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RAZAR  [developer] Feb 2 @ 6:10am
Cockpit Discussion (Feel Free to Join)
First of all, thank you for your support and comments. Together we are making this game better.
So, most of you concerned about the cockpit.
Our next goal is to create a cockpit of future, and to make it perfect we decided to discuss it with you.
We illustrated the evolution of the cockpit through years here:
As we can see with the time, less and less, tumblers, buttons, and sensors appear on the panel.
Please Feel free to share your vision of the cockpit.
Frontier Pilot Simulator Team.
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Fuub Feb 2 @ 7:58am 
Thanks for opening this discussion with us.

In my opinion there are some basic elements that need to be present to provide a good cockpit experience:

- HOTAS support (already present)
- Look around with buttons/axis and if possible trackIR (or VR)
- Manage of ship systems with cockpit gauges that work (turning on/off engines, battery, lights etc)

I recommend to check a game called vtol vr, although it is only for VR it captures a lot of very immersive cockpit aspects that translate to a very good gameplay.

I think adding ship systems would open up an opportunity to improve the gameplay loop which I think it repeats too quickly for a simulator, giving no breathing room and making the player burnout quickly of the same loop over and over. (land - pickup - travel)

My suggestion is to add 2 phases before starting a trip, a "Planning phase" and a "Getting the ship ready phase" and only after the "Lift off and go to destination phase" that is now present.

For example:

- Turn on ship battery to have map access.

- Open map, and in map being able to check wind and weather conditions across the map so the player can make waypoints for the trip on the most efficient and secure path to the destination. (you guys already have this data how awesome if we could use it to flight planning).

- Load cargo/passengers with engine off.

- Turn on both engines and other necessary ship systems wait for them to be ready.

- Start the trip following the flight plan to the destination.

Maybe I'm asking too much eheh, but yeah those are my ideas :)
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It would be nice if there were still some physical buttons and sliders to give a more tactile feel, particularly during startup sequences (if these are planned) that are clickable cockpit elements (e.g., activating fuel flow, battery, APU generator, engine startup). These could be designed to integrate into more sci-fi flat-panel or holographic display elements.
skatche Feb 2 @ 10:59am 
As I'm using HOTAS, I'd probably want to look around and interact with (some) cockpit controls using the mouse. Even in exterior mode, I found the camera a bit unreliable at times; it'd be nice to be able to look around a bit, though it might be unrealistic to offer complete 360-degree camera control.

Fuub makes a fair point about the game loop. It does feel a bit tense -- even when I'm cruising at a thousand feet I still need to carefully manage my throttle and stick, although that might change as I upgrade my battery. I think this might be what you were going for with the "frontier" thing -- a bit of a rougher experience -- but the game world does seem pretty high-tech, and some of the roughness feels a bit artificial for that reason. Having the ports a little more ergonomic would be a step in the right direction -- I should be able to charge my ship in the hangar, for example, and cargo should be delivered to my ship regardless of its orientation on the landing pad. Another suggestion I'd make is to have a map overlay that can be used in midflight, so that I can see where I am without taking my attention away from my surroundings.
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skatche Feb 2 @ 10:41pm 
Oh, one more thing I might add: landing is hard enough in exterior mode due to oversensitive controls, but would be even harder in cockpit mode without some kind of landing display. Elite: Dangerous gives you a reticule that shows up when you're close to the landing pad, replacing your cockpit radar display, so that you can carefully line up your ship. Something like that would be a good idea for this game.
AllMore Feb 3 @ 5:17am 
yep, landing monitor it should be.
design cabin: in the game 2236 year, it means a more modern.

Something like that, my fast art - h_ttp:// (steam block link / delete _ )
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I agree with all that has been mentioned so far.

One thing I would like to add is a "Fight-the-Weather" mode. Once you have taken off, are on-route, and a storm starts halfway through, Fight-the-Weather mode could be activated and all the non-essential panels fold back and move out of the way giving more visibility of you, the wind, and the terrain. Just you and the world.

I guess my point is that at any time, you could see a whole lot out the front! A little bit of the top and out of the bottom, especially for landing.
I love cockpits that have a bit of visibilty at the bottom, because I use that window to guage the ground when landing!

If flipping and folding out of the way is not preferred, you could do a transparency change like its going to a type of augmented reality where you can see through your cockpit, however I would still like to see some core elements of the cockpit regardless.
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Maybe even make the cockpit modular, so you can build-your-own, choosing what size screen and what element to put on that screen, and where it is placed?

There is the main-central HDD, and that has core info and stays the same, but everything else has a neat little modular screen that snaps on an off on any of the 8 directions.
You could even have several art styles for these modular screens and people could use all one theme or mix and match?

I am not sure people would like that... but I think I would. It would allow customizability, and still look like its physically there, and could even be animated to fold away in my above post.
The more random interactive switches the better~ ideas:

Electricity on/off
Exterior floodlight on/off
Cabin lightning on/dim/off
Landing lights on/off
Multi-Function Display (MFD)
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Я так понимаю, что писать можно и на русском :)
Очень приятно, что вы полны интузиазма. Вид из кабины это замечательный шаг в перёд. Я себе представляю это между космическими симуляторами и вертолётной кабиной с широким углом обзора. По крайней мере пока не появится более прямолинейное дивижение, как с самолётом ;)
maks3ds Feb 5 @ 12:17pm 
Я тоже за кабины!
In clouds or poor vis area, a terrain system would be helpful to inform the pilot where to avoid since it is really hard to tell right now if I am gonna crash into one of the mountain if I am flying blind.
toxsan Feb 6 @ 12:19pm 
Cockpit HUD Changes now put the vertical speed bar on the opposite side of the throttle bar. When trying to get the right throttle level to keep that VS constant while landing on a postage stamp in the middle of the ocean can get tricky when you have to look from one side of the HUD to the other. Keeping them together seems to allow me smoother transitions and gentle landings, which save money and time doing repairs.

Also I have to say a list of definitions on what the upgrade descriptions mean, power vs thrust etc would be VERY helpful. I added new batteries and couldn't get off the ground. Same with power 200+ wheels/chasis upgrade. The weight absolutely negated the upgrade. Maybe an upgrade calculator that shows what different changes would do. heavy lifting vs speed vs general duty.

So far I definitely enjoy the game, fairly challenging. Backing up my game folder gives me some piece of mind that if I make a stupid mistake or upgrade incorrectly, I can go back and try again without losing too much progress.
If you're going for a fully functional cockpit (as opposed to a cockpit background with UI hovering over it), I would suggest putting all of the current information of the HUD onto monitors (unless, of course, holographic tech is available) and make the important information somewhere towards the centre of the dash where it can be easily seen. With that I mean the rate of climb/descent, distance to ground and throttle. We can dart with our eyes to the charge level every now and then as well as other information.

A little off-topic but... Why does the (I assume electrical) charge accrue weight? Or are the batteries something like hydrogen cells?

A rather important (and fun) addition I think should be a big screen on the side with a weather radar (perhaps as an upgrade), which would have a range of a few kilometres (also upgradeable?) and show areas of potential turbulences, thunderstorms and (a little sci-fi-ish) possibly wind severity and direction. This would also allow the player to avoid flying through thick clouds and suddenly get destroyed by passing into the red exclamation mark zones.
Here is an example of an aviation weather radar:

The third monitor could (also as an upgrade?) display a LIDAR scan of the landscape up to 500-1000m. This would allow the player to navigate extremely cloudy areas while flying low.
SpetS Feb 7 @ 11:23pm 
a key to look around, like in most games, example ArmA 3, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers, Star CItizen
I prefer the option while holding a "set key" you have the free first person camera view, and then when you release the key it moves to the center automatically. In ArmA 3 if you double tap that "set key" you toggle the free camera On. So, what I mean, you have 2 modes, HOLD and Double Tap the key.
Atomvinter Feb 13 @ 11:58am 
My suggestion is to take inspiration from helicopter cockpits rather than normal plane cockpits. Considering all the vertical landings and the need to see where you are going. Having windows below the panel. Just an example:
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