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I really wish they would make a sequel to this game... maybe one that targets a bigger crowd.
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Would be nice if you could upgrade/decorate the store itself for bonuses. ;B
The tutorials in this game are way too long, while i like the humor sometimes i just want to skip the event because of how long it is.

Since the game's main objective is running an item shop it is kinda BAD that there's a very little variety of the customers we get, especially early on, it takes 1-2 days to pretty much gather all the info you need about all customers which takes away the whole purpose of haggling and experimenting.

Dungeons are very repetitive, enemies are predictable, they need to have more complexity to them, and to the loot system, maybe weapon/gear with randomized stats? The endless mode while should be fun is simply boring due to the lack of features.

With that said, the game is still great fun and I would love to have a sequal that addresses those issues.
I'd be happy with a tutorial that doesn't tell you how to annoy customers into never bringing enough money to afford good merchandise.

A way to bring up new gear to adventurers instead of having to wait for them to place an order for something specific. Most of them can't even afford the upper tiers of gear and will never pick it up off the shelves, even if you're planning to give them for 1 pix.
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Ideas for the sequel:

- Kill Euria
- Spice up the stuff for the Endless Mode. Yeah, dungeons get repetitive, therefore boring.
- What about extending the fusion stuff to be performed in-battle/while on a dungeon? Or simply be able to fuse stuff without having to go to the Merchants' Guild.
- Barters. Yeah, being able to swap things per things and not only cash.
- Ability for the adventurers to keep a inventory of their equipment, so they don't lose that fancy fusion item just because Nagi comes to your store, playing dumb, and decides to pick a crappy spear that will raise attack but nerf everything else...
- Make the dungeons' view just like Chantelise: freely move around a open world.
- Kill Euria
I would also like to suggest specific availability times/days for different adventurers, that way we are obligated to use all adventurers instead of using a single OP one.

Also, the money scaling is simply absurd, in endless mode (and even before) you could go to a dungeon with a level 90+ adventurer, pay him/her less than 5k pix and get enough loot to sell for over 1M pix.

Maybe add other shops in the area to force the player to sell cheaper at times to not lose costumers, a shop rent, taxes etc.

The hardships above could also be optional in case some users prefer the easy game (I don't really know why they would).

All in all everything mentioned above by everyone else sounds wonderful and I hope all these suggestions are actually being read by developers and considers and that there would be an update or a sequal.
It would be great!
This game begs for a sequel. The game style is solid, the shop keeping was an interesting game mechanic though needs to be more variable without losing the simplicity, the dungineering is solid (just lacking some depth/variety), and the story was actually entertaining at times, though of course could be improoved/expanded- especially with new features. I would agree that having the town section be free-roam with events/chatting/etc would be good. The time system could be modified for that without making it a hassle by having events you can miss by not exploring every section all the time.

It all works well but definitely shows room for improvement. This is proof of concept, now it's time for the masterpiece. Capitalism Ho! (which should be the name of the sequel!)
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย ogeraisi:

Also, the money scaling is simply absurd, in endless mode (and even before) you could go to a dungeon with a level 90+ adventurer, pay him/her less than 5k pix and get enough loot to sell for over 1M pix.

Alternatively, you can walk into the market, buy 1M of checkered floors, and stick them in a vending machine to sell for 1.4M before that adventurer even gets back from the dungeon.
The dungeon loot and item drop rates should probably be reworked.

I've done Crystal Nightmare runs probably hundreds of times and still have not achieved that elusive 100%.
Maybe if this post gets enough attention it'll actually happen. lol
Idea for the sequel: actually simulate an economy where you don't have market power.

As of right now, the game is less an economics sim (despite the repeated mentions of capitalism) and more of a resource management sim, between using money and time to pay off a debt.

I'd like to see a game that actually had you doing things like picking prices for the day and trying to win enough business in town while competing against other shops. And maybe the "final boss" is actually competing against something like Alouette's big-box store.
I would just like more of everything and more depths, but I especially agree with the "kill Euria" idea...
for the record this game has been out for ages. I doubt there will be a sequel
We can dreaaamm
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