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Ruffiely  [developer] Feb 3 @ 8:55am
Future development of Timbertales – Gathering ideas, your feedback is needed!
Hey fellow community,

first of all I have to say sorry for treating Timbertales so neglected in the past. I want to thank you guys for being this loyal to me! I appreciate that very much and I promise improvement in the future, because I think Timbertales is more than worth it and there is a lot of room for improvements available!

Let me tell you a bit why I made this decision and why I come back to Timbertales development. Timbertales was my first and most passionated project I had a successful Kickstarter, but the game took me much longer than expected and in the end I hurried things to much and put in way too much features without polishing them enough. Of course this ended in not the best sales and I wasn't even able to get the development cost back. Then I went to new projects and tried new stuff. Unfortunately without any success.

Nowadays I think Timbertales is and was my best bet because I followed my dream, but hurried it too much. I hope I can fix all the issues even two years later and still make it a success. But I want at least to finish it for myself and my peace of mind. I always think Timbertales is worth it and so I need to do this. Meanwhile a lot of things changed in my workflow, studio etc. So it will be very hard and there is a lot of work todo but I want to this.

This is why we are here. You can wish whatever you would like to see in the game. I try to gather feedback, read through the reviews and create a complete new roadmap. I will also make the game more appealing to desktop / Steam only because it was original intended for cross platform. I also thinking about switching the game engine because Timbertales was achieved with libGDX and I work with Godot 3 in the meantime.

I hope for your contribution and support even if its much required but I need your help to alive as indie game developer and giving Timbertales a second life! :)

Player critics / feedback gathered so far

- Game feels unfinished / unpolished
- Campaign goals feels unbalanced
- General balance feels either too hard or too easy (may be depending on player experience with TBS?)
- Campaign is too short / More story content is wished / vermin campaign never shipped
- Online features were a mistake / Multiplayer not needed not enough players
- Server instabilities
- Price too high (I am not sure if this is still the case?!)
- Boring core gameplay not interesting enough

New Feature / ideas

- New fractions / animals

Battle map mode

A map with lots of territories to conquer which will grant you overall bonuses to your next missions. The goal is to conquer the whole map and destroy your enemies. It is a some kind of game in game features with turns vs an AI.

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