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Leon  [developer] Mar 16, 2018 @ 2:52am
Patch notes: Build 2241

BUILD 2241 - 24 November 2021

This update contains the following:

DLSS updated to 2.3.1 which includes better visuals + new sharpening option.

Added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).
You can now enable FSR + Sharpening for extra peformance during Ray Tracing or on lower spec PC's.

Unreal engine upgrade to 4.27.1
This includes:
More general optimizations
Ray Tracing optimisations
More general stability
Unfortunately it means a large patch, however this also prepares us for the black labyrinth DLC.

Other fixes
-You can now run the game in exclusive Fullscreen in DX12.
-Final boss level visual fix when save/loading.
-Fixed up inconsistent ray traced enemy shadows.
-Fixed lifts being offset occasionally .
-Volumetric fog more optimized, should give a decent frame boost.
-Celestial claw lighting fixed, planets+suns now give off lights/shadows.
-Removed scary clock.
-Fixed issue with portal location UI in gateway when loading a game.
-Fixed many minor level issues.
-Other minor misc fixes.

Older update notes:


BUILD 2172d 7 August 2021

There's an update to DLSS 2.2.11

This contains performance increases and less ghosting.

BUILD 2172 - 19 May 2021

Major changes:

Ray Tracing is now merged into the main branch.
You can access ray tracing by running the game in DirectX 12 from the launch options.
DLSS 2.0 Available with compatible NVIDIA cards for a significant performance increase.
NVIDIA Ansel support added.
Engine upgraded to Unreal 4.25.
(Experimental) HDR monitor support.

Minor changes:

Some menus laid out / spaced a lot nicer (WIP)
Colour changing cheats a lot nicer (AE1981 AE1982 etc)
Save game preview images brighter
Close shave achievement fixed
Enemy counts on most level fixed
Aeturnum VFX fixed
Celestial claw weapon switch bug fixed


Lots of lighting fixes
Lots of optimizations
Lots of minor gameplay changes/polish

Build 2055 (March 25 2020)
Fixed a bug where the music would restart/cut out
Fixed some more enemy spawns throughout the game
Fixed custom resolution input option
RT Waterfall demo level added to main game - (for people who want to play without RT features)

Hotfix 2052 (March 12 2020)

Engine upgrade to Unreal 4.24.3
-Engine upgrade fixes fullscreen crashing
Fixed game shows correct screen mode (fullscreen/windowed/borderless)
Fixed Sun boss not moving
Fixed Screen res scale not snapping to decimal values
Fixed game being Directx 12 by default
Fixed Achievements not working

Build 2046 (March 10 2020)

+New - Engine Upgrade to Unreal 4.23.1 +Fixed - Weapon system changed to be frame-rate independent, should be smooth on all FPS settings. +Fixed - Holding space while jumping into water will move you upwards instead of doing nothing. +Fixed - Missing enemies in E1/E2/E3 +Fixed - Invisible protectors in Ep3 after saving. +New - AEDAR cheat will show where enemies are. +New - Added extra frames to whisper's edge, so you can actually see it in motion. Attack times remain the same. +Fixed - Save menu showing multiples of savegames +Fixed - Save menu sometimes showing dev name of level instead of nice name +Fixed - Broken enemy counts in most levels +Changed - Visually improved the door near the first archmage in E6L1 +Optimized - E2L2, E4L3 optimized lighting +Changed - E6L1 added backtrack path so now you can go back thru the whole level +Optimized - Hanging eye turrets in E2 +Optimized - Music loads asynchronosly +New - Game defaults to 60fps for new players instead of unlimited.


Build 14 +Changed - Can open the waterfall map from the quest menu, as well as the normal campaign. +Changed - RT options should show on all cards now (not just RTX series). +Added - Ray Traced Shadows --softer penumbra and enemy shadows, only visible in waterfall map. +Optimized - Overall game should run faster when RT features are OFF

Patch notes: Build 2012 (August 17 2019)

+Option to change the in game message font [alt message font in HUD options].
+Possible Fix for achievements not unlocking .
+Reduced damage on star of torment soul mode slightly.
+Few other small bugfixes.


Patch notes: Build 1892b (April 29 2019 Update)

+Sacred path changes including
-New Enemies!
-More LORE
-Combat tweaks

+New horde mode arena 'sol arena'

+Engine upgrade to UE 4.22.1

+New Achievement for experiencing each death type
+Genocide Achievement for killing all enemies in an episode fixed
+Episode portals now turn green when completed, also the message as you approach will say 'completed'
+Hardcore award now only takes 5 awards at level end to complete
+AENDREW cheat updated with all music tracks currently in game

+Arcane boss autosave issue fixed
+Crouch and jump at the same time issue fixed
+Start up movies crash fix
+Many many other minor fixes/improvements.

Many thanks to all those who beta tested over the past weeks.


Patch notes: Build 1813 (Feb 7 2019 Update)


+Weapon changes:
-Axe of the Black Labyrinth will now suck enemies to it. Swing the Axe while an enemy is slightly out of melee range.
-Axe swinging is FASTER.
-Azure Orb projectiles homing movement improved.
-Star of torment costs less mana in soul mode.
-Star of torment soul attack homes aggressively, and will hit enemies nearby as well as the intended target.

+New Achievements for finishing episodes, and quitting the game.

+HUD Scale can go to 200% now. For those of you that like it BIG.
+Chunky pixel option for resolution scale (if you wanna look olschool)
+Main menu Slowdown issue fixed. (was related to having lots of saves)
+Azure orb projectiles were broken and wouldn't home in on shootable switches, fixed.
+Sol Seekers (green dudes in Solar Solstice) were able to stack damage when touching you, fixed.
+Gateway portal stats for some episodes was incorrect, now fixed.
+Changes to Bastion of the Blue Moon, now has more open areas, so you can see the path to the cellars. Volumetric fog added.

+Other minutiae of minor fixes and improvements not worth mentioning.


Build 1701 Has some bugfixes, no major changes.

Patch notes: Build 1690 (September 22 update)

+New Episode - THE FORGES

+Engine upgrade to Unreal 4.20, comes with a host of optimizations and bugfixes.
+Level end achivements should be fixed.
+Fullscreen issue on game restart should be fixed.
+No longer fall thru moving platforms on quickload.
+New quest menu showing nice pictures.
+Controller invert axis issue fixed.

+New Weapon fx.
+Planets do less self damage to the player.
+Sun "praxis wave" Was broken, now actually does damage.
+Azure orbs were hitting enemies before actually touching, fixed.

+Nicer strafing animations for enemies

+Many other misc bugfixes/polish. Thanks to those that submitted bug reports.


Patch notes: Build 1579a (June 21 update)

Horde mode update:
+New Arena (sacred)
+New Level select portals
+All enemies from 4 current episodes now available to fight
+New FX for horde portals

AI update:
+Flying enemies AI re-written with better pathfinding
+Ranged enemies will strafe player instead of running directly up to them.

Episode 3 changes:
+Weapon locations changed
+Rock dudes have less HP
+Shadow dudes slowed down

Controller fixes:
+Can use controller at level end and in level select portals
+Turning is no longer tied to frame-rate

Other updates:
+Soul mode can be activated by ALT FIRE in game options
+Alt fire can be changed in input menu
+New enemy animations for strafing
+Grenade boi has a new throwing animation
+Sword and mace idle frames tilted slightly
+Possible fix for stuttering
+Other minor fixes/polish

Build 1532 (May 17 update)

>New episode added (Solar Solstice).
>Controller support added for menus.
>Default change weapon buttons are now shoulder buttons on gamepad instead of d-pad.
>Press Tab twice for more stats: difficulty, episode, destructibles and messages found.
>Hud Resizing added in options.
>Screen flashes option is now a slider instead of ON/OFF.
>Aeturnum projectile no longer waits, will explode instantly. Also clips through enemies.
>New Aeturnum FX for enemy death.
>Can now backtrack from exit area in Bastion of the blue moon.
>Sun (soul mode for celestial claw) damage increased to 50 from 25.
>Tonemapping colours fixed (blues/yellows look more like previous versions)
>Breakable objects should save properly
>Many misc. boring bugfixes :P

Build 1462 (April 2 update)

+New water death for azure orb overkill
+Flight mode less slippery
+More souls required for Hard and Evil, less souls required for easy.
+Holding fire won't activate soul mode till next fire
+Insta death torches fixed
+L29 lift bug fixed
+Weapon switch while firing
+getting out of water easier
+Flying ai won't get in your face (movement was broken)
+Horde end score more readable
+Engine upgrade to UE 4.19

Build 1445 (March 22 update)

+Can adjust colour as well as brightness.
+Weapon switching should cycle properly.
+Weapon hit sound & fx improvements.
+Smooth camera movement on stairs.
+Trail for enemies falling into black holes.
+New animation for enemies falling into black holes.
+Warrior mode added in game options.
+Enemies no longer get lost.
+Fixed go to next episode after dying in gateway.
+Can't get stuck inside lifts.
+New Load screen tips.
+Cheat codex fixed.
+New cheat: AEXTREME - Actually makes weapons fire fast.
+New cheat: AEBABY - Soul mode toggle (infinite duration).
+New cheat: AEMEMES - memes.
+Added quit screen with shots of upcoming episodes
+Other misc bugfixes.

Build 1433a

+New Planets
+Planets randomize a lot nicer now, you won't get the same planet twice.
+Earth shows up less frequently, so you can commit genoicde LESS.
+Voltride casts chain lightning on overkill now. (also a cool steely dan song)
+Axe will propel you like a boat if you're underwater and attack with soul mode activated. Because... why not.
+Frame cap silder can now go UNLIMITED(power!!!!)
+Weapon keys can be rebound.
+Reset to default should actually do something.
+Can change HUD message size in HUD options.
+Mana numbers on the hud gotta go fast now instead of slow
+Asynchronous saving added so speedrunners won't get angry at me. (no hitches on saving).
+Axe does 5 MORE DAMAGE, yay.
+Sword projectile does more damage on direct hit. Pass thru damage is the same.
+Some enemies will enter their pain state more often.
+Achievements should activate when you get level awards.

More bugfixes and changes to come! Thanks for all the bug reports and feedback.
Last edited by Leon; Nov 23 @ 11:09pm
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0r0druin Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:05am 
Cheers guys! You keep doing what you're doing! This kind of game is scratching an itch I didn't even know I had and every little alteration you guys make is just enhancing the experience!
darksoul Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:15am 
Haha; you really implemented the Axe propel you forward-thing into the game; how great is that. And that you included the chain-lightning is awesome as well. And all just implemented yesterday, while talking on Discord (where these suggestions came from). Damn, thank you SO much for this kickA.S.S. game and keep being awesome (all of you that are involved with New Blood) !!

Edit: Damn, the new Voltride is even more fun than before. Before just one went "pop" on overkill, but now it´s like "pop, pop, pop,pop"..........awesome. Once popped, never stopped. Like popcorn in a microwave :-) And I can finally bind the Shift and Alt keys for weapons; wasn´t possible before with the .ini-edit; only standard-keys; or I did something wrong.
Edit2: Just took a look at the .ini, and see what I did wrong; I only wrote "Shift" and "Alt" instead of "LeftShift" and LeftAlt". Should have been obvious.....haha
Last edited by darksoul; Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:55am
Kollech87 Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:52am 
Nice m8´s:steamhappy:
Durandal Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:12am 
In the future, will shooting the Voltride when submerged under water also electrocute everyone inside it (including yourself)?
Bag_of_BOnes Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:13am 
Fantastic. Good job devs.
Soulmyr Mar 16, 2018 @ 5:03am 
Good job
G-Prime Mar 16, 2018 @ 9:09am 
Leon, oh my god, thank you for implementing that Voltride overkill tweak. It's so much more ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ awesome now.
Joachim Mar 16, 2018 @ 9:11am 
Thx man.
Miasmic Mar 16, 2018 @ 9:43am 
Tank Jr. Mar 16, 2018 @ 2:24pm 
Wanda Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:15pm 
Originally posted by VertigoOne:
In the future, will shooting the Voltride when submerged under water also electrocute everyone inside it (including yourself)?

That would be great
Bag_of_BOnes Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:27pm 
Originally posted by VertigoOne:
In the future, will shooting the Voltride when submerged under water also electrocute everyone inside it (including yourself)?

Even more to the point, can we have stuff in the water to shoot. And the ability to drown.
Gilby Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:13pm 
Like how you made the planets less random for them to appear more random
Cucurbito Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:24pm 
Originally posted by Leon:
+Voltride casts chain lightning on overkill now. (also a cool steely dan song)
+Axe will propel you like a boat if you're underwater and attack with soul mode activated. Because... why not.
+Weapon keys can be rebound.
+Mana numbers on the hud gotta go fast now instead of slow
+Axe does 5 MORE DAMAGE, yay.
+Sword projectile does more damage on direct hit. Pass thru damage is the same.
+Some enemies will enter their pain state more often.

Thanks for making Amid Evil the best game it can possibly be devs. Please work on the enemy footstep sounds in a future update, though. They sound farther way than they should and need better rolloff.
Last edited by Cucurbito; Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:25pm
hellstorm102 Mar 16, 2018 @ 4:26pm 
async saving!? yess!!
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