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Ruffiely  [developer] Feb 3 @ 4:31am
Thinking about developing FlatFatCat more desktop appealing instead of mobile
Hello everyone,

today I would like to start a discussion with you and think about the future of FlatFatCat on Steam. First of all I have to say I am overwhelmed by the performance the game had here so far. I have to admit that of course it was planned for mobile devices, so I am pretty stunned by the interest here on Steam.

Nevertheless I think it is a big issue that the game is primary pointed to mobile devices and could be improved in a lot of ways to make it more appealing to Steam and desktop users in general.

Unfortunately I couldn't spend much time into the development in the past and also at the moment I can't say that I would have enough budget or time to make it perfect, but I am willing to spend time and money into further development.

For this I hope we can take this thread and discuss about features, improves and / or changes which will make FlatFatCat a better game. I appreciate your feedback a lot and I am very proud to having you as players here!

I hope for a lot of ideas and contribution :)

FlatFatCat > General Discussions > Topic Details