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Red Dot Games  [developer] Jul 28, 2017 @ 7:05am
- Chrysler DLC tuning parts



Changelog Archives
- Chrysler DLC
- added new parking levels
- interior fixes for Mercedes-Benz W124 500E
- fixed in Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda model
- fixed camera position on passenger seat in Mercedes Gullwing
- added ABS system into Mercedes-Benz SLS
- fixed in Polish localization
- updated Bentley Continental GT bench possition
- updated body config Mazda RX-3

- Mercedes DLC tuning parts
- added new Bentley tuning parts
- fixes in m119 engine
- fixes in m130 engine
- added missing idler roller to i3 and i3 turbo engine
- added missing localization to Polish language
- added missing oil filter to m119 engine

1.6.3 hf2
- fixed m119 engine coil/spark plug assembly issue

1.6.3 hf1
- fixed unreperable mercedes body parts
- fixed 2 new mod engines not having any power
- small fixes for m159 engine

- Mercedes DLC
- fixed bug with unable to disassembly gearbox after engine swap
- [mod] added "enginetorquemod=<float>" param into [1_other] section of config
- [mod] added "engine_i4_l134_rwd" engine
- [mod] added "engine_r4_rwd" engine
- [mod] added "body_carbon_2" material
- [mod] added red "leather41", "leather43" material
- [mod] added brown "leather51" material
- [mod] added blue "leather61", "leather64" material
- [mod] added "body_exhaust" material
- fixed problem with one rim [rims dlc]

- Fixed bug which did show oil dipstick and fill/drain plug on parts group preventing from reveling group condition
- Fixed sell per condition related bug in console mode
- Fixed repair table ui bug
- updated all translations

- updated Japanese language

- new car Sceo LX550 with body tuning parts and 3 variants
- full controller support ( Xbox 360 Controller , Xbox One Controller, PS4 Controller) * controller need to be enabled in game options
- faster loading times between locations
- optimized ram usage
- fixed few memory leaks
- fixed bug with moving cars from garage to parking / parking to garage
- 5 achievements bug fixed
- changed liveries for Katagiri Katsumoto and Sakura Moon
- added missing turbo to Mazda RX7
- fixed tensioner position on 392 hemi
- restoration bonus information in parking
- generate thumbnails now return to car editor properly
- dodge challenger hellcat front crossmember now blocked by suspension arm
- fixed parts positioning in paintshop
- fixed uploader gui for various resolutions
- rim cap is now taken off when balancing
- you can buy max 20 items of the same item at once
- fixed dodge v10 engine misplaced piston
- fixed smaller bugs
- workshop mods on mac fixed
- fixed minior parking bug (related to mods)
- disappearing cars from parking bug fixed (thanks to Hurst Quayzar)
- fixed new V10 MOD engine
- Dodge Modern DLC
- new garage feature - you can now move cars from parking using in-garage menu
- you can now add inventory items into shop list by right mouse button
- reduced memory usage (up tp 50% less)
- faster loading times
- small bugfixes and improvements

- fixed car editor thumbnials bug
- faster inventory images loading
- fixes in some Porsche DLC parts

1.5.24 hf4
- fixed 964 tuning exhaust bug

1.5.24 hf3
- fixed rear axle mounting order
- fixed low quality car shadows bug
- proper 964 exhaust model
- fixed rust mapping on some porsche models
- fixed various car editor bugs

1.5.24 hf3
- fixed rear axle mounting order
- fixed low quality car shadows bug
- proper 964 exhaust model
- fixed rust mapping on some porsche models
- fixed various car editor bugs

1.5.24 hf2
- fixed bug when mouting body part with gamepad
- added new 964 Liveries
- minor Porsche DLC fixes
- updated Greek language
- updated Turkish language

1.5.24 hf1
- V10 throttle added to shop
- V10 Camshaft Cap added to shop

- Porsche DLC
- fixed bug with low quality car shadows

1.5.23 hf1
- fixed orders factory color bug

- reduced lag when unmounting parts
- reduced lag when repairing parts
- Pagani Huayra fixed reperable windows
- fixed Coyote engine unmount order

1.5.22 hf2
- bug with loading garage

1.5.22 hf1
- fixed parking button bug
- fixed jukebox bug
- more responsive confirmation window(now pop up instantly)
- fixed paintshop floor flickering
- fixed factory color order checking
- updated German language

- added CHROME paint type to rims
- added CHROME paint type to cars/body parts
- Added over 60 new performance parts
- Added LOW QUALITY CAR SHADOWS into settings
- added KOREAN language
- engines have now unique names to help them identify
- UI improvements
- performance optimizations
- Fixed bug when after creating new profile some cars from different profile was deleted
- Engine swaps blocked in missions and customers cars
- updated Turkish language
- [mod] cars can now have missing body panels <bodyconfig.txt>

- improved car steering
- car steering sensitivity added to options
- added Sharpness effect
- fixed bug when after changing language licence plates was not translated
- added Polish translations
- lowered grass drag and increased grass grip

1.5.21 hf1
- fixed Racer achievement

1.5.20 hf1
- Ford F350 tire size added to shop
- liveries are now loaded from modded car folder fix
- liveries are applied on moded car tuning parts
- updated Polish localization
- In Camera Mode, DOF is off by default

- Ford DLC
- lowered RAM usage
- optimized cars loading time
- improved garage loading time
- jukebox memory leak fixed
- showroom optimization
- optimized shop generation
- Mayen M3 starter position fixed
- fixed dyno fans not animating
- fixed pause menu bugs
- photo mode depth of field range increased
- hp/torque information are now proper in create engine menu
- added "disable_post_processing" = <true or false> param to custom map config
- added "render_distance" = <distance in meters> param to custom map config

- time attack (race track) mode added to workshop maps
- fixed black screen coding problems
- 3d rpm gauge is working again
- mioveni urs licence plate misplaced fixed

- beta MAP MODS support
(check game directory for export script and pdf readme
be sure to check modding forum section for latest information)
- Spring Clamp bug fixed
- steering wheel motion vector disabled
- Leave without saving game bug fixed
- esc menu small bug fixed
- added missing Air Filter to Mioveni Urs
- small improvements in garage loading time

- major shop performance improvements
- fixed bug when loading game after Windows Update 1803 on some PCs
- fixed expert mode issues
- auction bug when mashing next car button fixed
- fixed car editor bug (mismatched values)
- fixed some problems with bench names for few cars
- smaller value range for gearbox tuning to make it easier to setup
- Smith 1500 tuning parts fix
- other small fixes

1.5.16 hf2
- pie menu not showing in junkyard,barn,salon,parking fix

1.5.16 hf1
- improved shop performance

- [PaganiDLC] added Pagani Huayra Tempesta car
- [PaganiDLC] new Tempesta rims
- [PaganiDLC] new Tempesta exhaust
- [PaganiDLC] fixed smaller bugs in Pagani models
- added new SANDBOX mode
- added new EXPERT mode
- added new SHOP WITH TUNING GEARBOXES (with adjustable gears)
- new TUNE MENU (to adjust gearing)
- Tuning DLC new performance parts (I3 engine)
- more game performance optimizations (check benchmark)
- lowered bolt screw end-sound by 25%
- fixed missing power/torque chart on some modded cars
- tuning parts have now different bar color than normal parts
- added game mode indicator near nickname in menu
- fixed clamshells thumbnails
- fixed player jumping around in junkyard
- more smooth shop opening
- game will not indicate which exact body part is missing (tuning or normal)
- proper names on tuning parts in order information

1.5.15 hf1
- fixed game running in 32 bit instead of 64 bit

- fixed car editor bugs
- fixed thumbnails quality
- added fuel filter to V12 engines
- added bolts to huayra heads
- showroom ui improvements
- fixed i4 engine roller clipping
- updated Italian translation
- updated German translation
- Elise S1 moved air filter from metal cage
- returning from junkyard without buying stuff money bug fixed
- condition rounding functions has been unified

- Pagani DLC

1.5.13 hf2
- various bugs with gaining money fixed
- sell parts not giving any money bug fixed
- speed track have now mpg values when imperial units selected
- fixed some deformed bolts in few cars
- part list clearing improved

1.5.13 hf1
- selling money bug fix

- You can now change game units from metric to imperial
- Improved search engine in shops - you can now enter few key strings
- Bolts rendering optimalizations (added LODs)
- Added sfx when ending mounting and placing bolts
- Fixed status icons location in parking
- Fixed bug when mounting licence plate on bumper with some cars
- Improved car sound when starting engine
- Fixed some double sfx errors
- Fixed piston ring unknown condition bug
- Fixed bug when mounting Dodge Charger headlights
- Fixed part inspector bug when examining parts
- Fixed steering wheel blurring effect when driving car
- Default sell per condition value is now 15% (was 1%)
- Fixed bug where parts spin when unmounting but do not move
- Fixed bug with ESC key and rebinding
- Various game code optimalizations
- [mod] you can now set base ET for car wheels in config <et=X>
- [mod] Added body_paint_carbon for painted carbon
- [mod] 3d/2d dials can now have different sections
- [mod] added <downforce=X> param into car configs

1.5.12 hf1
- fixed Elise clamshell connection to lights and license plate
- fixed Elise gearbox not blocked by drive shaft
- fixed create engine menu
- new description to Sell Menu
- balanced photomode autofocus sound

- Lotus DLC
- added CREATE ENGINE menu
- added SELL PARTS button with configurable sell condition
- Fixed menu buttons sfx
- Fixed loading credits bug
- Fixed loading car color bug
- Fixed engine stand rotating bug
- Fixed self moving cursor in menu
- Fixed taillights rendering bug

- free Garage Customization DLC let you change your garage look
- added GAME BENCHMARK into Video Options
- fixes in warehoure scrollbar
- small bugfixes in car salon
- fixed credits bug

- added PHOTO MODE
- you can now change CAR VERSION in showroom
- tools now have sounds
- few improvements in car physics
- fixed xray bugs
- fixed Bentley GT engine when installing on crain
- pie menu / exit menu now protected to not run in the same time
- fixed some gui elements
- licence plate preview fixed
- Tuning parts have now proper names in car info menu
- measured car power is now saved proper way
- fixed bug with workshop cars loading
- trunk and hood not closing properly bug fixed
- added sfx to info window
- driveshaft have now collider calculated for easy selecting
- oil drain error fixed
- crash bug when selling car near engine crain fixed
- radio save fixed
- tuning parts will not have rustmask for now
- tire thread tester bug fixed
- Smith 1500 XL bugs fixed
- fixed bug when fast changing mode mount / unmount
- added new part type : front_clamshell, rear_clamshell
- materials optimization

- Bentley Remastered DLC
- save backup is now stored outside local folder (Steam Cloud will not affect backups now)
- menu open/close sfx changed
- new Italian localization

1.5.8 hotfix 1
- black screen bug with Smith 1500 XL fixed
- added some missing body parts in tuning shop

- fixed Wrench master (Bronze) achievement
- fixed flipped logos on some rims
- fixed DLC/MOD marker in dyno
- when reached max xp, MAX will be displayed
- car value calculation fixed
- fixed names in shops
- different tires now have different shapes
- car with missing parts will not perform test path or dyno
- Chieftain Bandit steering rack fixed
- licence plates can be now in differnt positions for tuning parts
- new car versions added : Bolt Hellcat D\R (Supercharged), Bolt Reptilia D\R (Supercharged), Chieftain Bandit Shiv, Mayen M8 R (Supercharged), Salem Flamo 6B, Salem Spectre Fastback 500 (Supercharged), Smith 1500 XL, Tempest Magnum SC550 (Supercharged)

- game is now loading mode than 50 items from workshop
- inventory sorting now working properly after using repair bench
- taking orders will now move player when blocking incoming car position
- no more restoration bonus after buying new car and driving few miles with it
- benches will not show color in inventory
- car editor - fixes in generating thumbnails
- car editor - no more black screen after generating thumbnails
- uploader - added upload progress information
- uploader - fixed bug when uploader do not upload content
- ui fixes in junkyard
- fixed xray when mounting body parts
- branded rims will now have properly mirrored logo
- scroll bar will now return up when changing category
- you need to have complete engine to perform compression test

- added dlc/mod market to car thumbnails
- added new Steam launch mode "Safe Mode" which will skip loading mod content
- no more glitched xray parts in part mounting mode
- wheel bolts corrected after path test
- fixed mission 30
- fixed licence plates loading bug
- no more "No Bonus" hardcoded text
- some improvements in handling corrupted save files
- fast switching from car to car part duplication glitch fixed
- added head bolts to I6B engine
- fixed missing localization in showroom

- Christmas update
- you can now move car without wheels from entrance to lifter
- small game optimizations

- optimized light shadows in garage
- other small game optimizations
- added some error protection for moded licence plates
- added some error protection for moded cars
- battery charger new charging look
- you cannot drive without oil on path test no more
- Olsen Grand Club fixed overlapping parts

- fixed errors made by some faulty mods (causing black screens)
- corrected and improved information in tuning parts (standard and quality torque gain)
- wheels with cap will now show correctly on balancer and changer
- fixed few poping lod object
- fixed some shadow problems

- fixed bug with black screen on game loading
- Auction bid amount based on car price (no more fixed 500$ bids)
- fixed license plate in story order with Katagiri Katsumoto
- added more animations to test tools
- fixed bug in which you can end order with wrong size tire or wheel
- fixed language changing bug

1.5.1 hotfix 2
- items fixed on repair table will update conditions in inventory
- changing category in shop will not change it in inventory
- less sensitive sterring on speed track

1.5.1 hotfix 1
- fixed problems with parts mounting, shop searching etc
- fixed problems with engine crain
- fixed some problems with new hemi engines

- Plymouth DLC
- new Speed Track (*Plymouth DLC)
- added drag coefficient into car physics
- workshop car parts moved into new workshop car body shop
- better gear changing with high power cars (1000hp +)
- fixed #benchFront localization
- slowdown when mounting license plates fixed
- ui improvements in part/group select
- proper naming of additional tuning parts
- uploader will not upload sample into workshop
- braking instead of handbraking in drive pause menu
- reptilia r2 added air filter box

- Better mod error handling
- corrected some engine volume levels

- you can now repair modded car body parts
- wheels ET calculations fixed
- max ET set to 150 with Unrealistic wheel sizes option
- subscribed mod missing directory error fixed
- head bob effect with vsync off fixed

- redone save system to work better with Steam Cloud
- save game automatic backup system
- Steam Workshop integration
- test path will work better with smaller cars now
- updated salem flamo tuning headlights
- better handling modded cars (checking for errors etc)
- handbrake for some cars will work proper way
- achievement "game over" now functioning like it should
- added option to enable "Unrealistic wheel sizes"
- added option to disable "Travel costs"

- name and condition showing in popup fixed
- seats and sterring wheels will count into car total value
- West Virginia licence plate bug fixed
- buying car on barn money bug fixed
- castor earthquake rex camo livery added
- run dyno button will be disables when dyno is working

- fixes and improvements to dyno
- fixed engine power calculations
- fixed bug where quality parts lost their quality after taking off engine / engine crane etc
- fixed bug where quality parts was not set on engine crane
- Castor Avalanche fixed drivetrain type
- fixed English localization
- Front Driveshaft names fixed
- Luxor Bowen now have body tuning parts
- Royale Crown now have trunk taillights tuning parts
- added part inspector on engine crane
- car will not start without battery now

1.4.5 hotfix 1
- fixed calculation of engine power based on its condition

- New German language translation
- free TUNING DLC for all of you
- free CASE collecting by completing orders (no microtransactions!)
- cases will contain special objects (with quality parameter +1 .. +5) and can be open without any special tools
- quality objects will raise car value (when installed in car), also some parts will affect car power

- you can now have up to 8 warehouses
- engine crane car status icon bug fixed
- v8 hemi exhaust pipe bug fixed
- tires in junkyard or barns are now in proper sizes
- added grass in offroad track (Jeep DLC)
- small fixes in selection of rims

- Sell Junk bug fix
- Basic Color painting in mission fixed
- Front Exhaust Section C names corrected
- I4 C Air filter assembly more intuitive
- I4 C deleted unused bearing cap
- added new Front Shock Absorber B
- reduced price of Wrangler
- reduced bloom

1.4.2 hotfix 2
- V8 Hemi piston with rings bug fixed #2
- added Wrangler tires size (profile 75) into shop

1.4.2 hotfix 1
- V8 Hemi piston with rings bug fixed
- trunk taillights bug fixed

- Jeep DLC
- new offroad track (Jeep DLC)
- new look of aluminium material
- fixed misaligned push rod in v8
- creating profile improved ui
- you can go back from showroom without selecting any car
- quitting shop bug fixed
- shock absorbers will now unblock knucles on some type of suspensions
- driveshaft will now block i4 4x4 gearbox
- adjusted some texture resolution size
- mazda rx7 rim fixed to have chrome logo

- fixed some black screen problems while loading game
- protection to not load same car bundle 2 times
- after removing oil pan on some missions oil change was not completed
- no more start lights on airport track
- pie menu bugs when using engine crane
- Grand Olsen equiped with air intake
- camera flicker rare problem when loading garage
- sorting in warehouse will not remember its state
- disappearing liveries after taking car back to paintshop bug fixed
- pie menu bug when sitting inside car
- esc key bug when sitting inside car
- brake test sfx fixed
- sell all will now not sell barn maps

- problems with wheel bolts positioning
- problems with shock absorber positioning
- car sliding when starting drive fixed
- sakura gt20 rim fixed

1.3.9 hotfix 2
- fixed clutch pack problem on v6 rwd engine
- regenerated engine thumbnails
- new engine info screen

1.3.9 hotfix 1
- fixed clutch pack problems on some engines, making game to hang or give black screen on load

- fixed Paintshop lightning inside booth
- repositioned paintshop cameras
- small bushing size fixed in few suspension models
- car mileage is now updated when driving car in test track etc
- ask window when finishing order that is not fully completed
- added 6 new story missions
- added ignition coil and fuel filter to i6 engine
- added fuel filters into v6 engines
- more small changes in engines
- Italian language small fixes
- fixed some French localization bugs
- remodeled Mazda RX-7 rims
- fixed Switzerland licence plate
- fixed Illinois licence plate

1.3.8 (27.09.2017)
- REBIND controls
- STATS in menu
- fixed 2 story missions
- fmw roadster engine repositioned
- fixed valve cover name that contains "black" in name
- fmw roadster v6 rwd variant added

- 35 new liveries for : Bolt Hellcat,Bolt Atlanta,Bolt Reptilia,Elenti Callope,FMW Panther,Mayen M3, Delray Imperator, Castor Avalanche, Bolthorn Grand Mojave, Castor Earthquake, Castor Earthquake Rex, Olsen Grand Club, Smith1 500, Royale Crown, Mayen M6, Mayen M8, Emden Lotz, Sakura GT20
- repair bench parts are now always centered/rotated properly in preview window
- condition calculation fixes
- repair cost bug fix
- barn parts cost price fix
- interior detailing toolkit clipping into wall fix
- quitting from auctions rare bug fixed
- save protection improvements
- showroom bug when you can seat in not loaded car fixed
- Grand Olsen Club bench appears in front fixed

- custom video settings
- faster movement upgrade fixed
- localization files updated

- V8 OHV 8P and MAG fixed some parts unmount order
- no more Car Info icon on engine stand
- more various cars in Auctions
- you can now try to start car in barns
- Auctions title will now show proper car name with version

- "Experienced Auctioneer" skill is now working
- "My friend..." skill is working now
- added sounds and fx to repair bench
- Car condition bars in Car Info are now colored
- Taking order in last second bug fixed
- Traveling to Auctions, Barns and Junkyard will cost money now

- Car Info small bug fixed
- Educated (instant examine) skill is now working
- Salem Flamo fenders can be now unmounted with bumper on
- Race Track - reduced car bumping up when driving near walls
- Car windows should be now selectable more easly

- Inventory UI optimalizations (faster opening and closing)
- Car Status UI optimalizations (faster opening and closing)
- added new information about car frame and interior condition
- fixed car value calculation small bug
- changing camera description in paintshop
- fixed paintshop car positioning and fx positioning
- audio global volume now working properly
- updated some language files
- suspension stiffness reworked and added into car configs
- sorting options now visible in warehouse
- inventory in barns and junkyard have now sorting working
- max steering angle changed from 50 to 40 degree

1.3.1 hotfix1
- intro movies black screen fix

- black screen related to video codecs fixed - game will run without movies when detecting problems with playing intro
- added v8 6p, v8 mag, v6 30 oil pan penality for not draining oil before taking it off
- order times are now shown properly
- engine stand is now called "engine stand" not "engine crain"
- liverie icon now shown properly

- fixed painting problems
- systems without proper video codecs should now run game without black screen
- inventory sorting font fixed
- tires changing back to stock bug fixed
- engine crain with only 1 locked icon fixed
- single parts painting errors fixed
- chameleon paint on single parts fixed
- some License Plates redone
- choose car menu now have car version and color information
- added Paintshop sfx
- added Paintshop particle fx

- Added new car versions :
Bolt Atlanta Trespasser
Bolt Atlanta F-Mill
Bolt Cape F-Mill
Bolt Chapman F-Mill
Bolthorn Grand Mojave Storm
Bolt Reptilia S
Chieftain TBX 2C
Katagiri Katsumoto xTEK
- fixed Mazda parts painting problems
- shop discounts bugs fixed
- sell all / junk mouse hang bug fixed
- repair bench chance calculation reworked
- path test bug fixed (same brakes / susp conditions)
- achivement bug fixed
- tire threads now in good direction
- skill points calculation bug fixed

1.2.8 hotfix 1
- fixed new track starting position

- New bonus track
- V6 30 need to be mounted on engine crain without gearbox and pipes
- fixed locked lifter at up position
- fixed some Achievements
- Bolt Cape dials fixed
- When trying to install engine when engine bay is not empty - it will show what need to be unmounted
- brake pads are now examined by path test
- fixed sell all button
- fixed some problems with car paiting
- buying parking ui fixed

- Achievements unlocked
- fixed double shop items rare bug

- Modding addon (modders can now add mod car parts into shop (parts.txt))
- left wheels bolts now unmounting in proper direction
- updated mazda rx-7 model
- repair bench parts sorting
- fixed invent mouse
- added customizable banner in garage (place your logo there!)
- save small bug
- mission 6 fixed
- fixed problem when changing cap rims into non cap rims
- fixed selling in warehouse bug
- broken rims after loading game looked like new bug fixed
- small fixes in test track
- wheel bolts are now properly positioned with custom et
- updated Smith 1500 model

- body parts are now listed in part list menu
- missing body and mechanical parts are now listed in part list menu (grayed out)
- fixed Smith 1500 speedo
- increased bolt detection length (easier to unmount long driveshafts)
- left wheel bolt now unmounting in proper direction
- added new option in menu to not zoom into parts when mounting/unmouting
- atlanta wheel fix

- Spring Puller not working properly bug fixed
- fixed Rear Solid Drum umount order

- you can now install different benches (but same kind) in car
- car physics adjustments
- salem flamo mission fixed
- added garage door sounds
- no more piston rings hanging in air without piston
- added Finnish language
- updated Japaniese language
- added missing race track colliders
- i6 b thermostat renamed to fuel pump
- double sell bug fixed
- improved game save/load functions

- fixed 3 missions
- fixed parts key browsing when installing group of parts
- fixed missing scroll bars in junkyard and sheds
- fixed bug when game hangs when you have almost full parking and you want to buy more than 1 car in auctions
- cars are now closed after bought in auctions
- you cannot move car with different wheels on each side into parking now
- fixed some steering wheel errors when mouting
- v8 mag & 6p & i6 could be mounted on engine stand with gearbox fixed
- fixed mouse cursor under dropdown list bug
- tire grip settings adjustments
- car physics adjustments
- bolt chapman back to orders, shed, auction and junkyard (this time for real)

- Expandable Parkings
- redone tire grip settings (beta settings)
- bolt chapman now available in barns, auctions and junkyard
- fixed inventory/warehouse various issues
- v6 engine fixed rotation on crane
- rims rust look fixed
- cars without licence plates (front or rear) now have proper body condition calculated
- fixed some language bugs
- added Greek language
- rusty cars from junkyard stays rusty when moving into garage or parking
- updated all languages

1.2.0 :
- added missing race track localizations
- bug when one car was underground in car salon fixed
- time measuring bug fixed
- updated colliders in race track
- sell junk bug fixed
- double esc race track bug fixed
- moving cars between parking and garage bugs fixed

- Race Track
- Car Salon
- blocked examine tools on engine crain
- fixed issue where not all examined parts were liste on car info page
- balanced restoration bonus
- fixes in handling mod cars

- added mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration, mouse invert into game settings
- repair table not updating parts in inventory fixed
- newer cars now have better condition when taking orders than older cars
- v8 flywheel fixed
- small fixes in rotary engines
- added missing thumbnail
- added SELL ALL button
- fixed unmounting order bug
- corrupted story order data will be now auto reloaded
- bugs preventing from traveling to barn fixed
- paintshop part paint bug fixed
- added welder return to original place icon
- body parts after group unmount will not lost color

- fixed radiator refill cap problem
- parts wanishing bug fixed
- repair table duplication bug fixed

- added SELL JUNK button to inventory
- fixed 2 search points in junkyard
- addes missing colliders in junkyard
- fixed another oil drain problem
- fixed rare crash after pointing cursor into car body
- mayen m8 driveshaft fix
- added Reptilia R2 SUPERCHARGED version
- added Panther SUPERSPORT version
- added collision on parking pillars
- new i3 engines are now more powerful
- changing sterring wheel rare bug fixed
- updated / corrected story orders

- game optimalizations
- game graphics settings is now loaded properly - no need to hit apply on start of game
- you cannot take order when standing in arrival place now
- balanced junkyard/shed car condition/prices
- new I3 engine added
- new cars versions added (with various engines)
- fixed Mayen M8 parts aligment
- body condition should now calculate properly (100% for 100% good body parts)
- fixed new engine sounds volume
- updated Polish localization
- warehouse bugs fixed
- fixed oil refill bottle on v8 mag and v8 6p engines
- fixed double exhaust problems
- improved body mounting/unmounting
- you will be now informed about missing body parts
- fixed circle fill time after using it first time and having proper upgrade

- added Azerty option
- Bolt Chapman is now available in Orders, Sheds, Junkyard and Auctions
- Bolt Reptilia is now available in Orders, Sheds, Junkyard and Auctions
- engine sounds update part.1
- added missing starters to i4 engines
- fixed i6 engine stand position
- updated Dodge car models
- proper taillight in dodge challenger
- fixed cars configs
- fixed story orders
- welder and interior tool effect is permanent now
- better engine missing parts logic in junkyard/shed/auction cars
- rim 100 fix
- wheel balaner takes less time to finish

- welder fix (will repair also chrome parts etc)
- interior tool fix
- engine stand fixed engine positioning
- engine stand fixed engine scale
- bolt reptilia mission fixed
- avalanche mission fixed
- v8 ohv 6p engine clip fixed

- Bolt Reptilia mission fixed
- fixed selling Licence Plate
- money resetting after tutorial bug fixed
- rebalanced tire and rim prices

- added Front exhaust section A (V6 B) to shop
- added Front exhaust section B (V6 B) to shop
- added pipe in i6 air intake
- fixes in v6 engine (thanks to Dima for detailed inspection)
- added some missing colliders into junkyard map

- Eleni Caliope is now available in sheds, auctions, junkyard and orders
- enabled radio with some fixes
- fixed traveling to junk/barn/shed bug
- olsen grand club mission fix
- added missing fuel filter to engines
- added missing clips to engines
- V6 engine added
- auction room, last car black screen fixed
- 2 missions fixed
- fixed Body Hellcat small bug
- fixed Dodge Challenger small bugs
- fixed Dodge Charger small bugs
- paintshop piemenu fix
- piemenu is blocked in pause menu now
- fixed some localization bugs
- auctions now have proper thumbnails of car
- car in parking now have proper value calculated
- oil drain / fill / dipstick will not show condition in inspector
- body orders small bugs fixes
- inproper parts positioning bug fixes

- finishing order black screen fix
- tire thread / fuel pressure tool fix

- fixed quitting by esc from group mount menu
- fixed quitting by esc from wheel balancer menu
- Salem Spectre missing parts added (again)
- Sakura gt20 missing parts added (again)
- updated ssao effect
- added Portuguese language
- fixed FMW Panther mission
- Salem Flamo bumper/fenders bug fixed
- ui fixes
- fixed magnum liveries
- no more #benchFront in orders
- fixed bug in which after canceling group mount items were lost
- engine stand small fix
- quiting without saving game fix
- disabled commandline console
- royale gtr rear bumper/licence plate fix

- confirmation window after selecting new game
- confirmation window after selecting delete profile
- Salem Spectre missing parts added
- Sakura gt20 missing parts added
- oil cap / oil dipstick / oil drain plug will now not be counted into car condition, also not showing condition
- more tire size added
- body parts are now reperable in repair bench (require last repair skill)
- auto savegame after finishing orders
- ui fixes in junkyard and shed
- Engine Head V8 OHV D missing last Valve Push Rod fix
- Removing gearbox possible without removing driveshaft/front axles fix
- Royale GTR front bumper bug fixed

- #benchFront in orders fix
- added Rear Muffler E to the shop
- rare problem with installing wheels fixed
- car sell game crash fix
- fixed using ENTER when mounting group of parts making game hang
- you cannot take off oil cap and dipstick from engine crain now
- some parts need to be disassembled before installing engine on crain now working properly
- missions description now should resize correctly
- upgrade reset now will not reset garage updates
- bug with selling licence plate
- you cannot move car to parking without wheels
- item sell price corrected
- Engine Heads (V8 OHV D) names fixed
- interior assemble and disassemble localization fix
- V8 OHV D fixes
- rotary oil pan bolts fixed

- REPAIR BENCH not showing parts to repair fixed
- WHEELs can be installed properly now. No more "no items to work with" on balanced wheels for some cars
- fixed ingame DLC menu showing wrong installed dlcs
- menu ui fixes
- mazda rx7 exhaust manifold fix
- mazda rx3 exhaust manifold fix
- mazda rx7 air filter box fix
- added TUTORIAL screen overlay information
- Mayen M3 4x4 is now 4x4 not FWD
- Selecting profile will not move you to back Profiles list
- INTERIOR parts are now saved, so if you changed steering wheel or seat it will load it
- fixed bug that make black screen in various location (related to Interior parts)
- performance optimalizations
- small changes in car configurations
- fixed garage collisions
- fixed garage level 2 upgrade shelf clipping

- Welder tool fixed
- Interior tool fixed
- Leaving shed without car bug fixed
- Leaving shed from pause menu bug fixed
- Moving car from shed to garage bug fixed
- fixed skill upgrades working
- Front Exhaust Section (V8 OHV D) fix
- all languages update
- moving car from parking to garage improvements
- esc exit from interior and mechanic mode fixes
- lowering car on the ground without wheels are blocked
- licence plate are now disabled from repairs
- test track black screen fixes
- repair table parts rendering fixes
- fixes in repair table logic
- tablet is now available in mount mode
- pie menu language fixes
- missions loop fix (it could need to start over the game)

- I4 engine fixes
- I4 4x4 engine fixes
- I6 engine fixes
- Rotary engine fixes
- V8 F air filter parts missing from shop fix
- auctions black screen fixes
- taking car from auctions bug fixes
- skipping all cars in auctions bug fix
- added Auctions sounds
- few parts textures and materials fixes
- double car purchase bug fixed
- upgrades will now open with upgrade selected
- Path Test not working bug fixed
- parking car duplication bug fixed
- shed and junk prices balanced
- tutorial ending bugs fixed
- small optimalizations

- I6B engine bugs fixed
- V8 engine bugs fixed
- Polish translation fixed
- German translation braking game bug fixed
- Intercoolers thumbs and names fix
- fixed Dodge Charger engine major bug
- fixed Dodge Challenger engine major bug
- fixed intro movies bugs on some configurations
- temporary disabled radio due to some windows libraries issues (we will work on that)
- Steam integration fixed
- double menu sfx bug fixed
- moving customer car into parking bug fixed
- interior toolkit fix / welder fix
- i6 downpipe fix
- broken "rubber bushings" fix
- oil cap fix
- parts dissapearing/glitching/etc fixes

- Fixed localization bug
- Fixed Splash screen for Poland
- Updated Sakura GT20 model
- Added mouse cursor in Main Menu
- small optimalization fixes
- Dutch language temporaty fix
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