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Tracks - The Train Set Game

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Request to have WASD Movement be Controlled with the Mouse Instead
Having to move around with WASD is kinda not differently abled friendly.

I have lost the ability to use my right hand to do coordinated movements like using a gamepad or moving in games with both a keyboard (WASD) for movement and mouse for orientation checking, after a stroke I had back in 2013. This incident actually broke my spirit because I am a gamer at heart. I started gaming on consoles so naturally a gamepad was like an extension of my limbs. But after my illness I can no longer play with a gamepad nor coordinate with a keyboard and mouse.

Computer games one can play with just a mouse or with limited keyboard shortcut commands are the only kinds of games I can play. And I really thought Tracks was just like that. I didn't expect you'd move around on here with WASD.

Seeing as this is a creative sandbox building game, kinda like City building games like SIMCity 4 or Cities Skylines or even like RCT 3, I thought you just moved around with the mouse usually by holding down one mouse button and dragging around. Or with Edge Scrolling, not with WASD.

I would really like to play this game especially because of the Youtube videos I've seen of people's awesome creations with this. So I hope you can add support for mouse only movement one day.
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Dr. Whoop DSc  [developer] Oct 21, 2019 @ 1:47pm 
I'm always happy to look into more accessibility options and I can totally understand the slightly unorthodox control scheme being an issue.

Could I ask you could elaborate on "limited keyboard shortcut commands"?
Does that mean moving your hand from the mouse for single keyboard key presses would be okay or would it ideally cut out the keyboard entirely? I can see the former getting tiresome after a while so I'm curious.

As a quick fix adding mouse panning would be no bother at all for me, but that still leaves the issue of opening menus. Currently there are no on-screen buttons for them so that would be a bit more of a job, I'm still absolutely willing to do it it'll just take a bit more development.

If mouse panning would solve the main issue and intermittent keyboard presses is okay (or maybe you're able to rebind common menu keys to extra buttons on your mouse) then I'm sure I can put something together fairly fast.

If you have any more thoughts or could recommend more games which have handled this well then I'm all ears!
@Dr. Whoop DSc:

By limited Keyboard shorrcut commands I do mean pressing buttons on a keyboard for opening menus or doing actions kind of like what you already have in place like pressing and holding T to access the Train Menu and pressing Alt to access alternate track pieces. I can even do key combinations like LSHIFT+LCTRL+O, a mod I use on Cities Skylines I use haa that key combo to use it, which requires two hands with my left pressing LSHIFT and LCTRL and my right pressing O. It's just really panning/moving with WASD and reorienting with the mouse I have trouble with. In theae games moving the mouse orients the camera and dragging with either the left or right mouse button moves you around.

Since you asked me for a suggestion, how about adding an option to reassign placing down a track piece or Toybox item with a key board button press so you can free up left click for drag movement. Also seeing as C deletes/removes track pieces or other items, you could also free up right click if you wanted. Another slightly unorthodox option would be holding down the middle mouse button/mouse wheel to activate movement.
Dr. Whoop DSc  [developer] Oct 24, 2019 @ 3:01pm 
I see, thanks so much for the info!

I'll do my best to get something that works one handed soon.

Thanks :)

Any news on the toggle to switch between W,A,S,D movement and mouse click, drag and hold movement control yet?
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 10, 2020 @ 12:07am 
Apologies for the necropost, but I am still really hoping for a "One handed mouse control scheme for this adorable game in the future :)
Dr. Whoop DSc  [developer] Mar 11, 2020 @ 5:59am 
Sorry for the delay, don't worry I haven't forgotten about this :tgrin:
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