Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Swords and Potions
So when I hear shopkeeper, I automatically think of the game Swords and Potions. It's on Kongregate and probably a few other sites (I think the creator is edgebee..?) But anyway, it's strictly shopkeeping and you can get items from customers who go on quests using items they bought from your shop. Anyway, this seems similar except the obvious twist that you get to go raiding dungeons to find items for your shop. I was just wondering if this is worth the $20.
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Well people also sell items to you and you can buy them from the Market/Weaponguild thingy
But yeah raiding dungeons is a good source of items.

Personally I enjoy this game a lot. Though some people noted that once you get through the story it can get a little dull and be too easy or such. I'm not 100% sure on that yet since I didn't get there yet but it could apply. That is, if you only pleasure from the game is that it gives you stuff to do, rather than you doing stuff. (If im making any sense :P)

I'd not mind buying it again so to say.
A recommendation maybe is to wait for steam sales which apparently start on Thursday... maybe it will be a bit cheaper then
personally i love the game...i kinda wish they made a sequil (tho not sure what they would do to add to the experience) or a game like it ...i thought manageing my own item shop was really cool & dont really know of any other gmae that does this...not me personally any ways....maybe if some one reads this they can point sometign out to me

lol right after i post this i then see someone askign the same question on another thread so... ill jus look there for my awnser :p

also pillageing the innocent little monsters for loot & then selling it was kinda appealing to me :p
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Like I said in the title, Swords and Potions is a shopkeeping game, but that's all you do. You don't go to dungeons to stock your shop.
Also you can't really define a price in Swords and Potions it seems.. as in, in recettear you get asked what you want to tell them is the price. In S&P they have a price they want and you can only click Haggle once and see if you get a better price.

It is a bit of a different system. I like Recettear more I think
well i searched the game you mentioned i found sword n pots 2 which is a micro transactions game.... this one you dont have to wait for your resorses to regen...just go look for it your self in the dungrons or go to the margket & buy low & you can paly all day is you so wish again not haveing to wait for your stuff to regen & with people lieking the item shop thing its kinda liek getting 2 games for one with the dungeon thing to go with it tho its REALLY semperfied its still kinda somewhat fun ...getting loot for your shop if you get to know the mob pattens you can get quite a but of stuff four your shop it the $20 tag you dont like the oher guy said the summer/ other sales are like around the corner
I think it's well worth the $20. Well in Recettear, you sell items to adventurers which you can use to go into dungeons. They all have different and cool weapons and even more interesting personalities.
Recettear is definitely the better game, I also play S&P 2. the dungeon delving and item crafting aspect of the game is what I like the most. Also it's interesting to have different adventures with different fighting style to play with. I've played recettear before it was on steam and have logged hundreds of hours on it XD
Awesome, yeah I played the demo and it seems great. I read somewhere that the story is somewhat short, how many days are there in the story mode? Either way, it has an endless mode so that's all I need. Any spoilers about the cliffhanger about the end of the demo where there's that bratty girl wanting to take down or compete with Recettear?
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