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Jonno  [developer] May 24 @ 2:56am
May Closed Beta - Feedback Megathread (Beta Finished)
Hey everyone,

Welcome to the May closed beta for Hell Let Loose!

Please use this thread to share your thoughts and feedback.

To help in feedback collation, please do not use this thread to discuss other people's feedback. This thread is for your feedback only - feel free to use other threads to discuss the beta with other players.

For bug reports please use the 'Report a Problem' sub-forum.

See you on the frontline!
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MrZoltN May 24 @ 3:05am 
hi, ok, but i cant play :)
Jonno  [developer] May 24 @ 3:10am 
Originally posted by MrZoltN:
hi, ok, but i cant play :)

Please head over to the 'Report a Problem' sub-forum with the details of the error you're having. Player Support will then be able to help out.
Hello !

- Where is leaning ?
- Where is frontline mode ? (not the flag-by-flag mode but the real frontline mode from the beginning of the tests)
- Bring back 1 member for OPs ! This game is focusing on teamplying and coordination. Like this you will bring 1-man squads !
- Local and commander voice chat are broken
- Where are the feets ?
- Performances are still a real problem
- Vaulting needs to be reworked. Animation is not working on reachable surface
- Implement ticket management, 2 hours of game is way toooooooo long
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Truther May 24 @ 3:50am 
I really really want to love this game but I'm having trouble seeing past....

~no weapon fire mode toggle for example the Thompson and BAR

~no leaning

~no legs when i look down (every game big or small has this now days)

~The menus / class choosing screens doesn't feel right.

~Hit scan ballistic :feelscry:

~no turn out for tankers :IS2:

Foy is pretty epic, keep up the hard work devs!
First, thx for making a game like this.

I have played about an hour now. Foy is a nice map indeed, looks fine only to mention that its maybe too crowded with wrecks etc.

I see there is done something on the running animations, but the sound of feet touching the ground is too much of a noise, in reality this is much lesser (or maybe not if your an 140 kilo heavy soldier.. ;) ), should be tuned down, also the climbing and jumping over an obstacle is often frustrating, feels like your stuck or something.

Also mentioned earlier the running and the way your hold your weapon should be changed, when running you have lowered your weapon in one arm only, this is done in Ps in a very authentic way.

The indicator when they firing at you.. i dont like it, in the near time future this should be heard by sound only, and not with a visible hint like this, feels too much like cod for me. My two cents.

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STEVE_UK May 24 @ 6:36am 
another game just like arma where grass is pointless, renders in 30 ft in front of you on epic
It doesnt feel fluid when playing.
Som Gui May 24 @ 10:39am 
having the player icons to fade in when you hover over them would be better for immersion compared to icons on all the time.. squad has a good system for this.
Som Gui May 24 @ 10:44am 
get rid of the screen where right after you die, you have to wait 10 seconds and press space bar to go back to the deployment map, it serves no purpose
Cvyr3v May 24 @ 11:05am 
First of all , This game is so Good , thanks devs to have release this keep working on .

love your game , everythings is fine , but you need to more focus on Optimisation , cause many players can't handles HLL with very good frames per seconds even with a great Configuration xX

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The game feels awfully worse compared to last beta. The graphics are no longer smooth, consistent, or responsive. The recoil is completely uncontrollable as opposed to before, and multiple netcode bugs are back, like people teleporting when more than 50m away.
Som Gui May 24 @ 11:10am 
tabbing out and tabbing back in on windowed borderless requires you to click ingame before you can look around, some people might shoot eachother on accident
Having trouble with the exception code 0xC000005 at startups. "An unreal procces has crashed HLL"
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Jonno  [developer] May 24 @ 3:11pm 
Originally posted by Christian Soldier:
Having trouble with the exception code 0xC000005 at startups. "An unreal procces has crashed HLL"

Can you pop that in the 'Report a Problem' sub-forum so a member of the player support team can help out?
higher resolution in commander map mode cuts out the options from the side..... needs fixing

ability to kick squad members or locking of squads

trench wall climbing or vaulting is needing an overhaul

some fence hit boxes dont allow shooting through gaps in fence - same with nade dropping or throwing

black and white suppresion needs to remain color... too simmiler to injury black and white

bipod placing for MG is ♥♥♥♥♥.... this is a serious liability for a hugely important suppresion role in a squad... needs to be able to place in any circumstance on uneven ground... and resting on ledges etc....

some hedgerows you can lie upon...or climb..this needs to be addressed
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