9th Dawn Classic

9th Dawn Classic

Spooky Dec 28, 2018 @ 4:46pm
Bugged quest, cannot proceed further
Edit: update
In case some of you run into similar trouble, I may have a solution that will work for you, too.
After spending last two days looking for any idea, I went through Valorware's Facebook posts and comments, Reddit comments, Tumblr blog and even waaay old forums which used to be at Welkstore website (now nonexistent) and a bit newer, but nowadays deleted, Valorware forums using a Wayback Machine (Web Archive). From what I gathered, there was a post with complete list of commands that you could use ingame in case you got stuck, some items disappeared or quest was bugged (and A LOT of other useful stuff, it is a pity that Valorware didn't import that to their new current forums). Although I couldn't load the post itself (the page was not saved by Web Archive), from going through all other Valorware-related posts and comments ever posted, I found few of the commands, one of them crucial for this issue.

The command is setquestvalue, which basically allows you to change the progress of any given quest. So all I did was finding the right quest (which was super tedious, by the way!) and skipping that part of the quest so I could continue with it further. It doesn't matter if I can access the well to kill the "master apropir" or not as I essentially skipped that.

So the whole process would be:
  • go to main menu
  • go to Options
  • click on Commands
  • input "setquestvalue" (without quotation marks)
  • input 38 (this is the number of this quest line from Jinko)
  • input 3 (to get past the "master apropir" part)
  • continue with the quest
I might do a guide of some sort, containing all information I got from the thorough search and what I found out. I'll edit this in case I create the guide.

Original post below
Warning: potential spoilers below!
Note: I was using this guide[tipwikiguide.com] as some kind of a reference. It might be useful for you too, at least the map, so you know what I am talking about further below.

The issue
I was doing the quest line given by Jinko in Zarahakul. He told me to report any unusual sightings, all related to "apropirs". The quest continues by finding the Odd Crab directly south of Zaharakul. Jinko then told me to kill the "master apropir" in order to stop the spread or whatever, I don't remember it word by word. The thing is, the "master apropir" was inside the well in front of the Odd Crab's house. Remember the well as it it kind of important.

What it did differently, was going to the Odd Crab first and talking to him, essentialy giving me a dialog with two choices - letting him live, or killing him. I let him live. Now if I talk to him, I get a dialog with "No option found!". After that I wanted to go into the well and kill that "master apropir". Now we get back to the important well. It has simply disappeared. It's not in front of the house anymore, so I cannot go in and kill it.

Jinko still wants me to kill the "master apropir". No other option available.

Please see this image[imgur.com] for better visual representation. I circled where I *think* the well was. I also attached a portion of the world map to locate the spot more easily.

This leads to another, much bigger, problem
After finishing the "crab segment" of this quest line, it continues with Jinko wanting me to get 3 plants to cure somebody in the village. I believe I already have these 3 plants as I continued on with the game, exploring the rest of the world.

I also have the Silver Skin, which is the last part of this quest line. In exchange for this Silver Skin, Jinko should give me a Koryndyrg Key. I believe this key unlocks the gate on the very east end of the island. There I should find one of the 3 coloured keys which are needed to unlock the door to a "legendary treasure".

What I have tried so far
  • restarting the game
  • loading last save; no dice, I have the automatic save enabled
  • going back and forth in case I missed something
  • talking to most likely everybody
  • searching some kind of "secret way in"

I really don't think there's some way to reverse the quest, or skip it for that matter. The best solution I can think of would be a "no clip" cheat code, but I'm not sure it it even exists. Tom, if you're reading this, can you think of any way that could help me?
Heroes of Montelorne, I really need your help!

So for now I believe I'm stuck and I really hope this is not the end of my adventure.
Thanks for any advice or clue that might solve this bug/issue!

  • bugged quest line from Jinko
  • cannot kill the "master apropir" in the well as the well is not there
  • can't continue with the quest line, won't get the Koryndyrg Key
  • can't unlock the gate on the east end of the island without the key
  • won't get one of the coloured keys which I need to unlock the door to "legendary treasure"
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