Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Protocol27 30/dez/2013 às 18:26
How do I make $500'000 in a week?
I have about $15'000 (barely made the last payment) and I need to get $475'000.

Does anyone have anything that could help me or do I have to loop again? I don't mind looping, I just want to do stuff freely.

Any tips, guides, strategies, etc. will be greatly appreciated, also add tips for people new to the game.

Thank you!
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Kurisu No Patto 30/dez/2013 às 18:47 
Ummm i recommend you to start over again, to do things right from the first day.
If you follow these steps, you will get those 500.000 easily:

(1) At the beginning focus on dungeons, try to collect all the stuff you can. But do not go to dungeon at the first hour of the day, otherwise you will lose a chance to open your store in the morning.
(2) Start selling cheap things, nothing expensive. Since your reputation is low, no one will buy you that expensive vase, even if you sell that for 50% off. Sell your stuff at 107% and buy the stuff at 70%, so you can build reputation.
(3) Try to sell your stuff at the first try (if your bargain, you will break your experience combo of your merch level)
(4) Do not rush on selling expensive items, just store them. If you have some surplus, buy items and store them. Wait for them to be red and sell them from not less than 250%. For example, if the price of the swords raised, take all your items and sell them all, you will get a great profit. Never ever put something expensive for sale at the beginning: wait to build some reputation and sell them when they are red.
(5) If you got some extra money, do not hesitate to buy red items (even if they are slightly overpriced), because you might sell them for much more!
(6) Known your costumers: Little girls and housewife are poor.

Follow this steps and you will be able to play those 500.000 (believe me, later on you will do 500.000 on one single day).

Good luck!
SpinkickX 30/dez/2013 às 19:30 
I looped 4 times before I actually payed payments over 10k. Do the hardest dungeons possible, run the last 10 floors, keeping everything that pays the best, then hope for some good sales via increased prices. :pandashocked:
Waypoint 30/dez/2013 às 20:12 
The first run of Jade Way is good to get some starting stock before you can afford anything, and if you clear it all the way you get the vase and Charme as a customer (only the first time).

After that though, dungeons are pretty craptastic for profit. It takes two slices of time to run a dungeon for mediocre-to-awful loot (none of the fusions except the rank 1 necklace are remotely worth the time, runs, and risk it takes to gather materials, and most of them are completely impossible to make until you hit Obsidian Tower anyway), and a third one to get home and sell any of it. You can almost always make considerably more profit in the same amount of time just buying from the guildmaster and selling for Pins. For the most part, dungeon crawling is a postgame thing.

Keep in mind you buy from the guildmaster/market at 70% base -- 60/80 if they're blue/red -- so selling near base price is always a healthy profit. Red items can be safely sold up to about 230%.

Give customers good deals. When their reputation goes up, they walk in with more money, and the way it scales, the first 1-2 levels of that multiply their budgets by several times. By the end of the game, little girls and housewives are happily dropping five digits. You gain reputation if you sell without haggling, and you gain it really fast if you sell at a Pin or Near Pin, the price they expect -- usually about 104%. Yes, this means the tutorial lied to you. Don't gouge for 130% unless you're right on the edge of a deadline.

Making several sales in a row without haggling makes a combo, which gives exponentially increasing merchant experience and makes your merchant level go through the roof. Higher merchant level means you can deal in the higher tiers of goods from the guildmaster, which is generally worth way more than dungeon loot until the postgame.

Keep a few bottom-tier items of each category on hand to make sure you always have something for a special request. Poorer customers like little girls and Louie may not be able to keep up with your main merchandise, but at least you can keep the combo going and level their reputation by selling them cheaper items.

When filling an order, all items take the price modifications of the first one you list. If they ask for five weapons, and you put a red one in the top, the customer will pay 230% for all of them, even if the rest are not normally marked up.

Late in the game, get a vending machine. It will always sell at 100% base, and ignores customer budgets and item preferences -- i.e., anyone can and will buy and pay full price for anything. Load it with blue items, really expensive treasures nobody can afford yet, and expensive furniture nobody would be interested in even if they could afford it.
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kaiyl_kariashi 30/dez/2013 às 22:46 
Yeah, you actually do a lot better by simply focusing on building rep and leveling as fast as possible. Whole-selling and dungeoning are both good tactics, though whole-selling is the safest and stacks well with your rapidly increasing merchant levels.

On the other hand, if you know for sure you're going to fail, blow all your money expensive stuff to sell the next loop, since people's wallet upgrades transfer and you can immediately make hundreds of thousands on the first day, depending on what items you put up and if you managed to max anyone's wallets.

My first time beating the game I had enough for all the payments at the end of the first day, since I managed to get the last payment but was going to come up short, so I loaded up on stupidly expensive weapons and treasures for the next round. (I didn't know that haggling was actually bad that run and only had a couple customers with large wallets by pure chance (mostly the woman and little girl cause I gave up trying to haggle them and they ended up hitting max rep by the end)).

Of course, once you know what you're doing, a 1 loop isn't that difficult, provided the game just doesn't outright screw you on trends.
Waypoint 31/dez/2013 às 1:34 
Even if it does (it sure tried to with my first one!) the vending machine can pretty much make up for all your stock turning blue at once. Really, you get such a crazy cash flow from avoiding the dungeons that you can pretty easily double every payment.
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KirinXHell™ 31/dez/2013 às 6:16 
Buy all the expensive item one day before the payment (in your case, $500'000) with all of the money you can use, proceed with the loop, and viola, all the item that you buy from the previous loop is with you.
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Protocol27 31/dez/2013 às 6:37 
This is some good advice, thanks for the suggestions.
bwsmith 31/dez/2013 às 10:32 
I pretty much mirror what everyone has said. I usually spend the first few days levelling, selling everything at 105 (for a pretty much guaranteed near pin), and then you get big just combos (for selling everything on the first try).

Some other things that tripped me up for a while)

1) Every character has a different amount they're willing to pay. The highest you can charge an old man without him haggling is 116%, young girl is 112%, young man is 125%, etc. Some characters like Prime pay pretty much nothing (she needs like 105%), and some pay tons (Alouette will often take 150% without haggling!).

2) If a character picks an item, they can pay for it. Always. If you pick the item to sell them, then their budget matters. (So put out your expensive items, and never choose an expensive item to sell in a personal sale unless you know the buyer is rich)

3) Red/blue items don't affect base price when haggling! Instead, they affect the percentage markup/markdone. If selling to Alouette, normally charge 150, but if she's buying a red item, charge 300. If you're selling a blue item, charge half of what your normally would. This might seem obvious, but I've forgotten it like 50% of them (I'm always incorrectly thinking that red items increase the base price) :danceshoe:
Waypoint 31/dez/2013 às 12:24 
Prime will also lie about prices she's actually willing to pay, including her exact pin. Her reputation gains seem to reflect this -- apparently she'll still gain reputation if you make a good pin after haggling.

Also, customer orders multiply their budget by as many items as they're purchasing. This lets you sell expensive items that would normally be out of their budget as long as the others even it out.
Protocol27 31/dez/2013 às 12:26 
You know, with all of these helpful tips(thank you by the way) I am suprised there are only 4 guides to this game.
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