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Bit.Trip Runner on Mac
Hello, just got B.TR as additional content with HIB, but for some weird reason I can't get it to work, a message shows, which says "Corrupt game files". What can I do?
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I have no solution, but I get the same error, so you're definitely not alone in seeing this. (Also got Bit.Trip Runner as part of the HIB and also on a Mac)
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Same here on my iMac. The game doesn't seem to have been patched since it's release in 2011. Could it be a Mountain Lion issue?
If you download it directly from Humble Bundle site it works. I guess we have to play it like that until they release patch for steam version.
It's definitely not a Mountain Lion problem. I'm running on Snow Leopard and I'm getting the same error.
Yep, here too. 10.7. Dang.
same issue here. running mountain lion
Ditto. Mountain Lion as well.
I've got a MBA 11" running Mountain Lion and I've never had problems running most Mac games, so I think the game hasn't been updated since its release.
Which is bad, cause even if downloading it right from the HIB site it works, I LOVE achievements and even if I'm not THAT much of a completionist, I like getting them :P
I'll try emailing Gaijin anyway, thanks for the feedback guys :)
Got the same issue. 10.7.4, 15 in. 2011 MBP.
GaijinGames  [Разработчик] 26 сен. 2012 в 9:15 
Hey everyone! Gaijin Games here. We're surprised to hear this, and are looking into it right now. Hang tight! We'll get ya up and running!
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