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BrickRoadDX  [developer] Aug 20 @ 2:13pm
Patch 1.07 is Live
Whew, this was a big one!

-Added flavor text to every card!
-XP Gain Multiplied by 1.5 (Game Bonus, Win Bonus, Rank Bonus Random Bonus and Fate Bonus)
-Added background art to Derelict Starship and Shifting Vista
-Added Expert Mode unlock cheat
-Added BrainGoodGames Current Update to main menu
-Void can no longer destroy settled worlds
-Added floatey text when you harvest a planet with Origin
-Added basic explore cards to Card Collection
-Scaled down # of games required for race unlocks
-Added last week weekly challenge leaderboard
-Tweaked asteroid Event

-Buffed Wormhole to allow free moves on AND off
-Temple of Might is now free
-Waystation is now free
-Habitat factory is now only usable 1 time
-Added 1 Military to Proto-Formids and Sentient Fungus
-Added +1Military/settler to Mining Colony

-Replaced Sensitive Server Farm with Extraction Facility
Extraction Facility - 1 ore
:colonist: - Draw a Card, 1 oxygen 1 hydrogen
:colonist: :colonist: - destroy this world, 4 ore 6 hydrogen

-Fixed a bug with not gaining resources fast enough from Production abilities to meet Goal requirements
-Fixed clicking between Popups in tutorial
-Fixed a bug with step 29 of tutorial
-Fixed bug with Diligence Tribunal not checking whether it was settled
-Fixed being able to activate Nomadic Tribe for no effect
-Fixed bug with Mirror Anomaly and deep space Jungle Worlds
-Fixed bug with Goal prompt not showing up sometimes in Expert Mode Weekly Challenge
-Fixed bug with loading Therlunai scavenge values
-Fixed weird Weekly Challenge timing to be Saturday to Friday
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Looks good! Thanks a bunch.
BrickRoadDX  [developer] Aug 24 @ 8:26am 
You’re welcome!
froz Sep 2 @ 11:35am 
Nice changes, thank you!
Flankus Sep 7 @ 8:50am 
Time to play the game again, thanks a lot!
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