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GioXmen Jun 9, 2013 @ 6:28am
Well,now we know why DD2 is a moba :/
Acording to this story here: http://kotaku.com/investigation-a-video-game-studio-from-hell-511872642 and here is why:
Late last year, according to four different people, Stieglitz fired the lead designer on Dungeon Defenders II and shifted direction on the game, telling the development team to start taking ideas from the popular arena battle game League of Legends. The motto floating around the company, employees told me, is "if League does it, we do it."

"He threw out design work to copy League of Legends," said one person.

"Interesting, creative ideas [were] thrown by the wayside because 'we don't have time,' or 'Does League do it? No? Then it's a waste of time, we need to do what League does,' said another person.

On top of that, people say the studio has been plagued with disorganization and dysfunction: work is often scrapped or drastically changed due to Stieglitz's whims, employees told me.

"There's no pipeline," said one person. "Everyone's flying by the seat of their pants all the time."

"Jeremy does not believe in pre-production," said another. "Choices are to be made on the fly, without any input from designers."
It's sad to see the new game will probably suck,because of one mans wish to copy L.O.L.
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xHeeRo Jun 9, 2013 @ 6:30am 
Tydo Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:49am 
That is so sad. There are many things about LoL that do not belong in DD. It would stop being DD if it happened.

DD so far is coop/solo PVE. Persistent gear and multiple characters and all can be levelled/upgraded individually (both gear and characters).

LoL is built around being a 3/5man teamp-pvp focused rip of DotA (a rip of a warcraft 3, insprired by the last campaign map).
Characters there are not levelled, "you" or more to the point your account is.
Gear is not permanent (you start in your underwear in each game) and you have to earn it every time, counterstrike style. Gear is not upgradeable either.

DD has a nice flexible camera, LoL is basically a 3D version of the old isometric projection games, with a camera that can not be turned or go to firstperson or dd style 'over the shoulder' cam.

Not that much of all of that is relevant. They or rather those among them in charge are forgetting the market.
As much as they may want to copycat LoL (much like many a mmorpg has tried to take chunks from WoW), they are too late. Dota2 was made to compete directly against LoL and was fairly successful (take a peek at the steam numbers), building on the dota heritage and old playerbase - without that, it would have been a no-go.
Trying to go in and fill a gap or carve out a niche between LoL and Dota2, on the terms of those 2 games - which it sounds like - is bordering on madness.
They have been at it longer and are completely dominating the genre. It would take something not much short of awesome and significantly different (so not 95% copy) to stand a chance.
Where DD has a chance to stand out is:
* Playstyle: i am thinking the only real contender there is starting with the tower wars pvp maps and work from there.
* items, how they are earned, upgraded, kept/unlocked.
* characters: pretty much keep the DD system, for stats and itemslots, just update the 'stat to effect' formulas.
* in pvp only: tone down the champions to not be weapons of mass destruction and genocide. Similarly, tone down mob HP. We are hilariously OP in DD, which is part of its attraction (imma hold my LMB and 100's die in seconds, woot woot!), it just does not extend well to pvp.
* music. Oh god how DD has them beat there, despite the tracks being so short and repetetive. My favorites are: end of campaign + sky city combat phase = 5000 levels of awesome. I have a soft spot for the crystalline dimension one as well, it is just too serious for the DD setting and a bunch of the other combat music is at least well above gaming average.
Saladressing Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:56am 
Atlease sanctum did it right in #2. You would think with all these sales, they would keep to the roots. To bad its now turned to a side gamemode. I will not be putting my money into DD2 most likely.
Alucard Jun 12, 2013 @ 11:20pm 
I have spent more than 400 hours on dd, and im not going to even watch trailers of dd2. A moba, seriously? Game will die very fast im sure, since everyone who wanted to play moba are playing lol/dota2. And fans of original dd will play nothing, because unique concept of co-op tower def with rpg elements is ruined in dd2.
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