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Numantian Games  [developer] Nov 1, 2017 @ 1:13am
Here we will post the most common problems and possible solutions:

Game Log
If something fails please check the game log which is in:
Documents\My Games\They Are Billions\ZXLog.txt

Automatic Error Reporting
When the game crashes it shows a window that reports the user that an error has found and can be sent to Numantian Games. You can add additional information in the text box, please do it, as that helps us to find the problem.

If a problem persists, please write your email in the text box so we can contact with you and give you better support.

Check this for Crashes (when selecting units ,...)
Delete the following files in the installation folder that should not be there are they are obsolete and can cause conflicts:

The Game does not start

Make sure all the required components are installed

If the game does not start first make sure that all the components that the game requires were correctly installing by the installer. How to reinstall these components by going to the game installation folder: \They Are Billions\_CommonRedist

- DirectX Runtime: They Are Billions\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010\DXSetup.exe
- SlimDX Runtime: They Are Billions\SlimDXRuntime_x64.msi for 64bits Windows or SlimDXRuntime.msi for 32 bits Windows.

Also, check that you have installed the last GPU drivers.

Error:Steamworks.SteamAPI.Init returns false
This error means that the Steam cannot be initialized by the game. We don't know exactly which is the cause but here you have some workarounds that have worked for some users:
- Restarting and update Steam.
- Restarting the computer.
- Deactivate antivirus and remove They Are Billions from their Black-List (Komodo, BitDefender...).
- Reinstall the game in a different drive.
- Close Steam and execute it again as Administrator.
- Execute the game from the folder as Administrator.
- Uninstall Steam and install the last version in a different folder:
- Uninstall and install the game in a different folder

Check the Log: D3D_InvalidCall
It usually means that the configuration (resolution or monitor) is not valid. Delete the configuration.txt (Go to Configuration archive in Documents/Games/They are Billions/), or edit them to set it in Windows Mode and then change the options inside the game.

Force Window Mode

- Go to Configuration archive in Documents/Games/They are Billion/
- Modify the line in that document. <Simple name="WindowMode" value="True" />
- Now you can enter in window mode and you can change the graphic options you need.
- You can check the flag Full Window Borderless that it will show the game in full screen.

Multimonitor Issues

In Documents\My Games\They Are Billions you have the file Configuration.txt file that holds the game configuration.
Sometimes the game cannot detect correctly the monitors configuration. You can manually set the monitor params in the configuration file. Try the different Monitor entry value from 0,1,2... (depending on the number of monitors).
<Simple name="Monitor" value="0" />

Also set the native resolution of your monitor manually:
<Simple name="Resolution" type="System.Drawing.Size, System.Drawing" value="3840;2160" />

And finally the refresh rate:
<Simple name="Frequency" value="60" />

How to restore the configuration

If you delete it the game will create a new one with the default options.
Also you can change manually some of the options:
<Simple name="Monitor" value="0" />
<Simple name="Resolution" type="System.Drawing.Size, System.Drawing" value="3840;2160" />
<Simple name="Frequency" value="60" />
<Simple name="VSync" value="True" />
<Simple name="WindowMode" value="False" />
<Simple name="ShaderQuality" value="High" />
<Simple name="TextureQuality" value="HQ" />

TextureQualitiy: Use LQ for low, MQ for medium and HQ for high. This value affects the RAM and GPU RAM use. Also, old GPUs may not be compatible with Medium or High textures.
ShaderQualitiy: Use Low, Medium or Height. This value affects a lot on the GPU performance.

How to unlock your archives for update. You can try these ways.

1. Disable your antivirus or defender during the update.

2. Running Steam as administrator and try to update again.

A. Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Steam Library Folders.
B. Add a new library folder.
C. Uninstall the damaged game.
D. Install the game into the new library.

4. Start your window pc in safe mode, delete everything that's locked, reboot. Maybe, you havent file permissions.

5. Command Prompt as administrator -> then running "netsh winsock reset" (without quotes) -> then restart

Russian and Asian Players: Fonts not found
Check the log, if it says something that Arial font is not found please install this:

Antivirus preventing running They Are Billions
It seems there are some antivirus that are preventing the game to be executed. As the game is pirated on internet and that pirated versions spread virus and malware, some antivirus can have black-listed They Are Billions. So try to disable the antivirus or add it to their white list to check that it is the antivirus the problem.

For example, some users told us that Comodo Antivirus blocks The Are Billions so please add it to their unblock list.

Hope this helps you with anyone else that might be faced with this error

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