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Termix May 5, 2013 @ 5:42am
A few questions about Ultimates and the game
since I played the game alot lately I would like to know a few things that I couldn't figure out so far:
1. Where can I get Supreme-Ultimate(+) pets like a Steam Robot? Are they really awarded for NMHCMM Survival Wave 15 on the classic maps or is it more likely to get them as a random reward in the high level maps like Akatiti?
2. What are the best reward weapons? I can only farm King's Game with my gear atm, but I found 2 Ultimate+ rewards, are those worth anything?
3. Where should I farm Trans/Supreme/Ultimate armor? I can't do anything past classic DD + King's Game on NMHC Survival due to gear limitations.
4. How can people have like 70+ cubes?

Thanks for your help.
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Road May 5, 2013 @ 9:08am 
1. pet rewards are random i've gotten several ultimate pets from boss rush nmhc but to "farm" ulti pets you just keep playing its all drop %.
2. depends on weapon type most weapons from crystiline dimension are considered high end akatiti has best mellee weapons, kings game fills in the blanks. your weapons are worth somthing depends on if you can find some one to buy. suggest selling before next dlc comes out incase rewards are better in new dlc.
3. trans is about the only thing you can "farm" supreme and ulti are just rare drops and are better found in eternia shards maps and high end survivals. (to show "rare" i see 1 supreme every 3500-7k mobs in a game and maybe 1 ulti every 12k mobs so every 3 to 4 waves in a full game will get you 1 supreme and maybe 1 ultimate which is basicly the last 4 waves of any 30 wave map. also you need 4 summoner characters out to get armor to drop regularly or else its always weapons.)
4. when you hit a certain point in the game where your gear cannot be purchased with mana usually when you hit supreme gear lvl. only rare drops and reward items can be used as currency. cubes for instance is a controled drop cant be farmed cant be created. you get 1 per account (unless some one found a hack for it). so cubes have massive value. but if your capable to get that many cubes chances are there is also nothing to buy aswell.
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Termix May 6, 2013 @ 12:03am 
1. Yeah talked to someone ingame, he said they are only awarded on Boss Rush NM/Akatiti/WW and other Level 100 maps.
2. Thanks
3. Is there any Nightmare map you could suggest for me? I would need Trans/Supreme gear.
I can do King's Game NM Survival up to wave ~20 and all classic maps completely (haven't done Summit / Glitterhelm). I also finished Sky City Campaign on NM (for cats), but I doubt that I could farm Survival even though a cat would be great, in player's shops 1-20 upgrade cats with mostly negative stats cost 600 mil :P
4. Okay thanks, so the cube is just a trade value, without any real value (no one uses it).

Really having a hard time to make that transition from NM normal maps to Eternia Shard and above (WW/Palantir/Akatiti), my builders have mostly ~2k on all stats.
Insane maps (even Akatiti) aren't a problem, also done Akatiti wave 35 a few times, but those Kobs were all crap :>
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Road May 6, 2013 @ 9:33am 
with 2k-2500 aquanos is the favorite map to farm gear on trans drops regularly.

now to be clear supreme/ultimate are only there to breech the skill VS. gear gap.

a high end myth wearing lvl 80 builder who knows tower combinations and build set ups and has farmed waves enough to know trouble spots can do very well in almost all games.

in a high end set of trans you can finish the game all maps and all modes with skill.

people who have no patience for finding decent build or restarting maps 300 times just to find the most mana efficent first wave tower build and fastest running path NEED supreme and ultimates to counter laziness with strong towers and bad set-up's.

literally i've seen 2k and 3k builders rocking maps that i've seen 5k builders struggle with dont stress supreme / ulti's their drop rates are stupidly low and almost all the time they will have 1 stat that will make you hate it and usually if you put it on your tavern floor some one will offer you somthing awsome for it. just work on strat and skill and the game is alot of fun working on farming gear will waste 200hours in survivals and you will hate the game ultimatly. when you relize some maps are made for 4 players and almost no lvl of gear can cover the player loss.
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Termix May 7, 2013 @ 3:30am 
Thanks man, I will try Aquanos, even though I don't like the map 1 tiny bit and I hate creating new setups :P
My goal is to do NM Akatiti ALONE (maybe even with 1 afk/towerboost monk later), but my gear is just a bit too bad to do it, on this map I think that gear is really important due to the very low DU.
I can reach wave 13/14 frequently, but the chokepoints get crowded, because my defenses don't kill quick enough and either an Ogre runs for the crystal or one defense goes down.
I would say the build is pretty solid.
I just looked up my stats:
It's more like average 1,7k on all stats, some have higher tower dps, max is 2,5k (for obvious reasons).
I guess I need to farm Aquanos NM Survival or Kobolds (I heard that good ones drop better on insane, is that true?)
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OhMyFrog May 20, 2013 @ 8:11pm 
I've been using this guy's build on Aquanos (I'm doing it on Insane/Hardcore), and it works great for me :)

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