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Huntress' role?
I'm trying to figure out what the huntress is really supposed to be used for...

I mean..I get the other classes.

Apprentice is great for high damage AOE towers...with the caveat that they're all elemental. But he's also got a lot of stuff that make him interesting as a DPS guy (multiple projectiles, an AOE high knockback alt fire, and Mana Bomb).

Squire seems like a straight up DPS guy with barrier tower focus.........Until I found out Harpoon was one of THE best towers in the game (no element, high damage, pierces, etc)

Monk seems straight up DPS, with both range and melee, and useful support skills to boot. His towrs don't seem especially powerful..but they look like they can be useful in some situations.

..and the huntress....Umm......

ok, her projectiles are kinda strong...Oh but they are kinda slow...and you need to reload...Umm...how about her defenses? ....Yeah, they pack a punch and the gas trap is useful...But they need to be repaired constantly or else they risk vanishing....and on huge waves, it might need to be done DURING the wave....And the abilities....umm....I'm not sure what to make of them...

Granted, I haven't played with her much...What is her role and what' kind of build best suits her?
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Meturoido 6. Dez. 2012 um 20:45 Uhr 
Let me put it this way, you won't get far on NM mode without her traps.
her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
Cheddington 7. Dez. 2012 um 4:20 Uhr 
monk towers are very commonly used in nightmare mode, dont strike them off just yet, incorporating strength drain on top of lightning on top of ensnare, kills litrally all the trash mobs before they even reach you minion wall or barrier.

as for the huntress, i say her role in terms of tower building is that of support, her gas and darkness traps are used to hinder the enemies movement to your towers, very useful against mass amounts of enemies, sharkens and tower sniping djinns. if there is available du proximity mines or inferno traps will help kill mobs at your towers.

indeed at the very start the huntress traps have very low health, and is probably not even needed at low level, but keep in mind she is very useful the further up the difficulty chain you go.if you gear her up with decent gear her traps become alot bigger and have lots of health, enough to complete at least a wave or two without repair.

as for dps, she recently got a boost in damage and from what i see can out dps a jester with the same weapon on. her health is stupidly low however, her skills invisiblilty allows you to body block ogres, repair towers, place towers, retreat and heal relatively safely.

her peircing shot ability is great for clearing out a whole row of enemies and dealing massive damage to ogres.

your huntress needs to pick up the right kind of weapon as alot of her weapons are pretty terrible, be on the look out for the following:

eternian energy cannon (prob not at your stage)
pawn shot
Krytykal Stryke
retributions (aka spider bow from halloween spook)
laser pistols (crystal tracker)
disk thrower
assualt rifles (blasticus)
bone bows

theres probably alot more but thats all i can think off.
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My Friend Dee uses Huntress as his primary. Those traps can be nasty, and the "Projectile speed" of the bolts is weapon baced. The huntress is equipment reliant. A good weapon in your style can really bolster things.
His health on the traps is insane, and when used in conjenction with other towers, clears trash out.
When placing the traps Lay them almost ontop of each other, so that the gass is the last triggered. That way the mobs are stuck on the explosive and ignite traps, and will not move off.
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