Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Liking it, but... I don't know
I've been duped by Demos before. I enjoy the game in the demo, I buy the full game, love it, and then I pass the point the demo let me reach. Suddenly I hate it so much I can't play it anymore. This is my fear with Recettear. I loved the demo, but I'm nervous to buy it.

Tear says the payments get higher each week, which seems a little fast in its own right, but I can live with it. My worry is that the game will get too hard too fast, and I'll hate it. I don't want to hate this game though!

So... without spoiling anything, can someone give me an idea of how rough the difficulty curve is past the first week? Thanks.
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Even if you fail, you can always play a new game while keeping your items. So you can re-sell them again.
If you can't make your payment, it'll restart at the first week with all your items and (I think) adventurer levels.
Wow. Not much of a punishment for failure, but it certainly calms my difficulty concerns. Thanks guys.
It's not terrible. I beat it. I only failed a couple times and both times all the items I had were in my inventory. All you lose is your currency. After you finish it you have the option of continuing in endless mode where you no longer have to worry about fulfilling any specific currency requirements or start over with all of your items and levels. Also, if you get the true card of a warrior you can keep them for new game plus. There's also a survival mode that you unlock upon completion. All in all, this game is well designed and gives you plenty of options as far as content. I just wish they'd added in more dungeons.
If you fail, you restart with everything except story progression and money, even heroes keep their levels and items, and customers keep their wallet upgrades. So if you know you're going to fail, blow all your money on stuff you can sell the next run to get it all back.

So, if you fail, then it just make it easier the next time. The challenge comes from beating the story with minimal loops.

Though the game can screw the hell out of you if basically everything price crashes at once and you lack the funds to get more stock to try and ride it out.
Автор останньої редакції: kaiyl_kariashi; 21 гру 2013 о 16:24
The games difficulty does rise like crazy, but if you fail to make a payment you restart with all of your stuff, so it's not so bad. I've only finished the games payment storyline, I have yet to finish the true storyline, but I can honestly say I love it with all my heart. It's a great game wtih great characters. (Well, all but Charme. She's ♥♥♥♥ing horrible.)
I managed to get through without failing. It gets harder, but nothing too serious.
The story mode debt ends before it gets too bad. It's well, well within your capacity to nail with plenty of room for error.

The only real hangup is that the tutorial is evil and teaches you how to keep customers from ever upgrading their wallets and being able to afford more expensive items (they only gain reputation if you make a deal without haggling, and they do it really fast if you give them considerably better deals than the tutorial advises). So expect to eat dirt in the last week or two if you're following that instead of researching out the hidden mechanics the game doesn't tell you about.

But yeah, if it happens it's a minor annoyance at worst.
Автор останньої редакції: Waypoint; 25 гру 2013 о 22:12
Sold. I bought the game today. Loving it so far. :)
Also thanks for the tip Waypoint. Just now learning about Customer Rep.
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