Sniper Elite V2
chumbalum Dec 31, 2012 @ 6:26am
Not worth the money

I just wanted to write down my frustration about this game. I really enjoyed the first Sniper Elite and finally got V2 at Steam Holiday Sales. The game should be worth the ~15€.

I started singleplayer on the difficulty Sniper Elite, so I don't know the other difficulty modes. Maybe this was a mistake.

No Stealth at all: Seriously, what the ♥♥♥♥? It's barely impossible to get a sniper-like stealthy gaming experience. Once a single enemy has been shot with the sniper, the whole crowd within 10000 meters is hunting you down. The only way to get peace again is to take out every single enemy like John Rambo until the music stops. I prefer to get calm through the levels using the pistol like Sam Fisher ... but that's not the idea of a sniper game. In addition there is no GUI element that shows the current visibility to other enemies (like in SniperElite1), which makes it quite impossible to bypass enemies.

The music played in combat is totally annoying. On the one hand it covers almost every other sound, on the other hand I always have this feeling "oh the music is still playing, there must be an enemy remaining". It's just that scripted gameplay which is boring as hell.

Difficulty Sniper Elite: I started in this mode because I wanted a challenge. All I got is rage. The enemy snipers on this difficulty are just overskilled (bad AI). Once you enter the screen of a sniper, you get shot. After taking a shot you must get behind something to recover. So my thoughts "hey I just sneak around this building and get him" .. so I get around the building and BAM. Before I get a clear vision in zoom, I got shot. So the only solution to kill an enemy sniper is to recover, make a quick shot, hope not to die and get back behind a wall. This way you aren't able to adjust your shot (wind,distance) because you have to get behind that wall to avoid death. And it's not only the snipers. Enemies with machine gun also mutate to sniper in this difficulty. They just hit with every shot. This over-accuracy is just bad.

Another bad point are the random enemy spawns. You can clear a building and move on. Once you crossed a special line, enemy will spawn at places you thought you have cleared.

Level design: Every mission feels like your moving through a pipe. You barely get around buildings or sneak through alleys to get a nice hit. It's just this Rambo like frontbashing. The objectives are quite the same in every mission "go to spot a, plant bomb at spot b, go to spot c, sniper person x,y and z". Not much creativity there. Due to the small areas, long-range shots are rare

Furthermore I don't get a feeling for the sniper rifles. After some time in SniperElite1 I could estimate the right position of my crosshair for shots of any range. In Sniper Elite V2, for some reason, I don't get better over time.

There are much more issues I see in this game and I think it's not even worth the ~15€. Better buy SniperElite1 if you want a great sniping game.
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Pony Dec 31, 2012 @ 8:48am 
Haha, some of these complaints are exactly what I felt when I first purchased the game.

When I purchased the game I was expecting a stealth approach through the game with a long shot at the end or something, but yeah, this IS a shooting gallery with some neat sniping mechanics, once you accept this, the game is a million times more enjoyable.

In regards to no GUI, thats Sniper Elite difficulty for you, the other difficulties inform you how visible you are and the chances of being detected, along with a ghost image to show where the enemy will shoot at and flank. Stealth is more than possible (and a bit too easy) indoors - throw rock, silenced shot, repeat, but outdoors it can only be used so far before you have to become rambo.

Enemy snipers have been a common complaint since the beginning, the problem with them isn't their amazing reactions and near perfect shots, its the fact you literally can't see them at all until you cross a certain part of the map, then they spawn and odds are have got the drop on you. There is one particular map late game that a sniper appears when you walk under an archway, but if you walk backwards, he actually despawns out of the game world again and won't reappear until said archway is walked under again - this has never been patched so enemy snipers at least are all pre-loaded so its something you just have to deal with.

Anyway, yeah, once I started to the play the game to its somewhat bizarro rules, and not the game I figured i'd be getting, I quite enjoyed it and the DLC's too. Perhaps drop the difficulty down to Marksman? I honestly can't imagine anyone enjoying this game first playthrough on Sniper Elite difficulty without knowing whats coming and being 2 shotted by wizard snipers all day.
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