Fantasya Final Definitiva REMAKE

Fantasya Final Definitiva REMAKE

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CleanWater [LINUX]  [developer] May 14, 2019 @ 6:23am
Steam Free Glitch Explained
Some users (with fake accounts by the way) warned me that this game was available for free due to a glitch. I need to clarify though that this "paid version" of this glitch is not the actual paid version (they can't play Book 2 on it, neither drop cards or count +1 on your library, and also see a neat message about purchasing the full game).

For short: Who tried to "play smart" and get a paid game for free, actually got the Free Demo thinking it was the Full Game. Getting this package by normal methods through the Steam Store or Steam Client is impossible though.

I was already aware of this package existence, but I had to leave it this way to not harm who purchased the old Book 2 DLC (when Book 1 was F2P instead of a demo package). Without the old F2P Book 1, they can't play their DLC, so the old F2P Book 1 was hidden from the store and available only for users who got it before the change. Someone still could get it by mistake (SteamDB, console commands, etc). Besides that, who got the game before the change also were stuck with the old free version. That's why I leaved a warning in Book 2 and a NPC advising persons to a guide in the Community Hub explaining how to remove the F2P version in order to purchase the actual new one.

I just didn't expected that "everyone" would try to "play smart" and exploit a "glitch" to get the "supposed paid game" for free in mass.[]

The game is only available in Brazilian Portuguese, so, we obviously had a communication failure here.

Best Regards,
The Developer

P.S.: If you learn a secret trick to pick locks and then decide to rob someone's house, it's the house owner's fault, the lock manufacturer's fault, or it's you that just don't have ethics? Enough of this inversion of values and enough of these comments blaming developers for now, okay?

P.S.2: I'm really sorry for other developers that got exploited in some way by these unexpected glitches. I hope that you can fix this situation as soon as possible and that those who acted in bad faith get punished in some way.
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