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Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands

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Johnny Ostad  [developer] Jan 25 @ 3:25pm
If you find any Bugs, Glitches or Spelling Errors, report them in this thread and I will fix them.

The best way to report them is by sharing screenshots or just describing them.

You can also report them to me on Twitter:

Or to my E-mail:

If you encounter frame-rate drops or problems with the game's movements speed, simply Install or update "NVIDIA GeForce Experience" or "AMD Gaming Evolved" and it will fix the problem.

*Comments regarding resolved bugs may be subjected to deletion after a patch.
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So not really a bug but more smart use of game mechanics. But if you spam bow attack and sword attack, back to back. You will cancel the sword swing animation with the bow and remove to delay before you can swing again. Do it quick enough and your a killing machine
BredStyx Mar 17 @ 7:00pm 
Doing the bow minigame where you shoot the horrid spiders. I've been having an issue where they don't properly die, but just respawn like I never hit them a second time. More time should be added to it, at least 3 seconds added to the 12 second timer. Plus the target destruction animation and the new target spawn take too much time to pop up. Even dashing doesn't help this issue, whats worse is that the random RNG where they spawn can constantly place them on opposite ends of the room. I have had it where I kill the seventh spider but the dying animation doesn't finish before the clock runs out and I fail anyways. The challenge as it stands is impossible to do.
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- the keeper in the cave where you get the bow will respawn if you restart the game, everytime you go in the cave, he'll talk to you again

- if you stand next to the door of the house in Illegarde, and open up your inventory and open the book, you'll open the book but instantly close it and enter the house, but the game will be glitched and you won't be able to press anything, forcing you to close the game, losing all the progress you made (if you didn't saved)

- I don't know if this is ment to be but the all achievements achievement only pops when you exit to main menu and not directly after you completed the last achievement. (not really a major glitch)
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