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Mod with graphical effects toggles and texture packs
I have been working on this since the game release:

The 3D Vision fix (, which you have to extract in the game folder, includes these real time toggles:

- F1: convergence presets. Each game may need different convergence.
- F2: HUD depth.
- F3: HUD toggle.
- F4: black bars toggle. No issues other than that it disables fade to black and fade from black transitions. I recommend using this.
- F5: sky bloom presets for DMC1 (daytime sky) and moon bloom for DMC3.
- F6 or XB_LEFT_THUMB: shadows and objects fix preset for DMC1 and DMC2. Explained in the "Extra instructions for Devil May Cry 1 and 2" section.
- 1: depth of field toggle for DMC3, normally used in cutscenes.
- 2: bloom toggle for DMC3. It sometimes needs the "1" hotkey when you disable this or else it will look red. It makes real shadows fainter.
- 3: ghosting toggle for DMC3. In very rare occasions (one of the last missions) you will need some of the other two hotkeys to not see red color if you disable this.

Hotkeys can be changed in "d3dx.ini", under every "[Key1]", "[Key2]"... section.

Note: github links are blocked by Steam. Paste in your browser the original link.

To use my texture packs ( you need Special K. With them, you'll be able to fix Dante's hair transparency in DMC3 and have super high resolution artworks (DMC2 and DMC3 menus) and moon.

How to install the texture packs
This is how to use them with Special K installed locally:

- Go to and download the latest release. At this moment, it's "SpecialK_0_9_12.7z".
- Unzip the contents of that file somwhere else, and you'll see a bunch of files. Put "SpecialK64.dll" inside the "Devil May Cry HD Collection" folder and rename that file to "dxgi.dll".
- After that, unzip my texture packs in that same folder, so the "SK_Res" folder will be in the root folder of the game.
- Boot the game.

It should load custom textures by default. If not, open the "dxgi.ini" that will be generated after the first boot and make sure "Inject" is set to "true" ("Inject=true").

Examples of Dante's hair transparency:

Original PS2 hair (PCSX2 emulator):
HD Collection, before:
HD Collection, after:

Example of one of the moons using one of my bloom presets alongside no DoF, no ghosting and no black bars:

Examples of HD artworks (they have more detail than what a 4K monitor can show, for the most part):

DMC2 default Dante outfit:
DMC3 title screen with the Japanese logo (this HD logo only applies to the languages that use it):
DMC3 options menu:
DMC3 results screens:
DMC3 Dante's bloody palace:
DMC3 first Vergil costume:

Some artwork textures are repeats because I made them for all languages (thankfully some languages use the English textures too). You can go inside the "SK_Res/inject/textures" and see if you want to delete something.

I'm open to requests, like alternate color outfits, baked-in bloom for the moon in DMC3 or sky in DMC1 if my hotkey isn't enough, etc.
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Link blocked. What even is Special K, anyway? Besides the cereal.
Lol, Steam blocking github links. You can see the link in my blog post anyway.

Special K is the program created by Kaldaien (the one that fixed Nier Automata, all "Tales of" games, it allows some Final Fantasy X mods, etc). It has ingame graphs, texture and shader modding, and some game specific features.


Releases (github again):

I'll expand the OP today with a lot more information.
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I see. By the way, DMC2 already uses L3 for switching targets.
In DMC2, that hotkey is only needed when switching between cutscenes and gameplay. But you only need it and see visual changes if you play in 3D Vision. Do you play in 3D?

Same for the convergence and HUD depth hotkeys. In any case, you can change them in "d3dx.ini", under sections like "[Key6]", "[Key4]", etc.
I see. No, I don't play with 3D vision on.
master otaku i loved your fix for 5k disotrsion i found it yesterday and i managed to negate the distorsion effect however your 5k Fix does not work for resolutions above ( I use 8k) could make the fix working with it?

Outstanding job by the way
Originally posted by Depassage:
however your 5k Fix does not work for resolutions above ( I use 8k) could make the fix working with it?

How does it look compared to 5K? Even more stretched effect? The "y7" variable in "d3dx.ini" acts as an unstretching multiplier. That's why it has to be "1" when the effect is OK and "5" at 5K (why it has to be 5 at 5K, I don't know exactly). Try other numbers until you get it right, like 8. You can alt+tab out of the game, change this value and save the changes, alt+tab back into the game and press F10 to reload the configuration.

You can even make it a hotkey. Take as an example the "[Key2]" section. You can add something like this after the other hotkeys:

Key = 4
type = cycle
y7 = 5, 8, 0, 1
transition = 150
transition_type = cosine

That will make the "4" key (not numpad) cycle through those values in real time.
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Could you write up a quick guide on how to install those textures with Special K? There was nothing helpful in the readme.
Originally posted by DsR Spider:
Could you write up a quick guide on how to install those textures with Special K? There was nothing helpful in the readme.

Done, alongside writing a longer OP. I hope it's clear enough.
Can you add in back a filter that will make the daytime sky in Devil May Cry 1, or all skies really, nice looking/blurry again? This right here (start time 50 seconds) is my number one gripe in the game. The 2001 version has a much better sky.
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Originally posted by Vortikai:
Can you add in back a filter that will make the daytime sky in Devil May Cry 1, or all skies really, nice looking/blurry again?

Like this?:

I have added it to the texture packs list on github. It's called "DMC_HD_Collection_DMC1_brighter_daytime_sky_v1.0.7z".

What they did with these games is upscaling most textures (2x2) with a sharpening filter. What I did in this sky texture (well, two) was applying bloom and then reducing resolution to its original 256x256 size. Keep in mind that this changes the texture CRC and so my F5 hotkey to increase the brightness of the original texture won't work (I would have to update my 3D Vision fix to add it). But if this is the level of brightness you wanted, then it's good :).
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Thanks man. The screenshot looks great. I'm practicing against Nelo Angelo in DMD mode, but I'll create a new game with your textures installed to test it out after 10-20 more deaths.

Brightness wasn't the biggest problem, it's just so pixelated in the HD collection due to improper upscaling and poor bloom, though it was darker. This looks pretty though from the screenshot.

If you did that for all sky textures--nighttime is less notciable but still pixelated with a very bright ocean--that'll cover all of my biggest concerns/complaints aboud the HD collection (other minor bigs are outlined in that YouTube video I linked--poor alphas, etc., but I don't care too much about those compared to the skies).
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I only did it for that sky. The problem with DMC1 is not having mission selection, which in theory the future Style Switcher mod will have.

I have saved in some nighttime missions. I hope it's the same texture for everything... I'll keep posting every time I upload something.

In the meantime, I have added to github a small texture pack for blue Dante clothes in DMC3 :p. What was red now is blue. I may do it with other colors later.
Whops I referenced the wrong video. When I was talking about the video in my last post, I meant these graphical problems:
Steam blocks direct download links--might consider hosting this also on the Nexus for DMC3 SE to make it easier for people to find it? You could also email Nexus people to just turn the DMC3 SE modding page of theirs to host all devil may cry mods...don't know. Up to you.

EDIT: Also might consider compiling all graphical mods of yours into one single easy-to-download zip...chances are people will want most of the mods and can delete individual ones they don't like.
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