days of rL time. Still the games origin does make me kringe for the terrible cliche sterotypes. most noteably the closest to portrayal of theme has to be Dark Cloud (even though this takes a different approach to get recipes) Yet this is just from the demo. So im not sure if will want this.

Dungeon-crawler with merchant facility management? Have to try it to figure out if was worth the cost or lacks as they say replayability.
No there is tons of replayability. Just beat the game and a wealth of options and new things are open to you. The game is well represented in the demo though.
I just can't believe how addicting it is.
I've owned it for a long time, and I still come back to it from time to time.
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