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Numantian Games  [developer] Oct 31, 2017 @ 7:03am
Version Changes: Last published: V.1.0.13

Here we will post the version changes when we update the game. Also we are updating the changes for the incoming new version:

NOTE: To access the Beta Test branch, go to the game properties on Steam, and in the tab Betas select the Test Beta in the selection box.

Version 1.0.13
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Videos sizes optimized. Installation disk size reduced 1 GB.
  • [SOLVED] Black screen in Campaign Dashboard after overwriting a game backup.
  • [SOLVED] Crashes related to high zombie population in some levels.

Version 1.0.12
  • [SOLVED] Calliope could get stuck in some places.

Version 1.0.11
  • [SOLVED] Train arrival time changed depending on the difficulty selected.

Version 1.0.10
  • [NEW FEATURE] The total count of zombies killed by all players, is now displayed on the title screen.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The Difficulty of the mission is now displayed on the mission info window.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Train sound is paused when the game is paused.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added sound volume control for videos.
  • [SOLVED] Technology Nano-Materials bonus.
  • [SOLVED] When a technology is undone, all technologies with that requisite are also undone.
  • [SOLVED] Some achievements were not working on Campaign mode.

Version 1.0.9
  • [SOLVED] Wasps took 2 energy instead of 1.
  • [SOLVED] Mutants cannot attack Doom Buildings while chasing.
  • [SOLVED] Mutants canot be dismissed near the Engineering Center.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Advanced mill now provides 60 of energy instead of 50.

Version 1.0.8
  • [NEW FEATURE] New difficult mode "Apocalypse".
  • [NEW FEATURE] Completed missions can be replayed (for just fun, it does not affect points, scores or defeats counter).
  • [NEW FEATURE] Players can make backups of their campaign from the Campaign Dashboard menu. Players can reload a backup from the Continue option in the main game menu.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Recent unlocked research can be reallocated when the player has failed a mission.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added costs of unlocked units or structures to the techs help.
  • [FIXED] Disabled Steam Cloud that caused problems with save games.
  • [BALANCING] Brutal and Nightmare now have increased infected activity awareness (proportionally).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Bonus items in tactic missions flashes now periodically for all difficulty modes.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tech Help now it display the costs of the buildings/units that unlocks.
  • [FIXED] Rain sound volume did not change when changing volumes in the configuration.
  • [FIXED] Sniper Veteran did not received the attack bonus from tech.
  • [FIXED] The Delay setting for Mine Traps does not work.

Version 1.0.7
  • Fixed: Storm Cape mission, end swarm speed was wrongly set to 1 instead of 16 as it was intended (originally it was 20) so the final swarm was too easy.
  • Fixed: Some typos in different languages.
  • Fixed: Shooting fast exploit when using Stop command while firing.

Version 1.0.6
  • Fixed: Anti over-kill issues. Sometimes units could wasted shots on about to die targets.
  • Fixed: In campaign mode. Total zombies dead was not adding to the steam stat to win the Infected Killed
  • Fixed: Dwellings without colonists (waiting for the train arrival) no longer spam zombies when infected.
  • Fixed: Reduced vibration of machines in some tactic missions.
  • Balancing: Storm Cape mission, end swarm comes with a slower pace (it was preivously too high for this level).
  • Balancing: Early swarms are a bit softer to introduce more progression in the difficulty of the campaign.
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs and crashes when saving games.

Version 1.0.5
- FIXED: Memory leak in sound library which made the game use much more RAM than needed and leads to random crashes and freezing.
- BALANCING: Improved Tech Tree, time limits for missions.

Version 1.0.4
- FIXED: Second Survival Map (previously the first) was locked after the V.1.0 update. Now it is unlocked for all the current players, and locked for the new ones that have first to win the Deep Forest map type.
- Balancing: Removing Time Limit for first missions and set it higher for all the rest. This conditions should not be any problem anymore.

Version 1.0.3
- FIXED: Shader Quality in Very Low made the maps too dark.
- Mission Info buttons with mission goals enhanced to be easier for the player to check it in the beginning of the mission.

Version 1.0.2
- FIXED: "The Narrow Pass" mission crashed when started.
- In Accesible and Easy difficulties now, containers or elements with bonus points now blink periodically to make it easier to identify them.

Version 1.0.1
- BALANCING: Default difficulty is now Accessible instead of Challenging (it can be changed at any time). First missions goals are softer.
- FIXED: In case of crash, the mission is no longer marked as failed.
- FIXED: Some minor bugs that can crash the game.

Version 1.0.0
Campaign mode "The New Empire" added.

Version 0.10
- New Feature: Workshop & custom levels available.

Version 0.9.2
- New Feature: Keys shot-cuts can be customized in the Game Options window.
- 8 New Achievements available.
- Fixed bug that could cause frame drops after some time playing the game.
- Improved pathfinding,

Version 0.9.1
- Balancing: Treasures from Villages of Doom improved, they give more resources and they also can contain batteries and food crates.
- Fixed: Some visible targets ignored by attack towers.
- Fixed: Problem while loading a game with recently build structures that lost their physical area so units can walked thorugh them.
- Fixed: Flat mode could not work after loading a game.
- Fixed: All attack towers were disabled when there was not enough energy. Now just the ones without energy are disabled.
- Fixed: When building the Great Telescope, the Command Center stopped supplying workers, food and energy.
- Fixed: Achievement: The Most Wonderful Colony.

Version 0.9.0
- New Feature: New Special Unit: The Infected Giant.
- New Feature: Armor parameter changed. Now it represents the percentage of damage avoided.
- New Feature: New loot ruins types.
- 4 New Achievements.
- New difficulty level for zombie population: Nightmare.
- Balancing: Trap Stakes: 150 Life.
- Balancing: Trap Blades: 350 Life.
- Balancing: Soldier and Titan damage increased.
- Balancing: Veteran Soldier and Veteran Ranger attack range increased.

Version 0.8.3
- Attack Towers no longer work if energy supply is below zero.
- Survival game could be won just killing the infected of the swarm although there were more infected on the map (infected from the map, doom village, from infected houses)... Now the game can only be won if there is no infected on the whole map.
- Improved general performance with GUI.

Version 0.8.2
- Added new buttons to select all units of the same type.
- Added new keyboard shortcut: F2 to select all the army.
- Fixed: Right button on dead zombies and ravens.
- Pathfinding Performance improved for zombie swarms.
- Stakes Trap life improved by 20%. Damage +25%.
- Blades Trap life improved by 30%.Damage +25%.
- Powerplant now needs 10 woood units instead of 5 wood + 5 stone units.
- Fixed: Score Factor on Survival Challenge.

Version 0.8.1
- Workers need for Power Plant, Warehouse, Bank and Oil Platform reduced.
- Fixed: Building Oil Platforms multiple times on the same oil source.
- Fixed some Mayor with range bonus for rangers and veteran rangers.
- Fixed some other rashes and minor bugs.

Version 0.8.0
- New Buildings: The Six Wonders
- 30 New Mayors
- New Language: Italian
- Added Game Feature: Capture whole map screen. By pressing F10 the player can take a big screenshot of the whole map and colony. Quality can be changed in the Options window.
- Mayors that grants resources bonus (wood, iron...): In the case that the storage is not enough to hold all the resources then they will be left next to the command center and the units can pick them.
- Chase Command Improvement: Units in the same selection group saved in an slot (1..8), chase enemies together.
- Fixed: Attack towers cannot longer attack while they are being upgraded.
- Soldiers: Armor +1, Venom Resistance +50%, Fire Resistance +50%, Life Regeneration x4
- Lucifer: Armor +1, Venom Resistance 75%
- Explosive Barrels: Explosion radius is shown.
- Damage Resistances added to Armor tooltip help.
- Inn Improvements: New mercenaries every 5 days. Building margin reduced by one cell. Days remaining for new mercenaries and Inn prestige are shown in the features.
- Flat Mode: With F4 you can toggle the Flat Mode. In flat mode, moutains and forests are just drawn as a colored cell so it is easier to see what it is behind of them.
- When building mode, cells in the map limit are no longer marked as they have energy coverage making easy to build near the map borders.
- Towers +1 cell radius for vision and attack range.
- Several more balancing tweaks and bug fixes.

Version 0.7.0
- New Special Building: The Inn
- New Game Option: Show all alerts. It display all the alert events even when the action is happening inside the camera view are.
- All music themes scored by the Bratislava Philharmonic Orchestra.
- Buildings whose production is paused now displays an icon on the map.
- Some balancing tweaks: Foundry and Engineering Center now costs 3000 gold.

Version 0.6.4
- Fixed problem with the installation of the component SlimDX requiered by the game.

Version 0.6.3
- Final Score: If the game is won, then the current colony population is taken as the Maximum Population to compute the score.
- Improved managing of the user account where the stats and game progress is stored.
- Fixed some bugs that can produce crashes in some situations.

Version 0.6.2
- Improvement: Performance when having lots of units patrolling.
- Balancing: Increased damage of explosive barrels.
- Balancing: Lucifer has 50% of protection agains venom attacks.
- Fixed: Game speed issues.
- Fixed: Saving the Survival Game parameters.
- Fixed: Color glitch in command buttons.
- Fixed: Some problems with pathfinding.
- Fixed: Selecting destiny for commands directly on the Minimap.
- Fixed: When selecting targets for attacking, friendly units are only selected as target if they are clicked exaclty inside the unit sprite.
- Fixed: Entites under the fog cannot be selected as command target (attack for example).
- Fixed: Units could shot out of range enemies with right click when they were enclosed.
- Fixed: Swarm alarm window was displayed displaced under ultra wide monitor resolutions.
- Fixed: Flickering water after ALT+TAB.

Version 0.6.1
- Improvement: General game performance improved specially when huge swarms are attacking the colony the game is less laggy.
- Improvement: Text rendering is a bit shaper and readable specially in low resolutions.
- Several improvements and fixes in the game translations.
- Community Challenge cheaters are automatically banned forever.
- Fixed: Crash when reloading games in the Frozen Highlands.
- Fixed: Wrong cursor when picking resources.
- Fixed: Some random crashes in some situations under specific conditions.

Version 0.6.0
- Community Challenge
- New Languages Available: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Polish and Brazilian.
- Waypoints for paths: Press and hold the SHIFT key to add more waypoints to the path when - the unit is patrolling, attacking or moving.
- New Survival Elements: Old Towers and Explosive Barrels..

Version 0.5.5
- New Feature: New swarm theme.
- Fixed: Some Spanish texts issues.
- Fixed: Issue when sending crash error reports.
- Fixed: Bug with infected AI that can cause the game to crash.

Version 0.5.4
- Fixed sound issues in some computers.
- Fixed: Some minor bug that could crash the game under specific conditions.

Version 0.5.3
- Fixed: Bug with units trying to target enemies not visible.
- Fixed: Some minor bug that could crash the game under specific conditions.
- Fixed: Spelling errors in English and Spanish version.

Version 0.5.2
- Fixed Critical Bug that could cause the game to crash when selecting units.
- Optimized overall performance.

Version 0.5.1
- Fixed: Visibility bug when looking through diagonal cells.
- Fixed: Lucifer sometimes could shot through diagonal walls.
- Fixed: When all games are deleted the Continue Game window is closed.
- Fixed: Exploit creating buildings in wrong places.
- Fixed: Infected buildings no longer provide supply resources (workers,food,energy).
- Fixed: Undo/Destroy builidings when the mouse was over the building.
- Fixed: Bug when resuming/pausing the production of multiple buildings at once.
- Fixed: When selecting targets the current selection could be cleared if moving the mouse.

Version 0.5.0
- Multilanguage Support: The game now supports multiple languages. In the next 2-3 weeks 8 new languages will be added.
- New Language Available: Spanish
- Solved issue that affected some players because of the VCRedist package.
- Solved many bugs and crashes reported by the users.
- Added Zoom with Keyboard with keys: Page Up, Page Down, Plus, Minus.

Version 0.4.9
- Fixed: Dismissed units are now removed from the selection groups.
- Fixed: Graphic Glitch with Infected Worker Male.
- Fixed Exploit: Creating multiple units that need oil supply.
- Fixed: Units cost per turn is updated inmediately after they die (before it was when the corpse dissapeared).
- Fixed: Players units sometimes could pass through walls.

Version 0.4.8
- Old Games can be deleted from the Continue Game window.
- Minor bugs / crashed fixed.

Version 0.4.7
- Fixed some issues with sounds in some computers (voices looped...).
- Balancing: Changed score factor requirements for unlocking maps. Now it is more progressive. Scores and difficulty remains the same.
- Minor bugs / crashed fixed.

Version 0.4.4
- Unlocking the map themes is now easier. The Score Factor needed for the three locked themes are: 75%, 85% and 100%. In this way the player have more combinations to tweak the difficulty.
- Camera vibration by explosions is now attenuated if the zoom view is wide.
- Fixed: Changes Log window empty entries.

Version 0.4.3
- Fixed: Mayors that adds extra life for structures also apply it for all the structures already built (it is not necessary to repair them to gain the extra life).
- New music themes for the infected swarms.
- Improved map generation balancing.

Version 0.4.2
- Fixed: Thanatos did not produced activity sound when shooting.
- Fixed: Infected building where not walkable when reloading a game.
- Fixed: Mayor Martha Artis
- Fixed: +20% building defenses made attack towers indestructible.
- Infected are more pronto to burn when they are reached by fire.

Version 0.4.1
- Improved units response time to the player orders.
- Improved units AI: Now when their target is dead before shooting they look for another target in their attack range and they shoot it directly without needing to reload the weapon.
- Some more balancing adjustments for Thanatos unit.

Version 0.4.0
- New Feature: 60 new Mayors with different levels elected after reaching specific colony population values. 64 new mayors created.
- New Mayors Window where player can see the Colony Mayors along the time.
- New Unit: Thanatos.
- Lucifer cannot attack through gates.
- Added visual effects when targets are shot by Soldiers, Titans and Executors.
- Fixed crash when using ALT-TAB when creating a new game.
- New music theme for the final swarm.
- Stakes trap can be upgraded to wire fence trap.
- Improved units AI in chasing mode.
- Achievements enabled.
- Veteran units are shown with their correct colors in the portraits of the commands of the Towers.
- Engineering Center Units now consumes oil with time. No more units can be created if the Oil supply is zero.
- Many more small balancing adjustments and issues fixed.

Version 0.3.23
- Fixed: In some cases, units life regeneration did not work at expected.
- Fixed: Restoring a game don't remove the queded orders to be created or trained.
- Visual Enhancement: Attack towers show visually their attack range when selected or they are being built.
- Fixed: When a building is upgraded the on screen event message displayed as the old structure.
- Fixed: When using the command attack it can be reused inmediately after killing a target without waiting to finish the unti animation.
- Fixed: When building strutures now it shows the resource values taking into account the bonus buildings or other bonus as the ones of the mayors for computing the totals.
- Fixed: New units created could be veteran from the beginning.

Version 0.3.22
- New Feature 'Veteran Units': Ranger, Soldier and Sniper now gain experience by killing enemies and can ascend to veteran with improved attack values.
- New Feature 'Target Priority': Units can choose between two modes: Attack Nearest Enemy or Attack Highest Level Enemy. It can be set for the Attack Towers and the Unit Towers.
- Units move to available positions when the player builds a structure on top of them.
- Fixed bug: Units could end stuck between towers and walls.
- Added graphic animation on map when moving soldiers from towers (as when used the movement commad).
- Fixed: Swarm direction could change when coninuing a game and the swarm was being notified.

Version 0.3.21
- Improved mouse selection on units. Now it is easier to select units or select the targets with mouse click.
- Fixed exploit: When loading a game, structures that are being built show the map as if they were enabled.
- Hardware Compatibility: When Low or Medium Texture quality is used, the background and terrain images are also scaled down to save system and video memory.
- Now it is possible to build over rubles.

Version 0.3.20
- Mountains and forest are now opaque, units cannot watch or shot through them.

Version 0.3.19
- Bonus Buildings area is shown even when the place to build is not valid.
- Energy Area Map is shown when a Tesla Tower is selected.
- Balancing: Attack towers cannot be disabled.
- When food reserves are negative all units without food will double the gold payment.
- Resume / Pause production commands are now in different slots so that it is easier use it when multiple buildings are selected.
- New Ambient Sound for the Peaceful Lowlands map theme.
- Fixed some bugs to improve the compatibility and reduce specific crashes.
- Minor balancing adjustments.

Version 0.3.18
- Added some new voices for the Mayors.
- Fixed: Cancelling research on pause returned no resources (now it is 100%);
- SlimDX prerequisite is finally installed by Steam as the other requisites.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 0.3.17
- Fixed: When loading game, the resources count were truncated to 200 if they were higher.
- Fixed: In very rare ocasions the structures built had a weird (but funny) size.
- Fixed: Mayor with extra energy range for the command center, it also grans extra watch range.
- Fixed: Cancelling a research in pause mode (before it has been started) is free.
- Fixed: Dwellings did not display the gold generation in their features screen.
- New Graphic Option: Always on Top. It force the game in window mode (or borderless) to be always on top of all the other windows. It can be useful for those that uses borderless window and the taskbar is shown on top of the game.
- New Music Pieces for the "Choose your Mayor screen".
- Units voice phrases selection improved: now, short phrases are selected with more frequency than longer ones.

Version 0.3.16
- Balancing: Repair costs and time for infected buildings were higher than the usual repair cost to reflect the "desinfection" costs. We have removed that extra cost.
- Hardware Compatibility: Fixed some issues that could crash the game when starting or loading games.
- Alert about units or structures attacked now it is shown inmediately.
- Improved contrast of the energy layer when building in the Frozen Highlands map.

Version 0.3.15
- Fixed Bug: Units did not be aware of unseen enemies that come from outside the map.
- Fixed: Sometimes the infected could attack through diagonal walls.
- Fixed: Units could get stuck when building structures on top of them.
- Fixed: City Hall of Doom population size was not scaled by the zombie population factor value.
- In Full Screen Borderless Window the cursor can move the camera when placing it near the screen borders.

Version 0.3.14
- New graphic mode: Full Screen Window Borderless.
- New Ambient Music for The Desolated Wasteland theme.
- Improved multimonitor management.
- Fixed bug: Units can go out from the map in chase mode.
- Fixed bug: Units can enter in a tower when being built or upgraded.
- Fixed bug: Setting rally point from multiple Soldiers Centers with right click.
- Improvement: When building strucutes that collect resources it always shows the amount of resource collected in the area to be build while it is in the explored part of the map.
- Ballista are not hidden in the menu when the Executor is researched.
- Fixed crash while pressing End key.
- Fixed: Wrong display of quarries gold generation.

Version 0.3.13
- Physics Interaction Improved: Now infected or units that are pulled to the water will die drawn. Also all units can be crashed or suffer damages if they are pushed into rigid elements like mountains, forests...
- Fixed: Towers did not give bonus to attack range.
- Balancing: Tower Wood and Stone now gives +2 and +3 to Watch and Attack range.
- Fixed: Building structures only finished when they were on Screen.
- Fixed Bug: Power Plant did not consummed resourcer for operating.
- Fixed: Mouse not working on multimonitor after pressing ALT+TAB and return to the game.
- Units/targerts can be selected when they are behind buildings or other structures.

Version 0.3.12
- Fixed: When upgrading multiple buildings resources supply needs of Food/Workers/Energy were only computed for the first one.
- Fixed: Disable Command Shortcut key is P instead of X (Repair All).
- Improvement: If the game cannot start with the selected graphic options they will be reset to the default values.
- Fixed: Units or Structure could be selected by clicking or dragging on the GUI.

Version 0.3.11
- Fixed compatibility with some GPUs.

Version 0.3.10
- Fixed exploit: Deactivating buildings.
- Fixed bug: Lucifer fire is shown on Hold when no attacking.
- Fixed compatibility issue in Windows 7 - 32 bits.

Version 0.3.9
- Balancing: The game is a bit less brutal.
- Infected Life reduced ~10-15%.
- Infected Swarms from day 50 and above are reduced ~10%.
- Doom Village population reduced ~10%.
- Units don't overkill targets. If a target is about to die units will attack a different target. This is specially important for the Sniper unit.
- Fixed bug: Some units/structures can get stuck shooting a phantom target.
- Fixed issue about showing too much info when trying to build structures in not explored areas.

Version 0.3.8
- Implemented new option Lock Mouse Cursor that prevents the cursor for leaving the gameplay window or fullscreen are. It is set on by default.
- Fixed some problems under specific hardware configurations.
- Fixed bug: Building Iron Mills minimum distance with Wood Mills.

Version 0.3.7
- Added Keyboard Layout Options with WASD camera movement.
- Steam Cloud enabled.
- Fixed bug that affected the mouse clicks on some multi-monitor configurations.

Version 0.3.6
- Improved compatibility on different Multi-monitor setups.
- Fixed Bug: Infected and Doom Buildings cannot be selected when they are under the fog of war.
- Fixed Bug: Units can end stuck when enter in a Tower just when it is upgraded.
- Fixed Bug. Mayor that extends the command center energy radius continue doing after reloading.

Version 0.3.5
- Improvement: Double Click on a unit, selects all the units of the same kind that are inside the camera area.
- Improvement: When you are building a structure that can be rotated, a message will appear telling the player that can rotate it using the TAB key.
- Improvement: When you click twice on a selection group, or use twice their corresponding key, now it centers the camera on the group.
- Fixed bug: Extract All Units in Towers was disabled when having units inside.

Version 0.3.4
- Fixed critical error, which prevented to win the game. Old games saved will continue with the bug, so we recommend to start a new game,

Version 0.3.3
- Changed saving user stats method (to fix random Game Over crash).
- Lucifer fire affects Doom Buildings.
- Fixed text clipping in Game Over screen.
- Fixed some bugs that could lead to random crashes.

Version 0.3.2
- Score Factor required for unlocking new map themes has been updated (it was too high).
- Fixed some tooltip messages.
- Fixed some spelling errors.
- Fixed two crashes.

Version 0.3.1
This is the first version public and available for the ones that purchased any of the special editions of They Are Billions from our web.
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