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Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 12 @ 10:36am
Latest Patch Notes
Hi everyone,

We'll maintain this thread to indicate the latest patch notes whenever the build is updated. We'll keep it locked so it's an easy uncluttered reference to what's changed. If you have any issues or feedback, please feel free to report it in another thread. We'll see it, as we read them all. :) We're working hard to improve things on a number of fronts, so please be patient if we haven't addressed a particular issue right away.

The latest patch notes will be at the bottom of this thread, but you can scroll back through the earlier posts to see what was done before.

- The Code Mystics Team
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Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 12 @ 10:38am 
[April 6th: copied from earlier Patch Note thread.]

We've been issuing a few updates in response to bugs reported here. This thread will keep track of those changes. Here's what we've got so far as of build 2670627: (You can see the build number on the Properties > Local Files tab.)

• Spanish and Portuguese languages fixed in-game
• D-pad left/right can now also navigate pages in Command List, Character Wins and Credits
• Lost gallery unlocks fixed (the six that could be lost will have to be earned again, unfortunately)
• You can now clear button assignments and controller bindings in the Controls menu
• Added a VSync On/Off option to the video options
• Hopefully addressed the frame drop issues some users were seeing
Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 12 @ 10:39am 
[April 11th: copied from earlier Patch Note thread.]

In addition to the changes in the original Patch Notes, we have uploaded build 2679918. The Rollback code discussed in thread is now active.

In System Options you can now set your tolerances for Input Delay vs. Rollback. Here are some scenarios:

(a) If you want pure Rollback, set the Max Input Delay value to 0.

(b) If you can tolerate 4 frames of input delay, but want rollback to kick in to keep it from exceeding that, set Max Input Delay to 4.

(c) If want to be assured you will always have a predictable 4 frames of input delay and it won't ever drop below that (to keep input delay from being unpredictable when connections randomly improve), set "Min Input Delay" to "Fixed". Otherwise, set it to "Variable".

When you enter a Room with someone, you can view and adjust these settings. A bar will show the predicted amount of delay based on your ping. You can then move left/right to decide how much of that delay you want to absorb in input delay vs. how much you want to absorb in rollback. You can also change the Min Input Delay setting. These settings will lock in when you select Ready.
Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 12 @ 10:39am 
Build 2682651 fixes a crash bug that was introduced last night, as reported in

Additionally, the April 11th build should fix the problem with team randomisation.
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Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 13 @ 12:07pm 
Today's changes in Build 2687436 add the team/character roster to the online leaderboards and make scrolling the leaderboards smoother. Only newly-earned scores will show the roster, however. Old scores will not have them.
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Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 14 @ 7:31pm 
Today's build 2689958 adds the ending cutscenes to the Gallery.
Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 16 @ 11:19pm 
Hi everyone,

Today's patch (build 2694904) includes the following improvements:

• Improved stage randomisation in online multiplayer
• Clicking on the window when the game does not have focus will not cause it to pause
• Removed black bars on left and right margins of game
• Added "Top" and "Me" navigations to Leaderboards
• D-pad and left stick can both be used to navigate UI
Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 17 @ 7:06pm 
Today's build 2697945 includes the following changes:

• Fixed ... a bug that could cause Room/Leaderboards to crash if a viewed user name had certain unsupported characters in their name.
• Fixed ... a UI banner had crept on-screen in certain full-screen resolutions due to removal of black bars. That's fixed too.
• Cosmetic adjustment to Guest Room's button bar after match so it fits
Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 19 @ 1:32am 
April 19th's build 2702527 includes the following changes:

• The special versions of characters will now also trigger the same achievements and unlocks that their regular counterparts do
• Fix problems remapping keyboard controls without using mouse
• Add translations of netcode UI messages
• Some minor fixes to move lists
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Code Mystics  [developer] Apr 25 @ 5:41pm 
We have a small update in build 2722066 for April 25, to address a couple feedback items:

• When someone joins your hosted session, a sound is now made
• Improved randomisation of single play rosters
Code Mystics  [developer] May 3 @ 10:50am 
May 3's update (build 2743441) contains the following minor changes:

• Fixed bug where control config changes may sometimes not save (and thus be lost next time you launch).
• Further tweaking to Single Play CPU randomisation.
• Adjustment for slower machines that experience frame overruns during attract mode
Code Mystics  [developer] May 9 @ 9:57pm 
Hi everyone,

We have two new changes in May 9th's build 2760979:

• The front end UI now includes Chinese (though the game itself will still be in English, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish as those are the only languages in the AES ROM).

• For slower computers the game might drop out of full screen momentarily while loading. This has been fixed.
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Code Mystics  [developer] May 22 @ 11:18am 
We issued a small update today (May 22) to identify some additional alternate fonts for the Chinese UI, as some Windows versions were not rendering the Chinese text correctly.
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