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domdom06 Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:54pm
Tavern Defense Bug
On the 24th wave of insane HC MM Tavern Defense, a dead skeleton fell into the river next to the bridge that leads to the outside crystal. I realized early on that enemies in DD have some sort of a life span or countdown. This is a wise way of overcoming glitches and crappy wall issues, but it seems it isn't perfect.

Skeletons have 3 (?) lives on survival Mix Mode but apparently, i would guess, if they die from falling outside the map and have not spent their 3 lives, they can be stuck on a platform outside the map and never time out. It's been 15 mins now and that gosh darn skeleton is still lying dead on a rock in the river. Being on a summoner, i flew over the river and dropped down straight on the rock!

You may have guessed it, i died fromthe fall "outside the map" and my body lay there beside the skeleton's for a few seconds. I have a picture taken of this if it may help to identify the problem, please tell me how to send this screenshot to the right person/people.

Seriously hoping crappy buggs will stop ruining my survival attempt,

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same prob

i fixed it (luckily) i did like a suicide run with a seahorsse guy on 3 dif chars
domdom06 Feb 21, 2014 @ 5:33pm 
second attempt today, game crashed on 1k out of 2k monsters of wave 30... say goodbye to that prized kobold...
gl man
ill build if u want and ill host so if u crash i can host onward and reinv
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