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Harebrained Schemes  [developer] Apr 25, 2018 @ 7:41pm
Regarding Screen Resolutions / Aspect Ratios (UPDATED as of Update 1.1.0)
It has come to our attention that there is confusion regarding supported video resolutions for BATTLETECH.

Here are key points to note about the system:

- BATTLETECH officially supports the following aspect ratios:
  • 16 : 9
  • 16 : 10
  • 8 : 5

“16 : 9ish” aspect ratios
  • 85 : 48
  • 683 : 384
  • 221 : 124

Ultrawide (as of Update 1.1)
  • 21:9
  • 64:27
  • 43:18

- In fullscreen mode, we automatically filter the available resolutions list to display only supported resolutions based on the aspect ratios above.

- In windowed mode we provide access to all resolutions your active monitor supports. However, in unsupported aspect ratios, the interface layout may render the game unplayable. Our dropdown list does not call out the difference between supported and unsupported resolutions in this case, so we understand how this could lead to confusion.

- We have successfully tested the game up to 5K resolutions (5120 × 2880). Warning: Resolutions above 1920x1080 risk framerate issues or other performance problems depending on your hardware configuration.

- To run in borderless windowed mode and more (as of Update 1.1):
Please use the BATTLETECH Launcher to access alternate video and display modes. This launcher can be used to configure the following options before launching the game: Borderless Windowed Mode, Exclusive Fullscreen Mode, Video Rendering API. To use this launcher:
  • GOG Galaxy: Open the "More" menu next to the Play button and choose Other -> Configure BATTLETECH.
  • Steam and all other platforms: Run BattleTechLauncher.exe from your game installation folder.
- If you find yourself in a state where the game is not rendering at all or in a resolution where the UI does not allow you to change resolutions, restart the game holding the ALT key (option key on Mac) and the Unity graphics settings menu will appear before the game starts, allowing you to reset to a supported resolution.

- We have no timeline for expanded aspect ratio support at the moment.

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BATTLETECH > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Apr 25, 2018 @ 7:41pm
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