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Tutorial Issues
Loving the game so far, but I have one serious issue. The tutorial doesn't actually teach you the stuff you need to know.

I get an objective to send an expedition, but nothing tells me how to do that. I had to hover over everything to find out you had to hold down the mouse button to send it. The game never tells you that. I stumbled into it.

I get an objective to change out feeders for a vegetarian diet. Nothing tells me how to do that. I had to click around for almost 15 minutes before the "double-click" method finally opened up the menu I needed. Nowhere does the tutorial tell you about needing to double-click anything. I only found it because I got frustrated and just started clicking the hell out of everything clickable until I accidentally found it.

I get and objective to clean out dung, but nothing tells me how to do that. It says "select the habitat", but it doesn't tell you HOW to select the habitat. It doesn't say "select habitat by clicking on perimeter fence". It needs to say that. I had to google it.

Far too much of the tutorial missions just tell you to do a thing without any explanation whatsoever on how exactly you are supposed to do it. Every tutorial objective needs to be accompanied by step-by-step instruction detailing how to do the thing being requested. You basically need to create a tutorial that treats the players as if they are toddlers. Tutorials are SUPPOSED to hold your hand, that's why they are called TUTORIALS.

Also, the tutorial ends with Nigel just kind of toddling off and there is no proper ending. He just says "Bye, all you now", and off he goes. The tutorial mission does not end and I have NO idea how to actually get 100% completion. 96% is as high as I can get.

All that said, I am absolutely enjoying the game overall. Everything looks great and the ideas are sound. I fully understand that this is still early access, that's actually exactly why I'm posting this. This is what early access is for, finding issues and solving them.

To the devs, you guys are doing great so far. I hope my tone wasn't too harsh, it isn't intended to be. I just hope any of this helps in some way.

Thank you for listening.

Have a nice day.
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Kotli Jun 18 @ 5:47am 
Yep I got stuck on dig up the past step because I was trying to access it via the UI button for the expedition map which is grey out and locked along with the keyboard shortcut.
They want you to click on a tab in map management instead, of cause by the time I worked this out my park rating dropped so much I didnt meet the requirements to do the step.
Rosie Jun 18 @ 12:11pm 
Hey! Thanks your feedback!

We're currently working on tutorial improvements so that objectives are more clear and players that are new to the game have a better understanding of the step-by-step process, so your feedback really helps!

- Rosie (PK Community Manager)
I can't even access the tutorial! My MIssions button is greyed out. I can only do challenge mode :(
Originally posted by healthypetvet:
I can't even access the tutorial! My MIssions button is greyed out. I can only do challenge mode :(

They mentioned in the patch notes this morning that the tutorial is temporarily disabled to fix some issues with it. They haven't given an eta on when that will be. Shouldn't be too long, they've been pretty good about that sort of thing.
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