Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Maxumym 2014年1月9日上午9:10
Amber Garden Floor 30 boss fight: What the hell do I do?
OK, I'm completely lost at this fight, how do I beat Tielle? The first 2 stages I just ram through the crates to get to her, but at stage 3 I'm at a total loss. How do you find her crate? that laser attack does not particularly help to understand where she's shooting from. And the constant chestnut flinging from the gnolls doesn't help either. I do sort of imagine it's gonna be much easier when I find her, since I'm playing Nagi and thousand thrusts oughtta do the work.
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Kurisu No Patto 2014年1月9日下午1:06 
Yeah, it's kinda hard. But have you ever consider bringing with you a lot of food? I went in with like 10 melons, constantyl moving and killing all mobs around. Filling your inventory with recovering items always work for me at least.
Waypoint 2014年1月9日下午5:44 
Pack food and good armor. Most characters will take a lot of hits here, but Louie can usually get enough defense that early on to only take 3-10 points a hit.

The Starshot lasers are angled based on her position, with a certain amount of variance. It's pretty much impossible to tell once you're within a couple crates, but if they're noticeably slanted in one direction you're probably hunting on the wrong side of the field. But yeah, that's the hairiest part of the fight since most characters can't physically move fast enough to dodge Starshot (and the indicators on the ground, like the shadows of avalanche traps in dungeons, don't always render at all).

Once you flush her out, the fight is pretty straightforward, if still messy. It gets easier once you unlock Tielle and know how her main attack works, because she follows its constraints in that battle. She has to charge her main shot in stages -- one weak arrow, one strong arrow, then three, then five, etc. She uses the three-shot version almost exclusively in this fight, and there's a good two or three seconds before she can fire it again.

Approach on a diagonal, dash directly in front of her to bait her shot, then use a special to pass through it unharmed and hit her hard before backing off along a diagonal and repeating. Louie's spin, Nagi's Hundred Thrusts, Caillou's Sparkburst, etc. -- most specials will give you a brief second or so of invincibility. Unless you're Charme, you probably won't be fast enough to actually dodge the arrows, so don't bother. Just pass through them with a special. If you're not shy about your SP and get the timing down on baiting her attack, it's pretty trivial to not get nailed by her arrows, and most of your complications will be remaining monsters.

It should be noted that Tielle does not get knocked down after two consecutive hits like all the other character bosses. It makes it trickier to get away if you put out damage slowly, but if you put out a crazy amount over several hits like Sparkburst or Hundred Thrusts, you may well wipe her out before she can attack again at all.

This fight is actually embarrassingly easy with Caillou. Sparkburst can waste about half the crates all at once from the starting position, flushing her out in seconds, and a point-blank Sparkburst to her face will avoid her attack and usually kill her outright before she can even move again.
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Maxumym 2014年1月10日上午7:11 
Yea, stuffing my inventory full of food worked well, + a few willpower rings. Tielle herself is a pretty damn powerful adventurer.
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