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BrickRoadDX  [developer] Sep 22, 2017 @ 3:36pm
Patch 1.04 is Live
Submitting scores to the weekly challenge is disabled on beta.

Patch Notes:
-Added new race: The Therlunai
The nomadic, Lynx-like Therlunai rely on opportunistically harvesting scraps to survive.

-Added new Deep Space card: Shifting Vista
-Added new Player card: Star Cantina
-Added new Player card: Arboretum
-Added new Player card: Strip Mine
-Added new Player card: Habitat Factory

-Fixed bug with arazoa outpost (and similar cards) not working if no worlds of the draw type are in the current weekly challenge. (Now these cards draw from the entire card pool)
-Fixed bug with rank 111 displaying as 111st rather than 111th
-Changed "Personal Best" to "Your Score" on high score menu
-Fixed typo on game over screen ("sustaining")
-Izu Mode now uses all deep space cards (previously only unlocked ones)
-Fixed bug where # of gold trophies was being used for alien trophies on unlock screen
-Fixed bug allowing you to click End Turn and ? buttons with ESC menu open
-Fixed overlap issue with ? menu and ESC menu
-Added Tablet Mode! (in options)
-Seperated No-Military and 3-Military sectors into two "Explore Decks"
-3-Military deck will have exactly 1 of each basic World and 2 Open Space
-Added option to filter all leaderboards by Steam Friends
-Weekly Challenge leaderboard now shows 20 entries by default
-Added total wins counter to unlock screen
-Fixed total wins tooltip
-Race name in top left shows if you randomed now
-Increased placement match max rank to 25 (might remove limit and put a cap on how many times you can placement match instead later)
-Added ability to hover over/preview cards on Weekly Challenge screen
-Added "Hand is Full" indicator above hand

Edit: Live on Main!

To access the beta right click Solar Settlers in your Steam Library -> Properties -> Betas
then enter "solarsettlersbeta" -> Click Check Code -> Select in Dropdown -> Restart Steam
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-- scippie -- Sep 24, 2017 @ 9:53am 
Thanks man! Can't wait to unlock the new race!
BrickRoadDX  [developer] Sep 24, 2017 @ 10:10am 
:D No problem, enjoy!
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