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blurry graphics
The graphics of everything moving by, that is, the land and the obstacles, is very blurry and never seems to be clear or well defined.

not like the sharp edges of the background, the HUD, and captain video himself.

Note that I have played this on Wii, where there was not an issue as far as I can remember (I'll be going back to it shortly).

I have tried running in a window and it didn't help.

If I collide with something and it all stops moving, I think everything snaps into focus.

This does NOT appear to simply be some kind of motion blur. I should be able to follow a given object from right to left and it should appear clear and concise, but it does not.

Wii version's stuff is not blurry or stuttery.
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What is your monitor refreshing at? I can definitely feel blur on this game at 60hz. The movement probably looks extra crispy at 120Hz. Maybe you are running a weird refresh rate?

What you are describing can also be caused by connecting your PC to a modern LCD monitor using VGA cable instead of DVI or HDMI.

Failing that, maybe your monitor is uncalibrated. Blurring ,banding and other weird stuff can occur with bad Clock/phase, Sharpness, Gamma and Inversion (pixel walk) calibration.

Maybe the Wii version runs at a different FPS, or a FPS more in phase with the monitor you played at, or that monitor is better calibrated.

Legutóbb szerkesztette: Kidanski; 2012. nov. 19., 18:38
Also, it's a long shot, but the following might just help with your problem.

* Force triple-buffering
* Force a different, smaller resolution.
* Force lower FPS (how? Don't know.)
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Kidanski; 2012. nov. 19., 18:42
60hz Dell 30" that zero issues with any other application. Same issue persists across a few screens I tried, including an ASUS laptop. Problem is definitely on the software side.
I feel like I might have this issue, but I think part of it might just be my own vision.
Just tried the game...
It is capped at 60fps. So anything other than 60hz will look bad.
The resolution+refresh rate setting does not seem to work so make sure to set the desktop refresh rate before entering the game. (to 60Hz).

Also note that on almost all LCD monitors and TVs the object will appear blurry during movement (since they... aren't very good at that).

The OP probably played the Wii version on an old CRT TV or a plasma TV (less likely).

The only way to get clear backgrounds while playing (other than the two mentioned above) is by using a CRT monitor set to 60hz. (75, 85 and higher will probably look bad since the game only outputs 60fps).

Another more complicated way is to use a 120hz LCD with Nvidia 3D glasses. (you need to play the game in 3d at 60hz).

The same applies to bit trip bit sadly.
I DID play the Wii version on a CRT. Are you saying the fault is in the game then? Like, why don't I experience this issue with other games? And if the monitor I have is set or defaulted to 60hz, why isn't that working?
It's the fault of the LCD, because of pixel persistance time and the sample and hold effect (or so most people say).
CRTs on the other hand flash the images, which make then pretty blur free.

Games will look blurry during movement, some more than others (top down, side scrolling).
You can try dragging windows across your desktop to see if they are blurry, or even run Pixperan (google it).

The blurriness is the game's fault when running at 85hz or 120hz, but at 60hz it should look clear on a CRT.
well tomorrow I will test the console version on an LCD tv and report back
game was blurry on a Sony LCD TV as well... I feel like it must be the game's fault if it looks like crap on anything other than a CRT
I actually bought the game so I can test my new 120Hz monitor... that's when I found out the game is locked to 60fps :)
So it looks blurry for me as well, unless I play it in 3d, lol.

Any game that has relatively smooth fast movement will look blurry on LCDs.
Not sure if we should blame the games or the monitors.
can you provide example of another game that this is notable? I mean I have a TON of games across all sorts of platforms and I haven't really had this problem with a title before, but I will allow for the slight possibility I simply never noticed it
I'm also curious to check my friend's 3DS version (LCDs) and see how that looks
Hmm, let's see, these are the games I have that show various levels of blur during panning/movement. Basically, if texture detail is lost, or words aren't clear or readable anymore, that's because of LCD blur.

top down
- warcraft 3
- starcraft 2
- civilization 4
- defense grid
- dota 2

- diablo 3
- titan quest
- torchlight
- dungeon siege
- heroes V

- pixperan
- eizo monitor test
- dragging windows on the desktop (fast and smooth motion)...

First person games and racing games aren't usually affected by this.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Ansive; 2013. jan. 4., 1:07
Gives me headaches and my refresh rate is at 60hertz, blurs like hell and makes the game impossible...
I ended up borrowing and completing the game FOR FREE from my local library and refusing to spend any more money on the pc versions of the games.
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