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List Of Possible Future Items
So, this is perhaps not as important as some things being maybe thrown around out there, but I have enjoyed the game thus far, even with a few hitches here and there (and really, this has been going fairly smoothly compared to some other MMORPGs I have experienced in the past on their first days).

These are things I like to seen done for the game in the future or perhaps before full launch in the 3-6 months time. As I believe these things may help Bless Online in the current Western Market.

1) Character Alterations After Created:
Being able to change things like hair style, hair color, scars, tattoos. Things of this nature, much like how Final Fantasy XIV or World Of Warcraft allows you to alter some (not all) features about your character.

2) Larger Text Limit & Stopping the text after limit reached:
Currently the text limit is fairly small for the English written language and it would be nice that once we hit this limit, that if the chatwindow wouldn't allow us to continue beyond said limit.

3) Censorship Chat & Graphically:
Bless Online is a fairly mature game in all countries that I have seen it in. Like wit Conan Exiles, it should be allowd for the player to decide, graphically, on their client side, if they can view such maturer content or not. This also goes for chat as well, if we desire to have our words censored from view, or if we are okay with vulgar language.

4) Emote Listing & Just Animations:
Emotes are currently hidden and hard to find, unless we stumble around on them and accidently spam normal with failed / commands. Having a listing would be nice, so we know what emotes are available. Also having like the ability to just play the animations with no text, would also be nice. Final Fantasy XIV does this by the means of /wave motion -- and that does make using them sometimes enjoyable, cause we don't have to worry about the text spam.

5) Future Emotes, Customization, & Costumes:
I will say this, we as players love customization, emotes, and costumes. These are things that many Western MMORPGs not only give us as players, such as Bless Online already has, but will aslo expand on either gifting them through via quest-lines or by means of Cash Shop. This is something that NeoWiz may also like to look into.

Overall again, these are not overly important, but these are some items I believe may help Bless Online later down the road fit in better with what we, as Western players, tend to like.
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Agreed on all points. The chat increase and profanity filter are big ones I'd like to see ASAP and they shouldn't be hard to change.
Cloud May 29 @ 4:26pm 
Yes, please. So much yes, on all points. Even better, make it so we can see eachother sitting/bending the knee!
I definitely want to see all of these things. I saw someone had asked Penta about the chatbox limit earlier and I'm a little sad to see there's still such a small amount of characters one can type. Plus the filter in chat is honestly atrocious. The roleplaying community is going to be a big chunk of the people that stick around for this unpolished game, but they may not stick around for long if we can't even do THAT with eachother.
Vadina20 May 29 @ 4:39pm 
Definitely, agree with all these things. As a guild leader it'll be hard to keep my people in the game if they can barely talk more than 1.5 lines at a time to each other.

Also the fact that the 'heck' in 'check' when I put 'Check our discord for updates' in the guild announcement is amusing in the short run and annoying in the long.

First on the list being to lengthen the chat limit and put a toggle in for profanity filter please!

Also some things to add:

Translations do not match quests.
Ex: I had a mission today that wanted me to shrug at a mage but there is no shrug emote.

Give Lupus and Pantera at least a beast travel form.
My character looks funny on a mount.

Chat logging would also be nice!

Extra Mouse button keybinding
I would like to be able to bind my chains to my mouse to give me a little more mobility.
St. Toad May 29 @ 4:41pm 
These are all important points that will contribute to the survival and growth of Bless and its community going forward!

I would add that being able to scale UI elements such as the chatbox would be helpful.
Last edited by St. Toad; May 29 @ 4:41pm

I agree with everything that has been said above. One thing I would love to see as a roleplayer that hasn't quite been mentioned already is to have the ability to put armour into the cosmetic slots so that armour is viewed rather than the armour that is equipped. (Maybe this is in the game already and I just haven't come across it yet). The armour is so beautifully designed, but I would love to have the choice in which one I am seen wearing.

The chat limit extension and profanity toggle really really is a must. It is frustrating even when just trying to talk to guildies, but when it comes to emoting, RP is going to be very difficult to do well.

Thank you!
Alyria May 29 @ 7:05pm 
Absolutely agree #1 with the Chat Limit increase. As a Guild Leader I've been finding it extremely difficult to give instructions or updates to my guild members in game using the current chat window limit. It can be especially confusing since the text input box does not indicate I have exceeded the limit and cuts off sentences mid way through.

Please increase the chat limit to 300 or 500 characters. This will help with current communication and raid communication in the future.
Urse May 29 @ 7:06pm 
I agree with what has been put above but one thing I would note that would be nice to see would be the ability to trade the basic items and crafted goods among one another. I understand their attempts to hold the gates against bots and multi-accounts but having the ability to trade with a friend, something like food and potions that we craft, seems like a very simple thing to have that doesn't cause ground breaking issues. Just a thought to put forward if there is any interest in it.

Maiden May 29 @ 7:31pm 
Please. The chat limit is immensely frustrating to type explanations to people with, especially with no hard stop on the chat, key things get lost, have to be retyped, everyone gets annoyed and frustrated.
Vadina20 May 29 @ 10:44pm 
Originally posted by Maiden:
Please. The chat limit is immensely frustrating to type explanations to people with, especially with no hard stop on the chat, key things get lost, have to be retyped, everyone gets annoyed and frustrated.
^ This
Khellian May 30 @ 12:16am 
These are incredibly important for the game's longevity IMO. The chat limit is a big one especially. English (and most other Western languages) need a lot more words to explain things compared to our Asian counterparts. For example, I ran into a friend in game, and they asked "How are you liking the game so far?" and even a rather short description of the things I liked so far took multiple posts. All the text in THIS very POST would take 4+ posts in game to send (if not more) to give one an idea of just how bad it is currently.
Vırgo May 30 @ 1:05am 
Originally posted by Vadina20:
Originally posted by Maiden:
Please. The chat limit is immensely frustrating to type explanations to people with, especially with no hard stop on the chat, key things get lost, have to be retyped, everyone gets annoyed and frustrated.
^ This
+1 Jesus please, just give us all of that.
Kargnar May 30 @ 3:47am 
I agree with this, it can get so frustrating when you try to type something, and not even half of what you have typed shows up. and if there is even the slightest hint of a "naughty" word it gets aint even allowed to write button..without the butt part getting censored...
Panda May 30 @ 9:41am 
Fully agree on this :)
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