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Aftesis Jul 30, 2022 @ 8:56am
Farming automation
First things first srry for my english.
So i think that in an older version of the game you could automate farming.Rn my main reason of losing is because i forgot to plant seeds.Does anybody knows how i can make my farmer plant seeds automaticaly and then harvest them?Its really frustrating...
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Sleipnir  [developer] Jul 30, 2022 @ 9:17am 
You can still automate farming.

To do so:
1. Place your farm room somewhere on dirt.
2. Open the production window (K).
3. Select your farm from the room list.
4. You'll notice there are already harvest auto jobs. Now, you just need to add some planting jobs. At the top of the window, select Add Job (blue button).
5. Select which plant you want in your farm.

This should get you going. The default settings for each job try to automate things based on how many seeds you have or if the plant is mature, so you should need to edit this.
Aftesis Jul 30, 2022 @ 2:17pm 
Yeah it actually works.I didnt know that this was the way!Thank you sir!!
Sleipnir  [developer] Jul 30, 2022 @ 5:32pm 
My pleasure!
I wish there was a way to tell them to only plant new plants if my storage had less than ten raw potatoes. :hssbnotice:
Sleipnir  [developer] Jan 22 @ 2:00pm 
You can. :)

From the production window, select "Items In World" under auto-settings. Then, click the item button, and select, "Potato (Raw)." Below that item setting button, you can click the threshold button (the one with orange text) and change that to, "< 10."
Originally posted by Sleipnir:
You can. :)

Thanks a lot! I really enjoy this game of yours! Is there by any chance also a hotkey for auto-selecting the building I am currently hovering? Lets say, I want to add another cobble wall. What I would love to be able is to hover over that wall, press [Some Key] and be able to instantly place the same thing without searching it first. I didn't finde such an option in the controls.
Also, I am petitioning for making that the default option [Global Item: Item Raw, <50, 1], instead of planting whenever there are seeds available :cozyjunimogreen:
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Sleipnir  [developer] Jan 23 @ 1:49pm 
Great suggestions. There's no way to select a blueprint, but that would be a nice addition. I'll try to add something like this.
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