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Solace Crafting

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Malkere  [developer] Oct 23, 2017 @ 3:02am
Development road map
A much easier to read version of the development roadmap has been set on:

Solace Crafting | Trello[]

Not everything has been added to it yet, so I will leave the roadmap below up until I can get it more "finished"


- Solaces
Solaces are the centerpiece and a prerequisite to all types of player built towns. These are where we upgrade our towns, what provide power to our defenses, what connect us to our resource stores for building and crafting, and are also portals for fast travel.

- Obelisks
Obelisks are static defenses, like turrets, primarily used to defeat the waves of demons that spawn to try and interrupt important solace upgrades. They can be built and upgraded using uncommon harvesting resources.

- Terraforming
Terraforming in Solace Crafting is designed to be clear, concise, and easy. Inputting actual elevation numbers we can easily flatten, lower, and raise areas. Eventually terraforming spells and abilities are planned to help you explode unwanted mounds, contain water and lava for transportation, and so on.

- Town NPCs
With player built towns we gain the ability to build housing to summon NPCs. Guards, gatherers, crafters, quest NPCs, and more are brought into the game world via our own hands. For example if you place a loom in a house you can interact with the loom to summon and upgrade a Tailor. Crafters can help you craft items from professions you may not be interested in leveling. Gatherers will automatically gather basic resources for you to help with building, though won't be able to locate rare materials. Guards will help you defend against demons attacks and town quests. And so on.

- Temperature
Temperature control should not be difficult, swapping hats and armor all the time because you're too hot or too cold, but it does make for a great

- Harvesting resources
Currently resources are all over the place. What's intended is that ore is found by mining out concentrated nodes in the mountains, high-quality wood for crafting equipment is best carved from the tallest trees in the forest, leather is carved from the fiercest beasts, and cloth is woven from the plants where fresh water runs freely. These resource rich areas are intended to be plenty for several levels of crafting, for example through levels 5-9, with skills and abilities to help players find them and make better use of them.

- Large resource nodes
These are intended not for player use, but for NPC gatherers. A player may choose to start a new town in a specific location because of it's proximity to a large resource node. Then developing the town into, for example, a mining town, they can secure a large supply of ore for building and crafting. Keep in mind that resource tiers are based on their distance from the start. Crafting level 20 swords with level 5 metal is not the best idea, and gatherers cannot gather rare resources such as gems.

- Coloring of equipment and buildings
Currently the game just reuses whatever colors you picked at character creation.

- In-game customization of character hair, shape, etc.

- Structures
Rather than building thirty houses one by one for all your townsfolk, using the structures feature you can save already constructed buildings and place your saved structures in viable areas needing then only to feed them the necessary ingredients to complete them. This feature is intended to expand to the Steam workshop allowing players to create and trade buildings of complex shapes and sizes including interior and exterior decorations.

- Hunting and hunger.

- NPC towns
Pre-generated NPC towns offer a way for players to find crafters and quest givers in areas and levels different than their own towns. These towns have lost the protection of their solaces and will employ willing players in repairing their defenses, and reviving their solaces. They also then become a portal for quick travel which is always good.

- Evil encounters
Some resources only drop or are only rewarded for great feats of heroism. These encounters will challenge players far beyond the smaller encounters throughout the game world and

- Building puzzles
Small rifts to the Plane of Construction can lead players to building puzzles where limited resources must be used to successfully reach a goal for rewards.

- Mines / caves
Gems play an important role in several different areas most notably enchanting. Gem veins like ore veins can be found in mines that stretch deep underground. These mines grow harder and hotter the deeper we travel. The ability to terraform a large cave into an underground mining town is also a major goals of this feature set.

- Multiplayer
Multiplayer capabilities may come along sooner than later, but are definitely always in the back of my mind. With multiplayer comes a whole different branch of future goals including Guild Solaces, construction based attack and defend scenarios, area style PvP where players are allowed to spend class points and craft items up to a certain level freely, and so on.

- The Elemental Planes
Each primary resource: wood, stone, cloth, leather, and metal have an elemental plane where they originate from. These off-world planes are much more challenging, require special resistant gear and weapons, and of course offer greater rewards.


Of course these are just the broad topics. Each feature has a lot of little things within it that require time, testing, and growth. Building recipes, sounds, birds in the sky, graphic optimizations, and many other things are a constant and ongoing process.
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Supdalat Oct 23, 2017 @ 5:03pm 
This all looks awesome, just please be careful with the temperature mechanic, see ARK and 7 Days to Die for mechanics that may have gone a bit to far. otherwise this game looks like it will be awesome
HocusPocus Oct 24, 2017 @ 3:06am 
Looks great but I agree with Supdalat that Temp mechanic can be just annoying carrying around several armours/clothes sets, taking up inventory slots. I'm fine with it being a little more subtle, but sudden changes can be a pain.
Malkere  [developer] Oct 24, 2017 @ 6:51am 
Yes, exactly! Thank you for chiming in on that subject. I just wrote about it in another thread brought up by jojikh5. Some ways I'm still debating with internally on how to approach temperature control:

1. Soul skills. Soul skill points are unlocked by leveling up any skill tree. Say every 5 points in any tree earns you a new Soul point. So if you spend 25 out of 25 in the Squire tree you get five Soul points. Now if you create a Soul Facet (an alternate character on the same soul, same world) and you gain some levels and spend 10 points in the Squire tree, you don't get any Soul Points, you've already earned to first five on that Soul. BUT, if you spend those 10 points in the Apprentice tree, you'll get 2 more points because that's the first time you've made it that far on that tree on this soul.

In the Soul skill tree then there are lots of utilitarian passives like temperature tolerance, extended diet, minor resistances, runspeed, time allowed underwater, etc.

2. I am envisioning two special equipment slots specifically for temperature control, underwear tops and bottoms. These don't provide armor, maybe some specific enchants are allowed. They -do not- just make you hotter or colder. They increase the max or min or both tolerable temperatures. I think this in one way to bring more attention to the Tailor profession.

3. Craftable potions, runes, or some sort of temporary buff that can be made for excursions into harsh areas.

I really hate having to carry around a hat just to be in the desert or whatever. Ya ok platemail is probably hot, but we're not trying to make a real world simulator. Mechanics like temperature are just supposed to give reason to leveling and crafting to let you travel easily where maybe you couldn't have five levels ago, you know?
jojikh5 Oct 24, 2017 @ 7:58am 
All of your posts make it clear you're approaching development from a gamer's perspective - "How can I make this system enjoyable?" - rather than just throwing in buzzwords. I love it. The terraforming system sounds fantastic by the way, setting it to a specific level rather than repeatedly left- and right-clicking desperately trying to make a flat plane.
Supdalat Oct 24, 2017 @ 9:39am 
Thats really awesome to hear, like jojkh5 said you are really looking at this game from a gamers point of view who has had to deal with all the weird mechanics that other devs have built. the change of pace is awesome.
Malkere  [developer] Dec 10, 2017 @ 7:36pm 
I moved the development roadmap to Trello!
Galileon Jan 21 @ 10:19pm 
This looks like a real nice game, I love crafting! However I also use a controller (xb1). Any idea when full controller support might be implemented?
OndeTv Jan 21 @ 10:54pm 
Loving it Kyle! So many things i have toyed around with myself, but never got my act together to start it (i'll be honest: I'd rather play than code in my free time hahaha).

Regarding the temperature and evil encounters section, you seem to have stopped typing mid sentence :D

Trello card setup looking good as well :)
Teckis Jan 24 @ 7:38am 
So the soul points are not in yet I presume?
Malkere  [developer] Jan 24 @ 7:54pm 
I've never played PC with a controller, though I know it's something a fair amount of players do. I just say so to be honest in that I'm not really sure the usual flow of playing a game like this with a controller. Partial-support I definitely want to get in within the next few weeks, depending on how fast a few other things get in. Full-support will require a bit more code I'm imagining and may be put off further than partial-support, but maybe not. I have an XB1 controller I'll be trying to get to work with it.

Soul points are not yet in-game correct.
Is there a way to recycle harvesting tools once you are able to craft hight level ones? Itwould be cool if you could break them down at the forge and reclaim some raw materials. Just a way to delete them would work for now and maybe there is and i am missing it being new to the the way i love the game so far and look forward to future updates.
Malkere  [developer] Feb 9 @ 4:03am 
Thanks Brian! There is not yet a trash bin, nor a "deconstruct" option, trash bin is very high on the to do list though. Definitely early next week if not this weekend.
elmo Apr 4 @ 10:29pm 
Is there a way to rotate the camera to see all 360 degrees of my character in game not just in the character creation?

Enjoying the game a lot, the building mechanic is very satisfying once I got the hang of it.

Also rather than Terraforming will there be a shovel mechanic so as I dig the ground it lowers or shovel back dirt to raise the ground?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, look forward to updates.
Last edited by elmo; Apr 4 @ 10:29pm
OndeTv Apr 5 @ 7:33am 
Originally posted by elmo:
Is there a way to rotate the camera to see all 360 degrees of my character in game not just in the character creation? [...]
A way to detach the camera in-game for f ex screenshots is on Kyles to-do list :)
Malkere  [developer] Apr 5 @ 5:56pm 
Terraforming is indeed planned to be more of a profession, as is building, they're just in and everything works for free right now.
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