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David Walters  [developer] Oct 17, 2019 @ 9:05am
Beta for v4.4.0
The next release features a major overhaul to the UI and the map file format, so I'm running a beta to get feedback and check for bug reports in advance of the full release of v4.4.0.

To get access to the beta, use the code 'betacartographer'. Please be aware that the software may crash - you should save often and backup and maps from the current release version as maps saved by the beta won't open in the current version due to major changes.

I'd love to hear your feedback and if you find bugs or missing functionality let me know. I'm working hard to restore a lot of things which were bent out of shape during the work I've done.

Hope you like the new look!
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David Walters  [developer] Oct 17, 2019 @ 3:55pm 
Here's my first overview video of the beta version. I plan to create more as changes are made, focus on specific tools, etc.
David Walters  [developer] Oct 22, 2019 @ 2:42pm 
New beta has been uploaded. Changes are:

* FIXED: Can draw custom tiles on the terrain layer.
* ADDED: New floor navigator, positioned centrally on the toolbar.
* FIXED: Incorrect position of "interface elements" context menu (when right-clicking the toolbar button)
* CHANGED: Removed default support for right-click from toolbar buttons, now only supported where it does something specific.
* FIXED: Possible crash clicking on empty side panel areas.

Work is ongoing!
David Walters  [developer] Oct 23, 2019 @ 11:03am 
Small update to fix problems when saving new map files.
Griever_GF Oct 23, 2019 @ 5:44pm 
"Shop" icon doesn't suit fanatsy style (supermarket? really?)
And I didn't found a simple "teleport" icon, not "teleport-in" and "teleport-out".
David Walters  [developer] Oct 24, 2019 @ 8:38am 
Originally posted by Griever_GF:
"Shop" icon doesn't suit fanatsy style (supermarket? really?)
And I didn't found a simple "teleport" icon, not "teleport-in" and "teleport-out".
Hi, thanks for the suggestion - I agree it's a bit odd to see a trolley :) But what would be a good shop icon in a fantasy setting?
David Walters  [developer] Nov 4, 2019 @ 2:52pm 
BETA 3 is now available on Steam for Windows
Changes summary:
* Map format overhaul complete. phew.
* Atari ST emulation
* Terrain shape + style are now separated.
* Interface changes.
* Game Link: mono audio downmix
* Game Link: improved handle of borders (CPC and ST)
David Walters  [developer] Nov 5, 2019 @ 10:55am 
Beta 3b, now available.

Fixed: Click to lock activating outside of the Game Link viewport.
Moved Game Link disc drive control menu from System to its own top-level menu.
Fixed: Display alignment issues in certain emulators (e.g. Beetle PSX)
Fixed: Tool overlays (eraser, edge draw, etc.) visible during keyboard access mode.
Fixed: Game Link reset not working on first try.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 6, 2019 @ 2:53am 
Beta 4 is now available. Adds support for inserting new disk/disc/tape into a running emulator (even one started in stand-alone mode). A history of images added in the session is listed on the new Drive menu.

I've updated the CPC and Atari emulators to improve support for disk/tape swapping.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 7, 2019 @ 8:06am 
Updated new beta:

* Restored 'paint selection' tool (found in the mark tool side-panel)
* Bug fixes
David Walters  [developer] Nov 9, 2019 @ 8:31am 
New beta!

* CHANGED: Look inside M3U files when computing a hash. Use the first referenced disk image.
* CHANGED: If an emulator doesn't support M3U playlist files, then report this error and suggest loading separately.
* ADDED: System Log viewport type. Read only display of the log file, helpful for debugging Game Link profiles, etc.
* ADDED: 'Export Playlist' option on the Game Link drive menu. Saves the current set of media files to an .m3u file.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 10, 2019 @ 3:44pm 
New Steam/Windows beta is available. Changes:

* Drawing preview for markers and terrain.
* Moved the fullscreen button to the top-right of the interface.
* Fixed: Hex terrain shapes not working
* Fixed: Hex performance increase.

Next priority: Restore missing custom tile context menu functions.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 11, 2019 @ 4:55am 
Changes in latest beta:

* FIXED: Incorrect position of tile effects preview icon. Thanks Pajejé!
* FIXED: Restored custom tile delete, 'select on floor', single image export and group creation/deletion.
* FIXED: Disabled Edit > Fill if terrain or marker grid drawing tool is not selected.
* FIXED: CTRL+ clicking custom terrain switching to Edge mode.
* FIXED: Don't show custom terrain highlight if we're in corridor mode.
* CHANGED: Selecting a terrain/custom tile in corridor mode, switch to last used brush shape.
* FIXED: Colour palette selection not showing terrain colour when it should.
* FIXED: Don't include alpha tiles in custom tab in tilemap regions.
* FIXED: Don't cancel marker or terrain grid draw tools when starting keyboard accessible mode.
* CHANGED: Only auto-hide the mouse pointer if inside the Game Link viewport.
* FIXED: Missing status bar messages when selecting grid draw tool sub-modes.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 13, 2019 @ 2:26pm 
beta 9 notes:

* ADDED: A thin button along the top of the side panel to hide it.
* ADDED: A small toolbar on the right hand side to re-open the side panel.
* ADDED: Trying to shrink the side panel to be very narrow will automatically crush it off the screen.
* CHANGED: The interface button in the bottom-left of the UI now opens a context menu by default.
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Swords and Serpents" (NES) thanks to Discord user snozzedandlost !!
* FIXED: Glitched rendering of footprint markers
* FIXED: Footprints could be lost when saving and trashed when drawing terrain.
* FIXED: Restored CTRL modifier for quickly drawing walls / last edge style.
* FIXED: Sanitise filenames to avoid problems such as publishing a region with a ':' in the name.
* FIXED: Less aggressive and more accurate brush/tool state changes when switching from square to hex regions.
* FIXED: Ceiling marker position bug in Hex 'H' regions.
* FIXED: Terrain drawing preview display of half-block shapes when auto-walls are disabled.
* FIXED: Move/Paste bug when transforming the clipboard area and it only containers markers (e.g. a tile map)
* FIXED: Don't show system font styles when a built-in style exists.
* FIXED: Incorrect filtering of terrain shapes and corner tiles.
* FIXED: Pen tiles not working in the 3D view.
David Walters  [developer] Nov 22, 2019 @ 9:04am 
beta 10 notes:

* ADDED: Game Link profile for "Shining in the Darkness" (Mega Drive/Genesis) thanks to Grauken !!
* ADDED: Game Link profile for "The Shadows of Sergoth" (Amstrad CPC 6128) thanks to Grauken !!
* FIXED: Don't deselect current tool when entering keyboard access mode.
* FIXED: Don't highlight selected terrain shape if a tile effect is selected.
* FIXED: Don't show marker, terrain or eraser tool hover preview outside of a limited grid.
* FIXED: Eraser not always deleting top/left edges of the target tile.
* FIXED: Brush overlay selections not updating when clicked.
* FIXED: Restored switch tool toggling of in-block edges (levers, torches, etc.)
* FIXED: Floor navigation toolbar position errors.
* FIXED: 'LibRetro Log' viewport - errors were not visible.
* CHANGED: Game link browser handles the running game so by default the game resumes and it's harder to restart.
* ADDED: Viewport HUD display. Replaces old slide-on floor name indicator with a HUD. Toggle with Show > HUD on a per-view basis.
* ADDED: Floor > Clean > Elevation; remove all elevation from the current floor.
* CHANGED: Restored elevation tool. Added to the toolbar and removed from the Edit menu.
* ADDED: Floor > Navigate Above/Below menu options.
* CHANGED: Moved pencil terrain tiles to the end of the palette.
* ADDED: Configurable default theme for tile-maps.
* FIXED: Tag default theme in the add new region dialog.
* ADDED: Show keyboard shortcuts for icons along the top of the UI (save, undo, redo, etc.)
* CHANGED: Fullscreen icon changes appearance when in fullscreen mode.
* CHANGED: Tweaked the label placement style of dialog boxes.
* FIXED: Editing palette index 0 ignores alpha value in dialog box.
* CHANGED: Game Link viewports now display the same toolbar and tool options panels as the map editor.
* ADDED: Pause icon to the Game Link menu bar.
* FIXED: Restored keyboard accessible mode by adding toggle to the Edit menu.
* FIXED: If marker or edge layer is hidden, switch tool will not toggle anything on this layer.
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