Serious Sam: Tormental

Serious Sam: Tormental

Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 4, 2019 @ 2:38pm
Update #7 - what's coming next
Hi all!

We know that you’ve all been eagerly looking forward to Tormental’s next update on which we have been working for quite some time now. The changelog for the patch is now 5 pages long and we still have a few things to polish before releasing it to the public.

We know we have made you wait long enough so we've decided to start revealing small parts of the update here one by one! Also feel free to discuss the changes here, provide us with feedback and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have.

So let's start!

- Added unique Sledgehammer weapons for every character
- You can switch between primary gun and Sledgehammer through weapon wheel or with button (Y) on gamepad or with button (F) on keyboard
- Enemies killed with melee are now sent flying away from you which is useful against exploding enemies since they will move away before exploding
- Melee weapons can deflect bombs (tip: you can activate them first before sending them into enemies)
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Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 5, 2019 @ 1:42pm 
Redesigned arenas in Forest, Sea, Caves
- Arenas are now a bit bigger and have more obstacles
- The entrances of levels are also less dangerous now - there is always some protection near the entrance, and enemies spawn behind the obstacles
- Added more layouts for more variety
- Added special signs that appear at the start of each loop, every sign modifies specific stat of all enemies in the current run
- With each new loop, more signs is added making every loop harder and harder
- All costs are doubled while looping (shops prices, locked chests, locked doors etc.)
- Elite bosses don't instantly kill anymore, they just deal more damage

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VodkaShot65 Jun 6, 2019 @ 12:55pm 
i cannot wait my friends:steamhappy:
Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 7, 2019 @ 8:55am 

- New weapons: Bomber L2, L3, Circlefire L2, L3, Rocket L2, L3, Flamethrower X, Homing Harpoonboomgun, Discs L2, L3, Doublemachinegun, Homing Missiles L3, Crossbow L2, L3, Shotgun Electric L2, L3, altogether bringing count of serious weapons to 51
- Disabled that projectiles velocity is affected by players movement - now it’s a bit easier to aim. Projectiles scale is also not affected anymore by inherited velocity.
- Weapons will now reload even if they are not currently active / equipped
- After activating a serious weapon, primary gun is disabled for short time so that it's not possible to activate two weapons at the same time. This doesn’t change much how you play, but it makes it all look a bit nicer. This is especially noticeable when using melee weapons because it was possible to shoot and use melee at the same time which made it all look a bit messy.

- Added unique models and icons for all serious weapons!
- Added basic stats info for Serious weapons to Inventory and Mindmap (damage, reload time, burst count, homing power, and various other stats (more will be added in future))

- Improved weapon wheel visuals
- Inventory now shows active serious weapon to make it more clear that it’s possible switch current weapon through inventory

- Added a setting for auto-aim when using gamepad (this is disabled by default, but can be enabled in Controls Settings, we would also appreciate your feedback on it)
- Added a setting for disabling auto-shooting for gamepad, if you activate this option, you will need to press LB to shoot instead of just moving right thumbstick
- Added keybinding for selecting melee weapon

More details about other changes that are related to serious weapons:
- Reduced the overall power increase of leveled up serious weapons
- Rebalanced damage and ammo gain of all serious weapons
- Boomerang: has unlimited range now and it will not get destroyed by enemies anymore, Boomerang will keep flying around and dealing damage until it's destroyed by enemy bullets or explosions
- Boomerang Gun: reduced the ammo gain to +1 per pickup, and limited drastically max capacity
- Boomerang Ultra: cannot be destroyed by bullets, it can be destroyed only by explosions, has infinite range, duration, and ricochet
- Shotgun Electric - new electricity visuals!
- Harpoonguns - they can now impale only 1 enemy at once, but any other enemy they hit will receive additional damage. Even if the projectile kills the impaled enemy, the impaled enemy will continue flying till it hits the wall.
- Homing Harpoongun - much stronger homing
- Homing Harpoonboomgun - impaled enemy explodes after hitting the wall
- Mini Cannon - cannon balls now ricochet from enemies instead of rolling through them making it harder to deal a lot of damage easily with cannon, plus it's even more fun!
- Bounceballs - every time bounceball projectile hits the wall or enemy it’s range will be extended by 50. Bounced ball can deal damage multiple time to every enemy, making it most efficient when released between enemy and the wall for maximum bounce count!
- Discs - added homing so it’s easier for them to hit the enemy, increased number of how many times it can ricochet from enemies before dying, but limited range to require more skill when using this weapon - altogether it’s at the same time easier to use, but requires more skill, and it can be much more useful than before!
- Rapid Circlefire - added new sound effect for shooting
- Machinegun - instead of burst, Machinegun now shoots bullets 1 by 1, if you stop pressing the shoot button it will also stop shooting right away
- Homing Missiles - fire missiles in random directions, homing missiles can now seek for any target even if the target is behind them, and they will always seek the closest target. It's more powerful than Rocket since multiple rockets release multiple explosions, but it's also tricky to use.
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Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 7, 2019 @ 8:58am 
Originally posted by VodkaShot65:
i cannot wait my friends:steamhappy:

Same here! :steamhappy:
Jun 9, 2019 @ 4:31pm 
great news looking forward <3
Kakuseijin Jun 10, 2019 @ 9:47am 
Just curious, do the melee weapons damage walls, too? It'd be neat to have at least one always available but slow (and not really viable in the long run) method of "digging for gold". Would mean that you have to fortify those locked away rooms against them, though.
A kada će doći nove mape, one koje su pod upitnikom?
Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 11, 2019 @ 9:02am 
Originally posted by Kakuseijin:
Just curious, do the melee weapons damage walls, too? It'd be neat to have at least one always available but slow (and not really viable in the long run) method of "digging for gold". Would mean that you have to fortify those locked away rooms against them, though.

Default melee weapons don't damage walls. Since walls spawn drops and coins (which increase the score), digging through all walls in every room would become a dominant strategy.
I like the idea of having a weapon that is specialized in digging, and we will try to add a weapon like this in future, but it will probably have limited ammo, or it will be only available for specific character.

Originally posted by BrutaL SILNI |
A kada će doći nove mape, one koje su pod upitnikom?

New area will most likely come in Update #8.

Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 11, 2019 @ 9:03am 
Almost there everyone! :steamhappy:

Redesigned enemies in Nightmare Caves to make them harder:
- Spider: higher HP, moves away and rotates towards player while shooting making it harder to avoid his attack
- Boombat: faster, high resistance to explosive damage, will explode almost instantly if it is near the player
- Snakes: have 2x higher resistance to electricity

Redesigned enemies in Sea to make them easier:
- Heliopora (jumping enemy that shoots lasers) will no longer spin while being attracted by Vortex and it will never happen that the lasers are shot in diagonal directions
- Heliopora will not become super fast while on fire
- Heliopora stays longer waiting on the ground before each jump - attacks less and is easier to hit
- Heliopora will more often stay near the starting location instead of traveling around the whole level
- Heliopora takes longer time to charge the laser, and once shot the laser stays active longer
- It should be now more visually readable when is the laser dangerous
- Queen Hopper now always runs away from the player unless player is nearby, than it has a chance to attack the player
- Queen Hopper now has low chance to continuously attack you
- Added charging animation to Queen Hopper to make it more clear when it is gonna attack the player
- Added sound effects to Queen Hopper charge attack and Heliopora charging and shooting laser

Elite Enemies
- Added new Elite enemies in Nightmare Caves
- Redesigned and rebalanced Elite enemies in Forest and Sea
- When brutally killable enemy receives critical damage, it will survive with 1 HP left - this is added to avoid enemies dying from strong weapons, because by doing this players would lose opportunity to receive extra resources which felt like punishment instead of reward for being so strong
- All Elite enemies now have a red outline around their body - the red outline doesn’t mean anymore they they will instantly kill you

Steam Achievements
- It's possible now to get Steam Achievements by finishing quests
- Quests you have already finished before the update will automatically reward you with Steam Achievements after you download the newest update and start the game

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Gungrounds Games  [developer] Jun 18, 2019 @ 9:42am 
Hi everyone,

Here is the list of remaining changes in Update #7!

Redefined ammo system:
- Two types of ammo: primary ammo for your main gun and serious ammo for serious weapons
- Serious ammo pickup will refill pct of ammo of your currently equipped serious weapon
- Ammo chests will refill pct of ammo of all your weapons (both primary and all serious weapons)
- Each weapon has new “ammo gain” stat that determines how much ammo that weapon gains from collecting ammo pickup
- If your primary ammo is less than 35%, primary ammo pickups will spawn 2x more often
- If your primary ammo is higher than 65%, primary ammo pickups will spawn 2x less often
- More balanced ammo drop count in later areas, ammo drop count raises with enemy count and enemy type (bigger enemies contribute more)
- Chance to find additional ammo chests in rooms
- HUD now shows amount of ammo gained

- Discs - rotating saws that deal damage over time, they will slow down while hitting the enemy; the longer they stay in touch with the enemy, the bigger the pain! Leveling up Discs increases their size, allowing you to stay in contact even longer.
- Crossbow - changed spread and number of arrows, but now it’s possible to recollect projectiles for refilling your ammo!
- Added info that shows which stats are changed when leveling up serious weapons

- You can now buy up to 3 weapon evolution perks from shop no matter how many weapon evolution perks you received from chests
- Tweaked ammo-related perks and items
- Minigun perk fire rate set to 25% each
- Rebalanced Serious Scalpel

- All exploding enemies show danger zone around them before exploding
- Hall Of Fame - after every season we will add a new entry to Hall Of Fame of current top 10 players in the world and your own rank. Find it in Community on Main Menu. Currently we will do this after every big change to make the leaderboards competitive
- Added a setting to change roll behaviour, you can choose between rolling towards cursor or rolling in movement direction (default)
- Optimized sound performance, this fixes sound leak problems that were happening in the late game and probably causing some crashes
- Turrets room - it’s possible now to destroy rockets with bullets (this was a bug), and also enemies will not spawn from walls anymore in that room (this was also not intentional)
- Vortex (red one eyed enemy that spawns on edges) will not kill you instantly anymore if you have Ankhs, instead you will lose 1 Ankh and respawn far enough from Vortex
- New Mental’s Altar model
- Coins don’t flicker while being attracted
- It’s now possible to see when you can brutally kill the enemies that have red highlights around them
- Push collision is disabled while brutally killing so that the player is not pushed by the enemy
- Player doesn’t flicker anymore while doing Brutal kill
- Increased attraction range of coins by 30% so they are easier to collect
- Brutal kill invincibility is now independent on frame rate
- It’s possible now to jump over electricity released by electric bombs in Sea area
- Tweaked prices and limits of items in Vending Machine shop
- Shops now have a shop sign
- New electricity visuals!
- Sam’s jump now has a slight delay, you cannot jump right away after landing
- In tutorial, if you are out of ammo, you will always find ammo chest nearby
- Added visual cues for minefield so it’s not needed anymore to rely on the sfx
- Damage info popup now shows correct value even when player receives lethal damage
- Damage info popup sums values if they were spawned with not much time passed between them - improves the damage info readability for weapons that deal dmg often or at the same time with multiple projectiles
- Explosions radius now matches their visuals more precisely
- Updated world map
- Netricsa ability will not merge enemies into a single enemy anymore; enemies now collide with each other while being attracted to the center
- Reduced enemy bullets radius by ⅔ when colliding with walls to stop bullets dying right away after being shot by dying Calamari enemy
- Professor Stein now looks like Professor Stein (he’s not disguised as General Rodriguez anymore)
- Spikes are now easier to pass, they will stay inside of the ground for longer time, and will warn you before coming out
- Added new HUD colors for goo and electric weapons
- Changed around some unlockables received from Vault keys

Major bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug with chest interaction, sometimes it was possible to start shopkeeper interaction and open the chest at the same time
- Update highscore on Steam if playing offline or if the game crashed before submission
- Fix a bug that would soft-lock the game when you exit a challenge room without finishing challenge
- Fix issue with UI when switching between gamepad and mouse, sometimes it would prevent from buying items with gamepad
- Fixed a bug that disabled the second challenge of Loop quest

Minor bug fixes:
- Fixed some wrong what-killed-you texts
- Sync laser position with the enemy, even when enemy is pushed or teleported
- Enemy bullets are not counted as living enemies in level goal progress so they shouldn’t stop the Challenge rooms from being completed
- Fix issue with hunting enemies sometimes pushing player instead of dealing damage
- Fixed health bar being visible for enemies hidden in water
- Fixed problems with some automatic weapons that keep shooting after player dies
- Fixed a rare bug when weapons glitch visually after they are picked up
- Fixed a bug that would spawn multiple waves of enemies at once in Nightmare Caves area
- Fixed a bug that caused ghost bullets to stay in the arena
- Fixed a bug with weapon models disappearing while character is using them
- Wall turrets are now destroyed if the wall behind them is destroyed
- Fixed heart pickup glitch at the end of the room if your health is at max
- Fixed a bug that caused dynamite to stay in the air
- Fixed the issue with identical weapons appearing in the weapon shop
- Fixed a bug where overworld map didn’t show correct number of quests available in area

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