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Dinosaurs  [developer] Jan 26, 2018 @ 10:23am
[Roadmap] What We're Working On!
Updated 10/16/2018

Hey, this is a roadmap! This is our focus during Early Access. We expect/hope to full release around Summer 2018. Our priorities shift based on player feedback and demand so if things are out of order, we apologize.

EDIT (3/16/2019): So uhh, all items on the roadmap are complete! I suppose we'll need to post a new one.

  • (Done) The Third Character.
  • (Done) Enemies: At least three more combat encounters for level 3.
  • (Done) Game Modes: Daily Challenges & Infinity Mode (Unofficial Name)
  • (Done) Cards: At least 250 cards total (currently 283)
  • (Done) Relics: At least 135 relics total (currently 161)
  • (Done) Events: At least 50 events total (currently 52)
  • (Done) Potions: There'll be more to chug, quaff, and chuck.
  • (Done) The True Ending + Secrets!

  • (Done) Leaderboards: View your best scores and compare them against your friends and all other players.
  • (Done) Improved Save & Continue: Saving will occur more frequently to be less confusing. Note: While saving was added to a few extra locations such as post-Neow choice and post-combat, turn-by-turn was cancelled as there was a high risk of bugs for players.
  • (Done) Steam Cloud: Steam Cloud isn't working as expected so we need to fix that as well.
  • (Done) Input Configuration + Controller Support: Rebinding of hotkeys for you power users and we're seriously looking into controller support- though it has been a huge challenge.
  • (Done) Run History: View your past runs!
  • (Done) Localization: Translations! As many languages as our community helps us translate :).
  • (Done) Steam Trading Cards: This will be added last- as it doesn't affect the core gameplay.

  • (In Progress) We're working on ports right now!
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