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360 controller sensitivity settings?
All the buttons are mapped perfectly, only problem is looking left and right is WAYYY too sensitive. Like you just tap right and the camera is already turned 180 degrees. And up/down isnt sensitive enough. Anyone know where those ini settings are where you can change it? Thanks.
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Have you checked in the controll menu in settings?
The game only partially supports gamepads. It'll recognize it, but the buttons are only mapped to the corresponding keyboard characters, etc. So there are no controller settings in the menu, only keyboard settings. It would have to be somewhere hidden in the data, not part of the game ui.... I guess ill just deal with it, its not that annoying i guess.
Noticed this problem as well, but I got used to it. Seems like thats the only way. =/
Try to force VSync or in some way lower your framerate. I noticed that aiming was much slower with high def content on than off. Probably a left over of the console version (that had a constant framerate)
Does anyone know how to fix this? The sensitivity of the right analog stick makes this unplayable. Is everyone just playing this with mouse and keyboard?
Maybe there is a solution for you:

With Xbox360 controller (or any other controller/XInput device) you could try a tool like JoyToKey or Xpadder to emulate mouse-input with the right analog stick. This allows you to rotate camera via mouse-control by the analog stick and you simply have to adjust mouse sensitivity in the game options.
Note: disable gamepad axes in the game options (gamepad section) to make sure the game only detects the emulated mouse-inputs from the right analog stick.

Or if you have a Logitech F710/F510/F310 gamepad or a Logitech Rumblepad 2, you can use Logitechs Gaming Software (Logitech Profiler) to assign mouse axes to the analog sticks axes.
Note: F710/F510/F310 pads must be switched to DirectInput-mode. Xinput-mode doesn't work with the Logitech Profiler.

(sorry if my english is not perfect)
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swfc_dan 2016年11月17日 12時55分 
I use a xbox 360 controller emulator to use a PS3 pad for PC game and it's tricky with the sensitivity of the camera at first. But you get used to it, you learn to just only move the r stick gradually, the l stick and all other buttons are perfect. I've finished it and enjoyed it a lot so it's definately playable with it!
I couldn't play this way either, it made me nauseated. You can adjust this by going into Legend 's Options - Control - Mouse Sensitivity menu. Set a value from 1-10. I play at around 4. I also used this free program to make TRL work with my Xbox controller...
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