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xaint Dec 1, 2012 @ 7:04am
I don't get multiplayer
I've been playing this with a group of friends. Out of them, I am the more superior builder but I always find myself building less towers just so they can build their own towers. I setup the standard harpoon, buff, wall and aura stack no problem. I can't always do that without using too much DU. We lose maps that I can successfully solo just because I am building less than optimal defenses. Of course, the obvious answer here is "tell them you'll build everything" but then what are they supposed to do? If I can win a map solo, there is absolutely no point in having DPSers. Now, situation's reversed, if there was a better builder in a party, I'd gladly hang back and let them build. Then again, what am I supposed to do? I'm a builder not a DPSer. What's my answer here? Should I build a DPSer in these cases? Should I tell them to make DPSers? What is the point of multiplayer?
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Cheddington Dec 1, 2012 @ 7:32am 
this is all dependant on what you are doing first of all:

if you are doing a campaign map on insane or greater, you will be presented with a timer, you have a finite time to build and so usually it is very useful to have the other characters either help you build or run round collecting mana for you, on bigger maps such as karathiki jungle having multiple builders is very useful. so you may want to ask your friends to invest time in gearing up at least 1 or 2 builders to help you out.

the builder can either stay the builder and thus towers recieve approx 30% increase in power, or switch out to a dpser, the dpsers then can upgrade your towers, if you are finding you do not need to upgrade your towers its time to move to a higher difficulty level.

if you want to build pure DU, then get someone else (if possible) to throw down some MU minion support.

on survival it is usually the people who have the highests stats build, the other members will become dps, it is very useful to play multiplayer when doing survival as:

1. you can upgrade your towers much more quickly,
2. you can maintain towers more efficiently on very large maps,
3. more loot will drop increasing the chance of super loot.
4. it is less boring with people to talk to ingane

but yes in order to contribute you must have a few decent builders and a few decent dpsers, the builders are the hardest to build up due to the sheer number of good gear peices you need, dpsers are easier to build.

the more you progress the more experience you will gain and you will see that in some maps such as crystalline dimmension on nightmare(of course if your stats are high enough you can solo this too but it is much easier to do in a team), team work is very important, all players must stick to a pre-arranged build, know where all crystals and mama chests are and build as fast as possible.

the main reason for me neways is that dungeon defenders gets kind of boring after awhile with no multiplayer
Joe Dec 2, 2012 @ 11:20am 
Build or rerun the game with a new hero only using weapons you have gotten during play with that hero (unless they shop or get boosted through nmhc maps for gear) so you can scale with them, also your towers cause 33% more damage if the hero that built them is active (but if your not struggling on games soloing this points invalid) so having different people different classes may benefit stat wise. You could just boost them so their gear scales with yours too (or give them decent gear).
Play a harder map where DPS is a necessity. There are many.
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