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Recent Half-Life update breaks EVERY MOD. (Valve fix this pls)
Valve have made an update to Half-Life which (as far as we know), includes engine changes and path changes. The path is now in common/half-life rather than usename/half-life.

So far, we have been seeing rendering problems and gameplay problems. In other words, it makes Cry of Fear unplayable. If you can, stay away from updating your Half-Life game, but I doubt you can.

We're not sure if we can release a hotfix for these problems, since it's a lot of changes made to the engine that causes it.

So all we have to do is to wait and pray that Valve fixes these problems as soon as possible. Please make your voice heard and spread this around as much as you can. We want to raise awareness to Valve and let them know they have broken EVERY Half-Life mod that have been released.

Copy/pasted from Desura news section of Cry of Fear/
Half-Life > Discussioni generali > Dettagli della discussione
Data di pubblicazione: 17 feb 2013, ore 11:16
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