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Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 20 Tem 2017 @ 15:23
Latest Patch Notes: Build 1.30j, December 9 2019
Build 1.30j, December 9 2019

Dawn of Dragons, our second expansion, has launched!

  • Reduced the gold cost to use non-Lucid / non-Skill orbs by 33%
  • Reduced the efficacy of monster healing in NG+ and Savage World by 16/32% (this helps the player!)
  • (Dawn of Dragons) In NG+ and Savage World, the Vinelings in the Ancient Jungle gain increased health and substantially more defense to make up for the increased monster power.

  • Fixed certain inconsistencies with attack calculations when dual-wielding weapons. For example, Sharktooth Axe in offhand was not getting an accuracy penalty, and the third Whip Mastery was triggering off both hands
  • (Legend of Shara) Fix to Relic loading from meta progress, which was causing serious errors w/ Hand Wraps & Whips
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Fixed the “1 Gem + 1 Lucid Orb = Random Lucid Orb” frogcrafting recipe, as well as “2 Gems + Accessory = Random Accessory”
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Offhand attacks with Hand Wraps should work again.

  • (Legend of Shara) Spanish support added.

  • You can now search for “gem” in the searchbar of various inventory UIs to filter all your gems.
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Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 27 Eki 2017 @ 10:31 
Build b085g, October 27th, 2017

  • For a limited time, Halloween has arrived in the world of Tangledeep! Enjoy some seasonal visuals, as well as tasty and unique treats!

All changes subject to further change!

  • New top/side attack animations for Spellshaper, Paladin, Gambler, Budoka, and Hunter
  • New visual tileset for Nightmares
  • New animation for Fan of Knives and Kunai Toss
  • New animation for Relentless Current and Water Cross
  • New animation for Smite Evil
  • New “spike” animation for Shadowstep and shadow traps
  • The hero character will now attack in the direction that you use targeted abilities, instead of the last direction you moved
  • Monster death fade is now red again!
  • Baller new laser FX
  • New “Grand Recovery” FX
  • New mini-explosion FX for some enemy attacks (i.e. 3rd boss)
  • Much flashier Pandora Box animation and SFX

  • Quick Step cooldown reduced from 14 turns to 7 turns
  • Boosted Halloween item drop rates
  • Summoned and monster pets will now dis-engage enemies that are 8+ tiles away from them for any reason. They will re-engage as needed.
  • Effects that increase the player’s max health will no longer heal your corral pet. Only healing effects that alter *current* health are shared to your pet.
  • Soldier, Warrior, Gladiator, and Warlord’s mods are much stronger now (2-3x)
  • You no longer lose stamina for moving or attacking in water. Thank me later
  • Bosses (and big bosses) should generally drop more loot now
  • Nightmare Princes should drop more/better loot, particularly equipment
  • Increased drop rate of staves
  • You should no longer get ‘step limited’ quests for areas 2 floors away or more
  • Pandora’s Boxes no longer appear on floors 1 and 2
  • Pandora’s Boxes now have a chance to drop legendary items… heh heh….

  • Bows should no longer allow ANY offhand to be used with them, except quivers, under any circumstances
  • Fixed Wardrobe bug that would sometimes prevent you from switching to Brigand
  • Thick Tomes should no longer drop.
  • Fixed bug where the Runic Boost status from being near your Runic Crystal would sometimes not wear off, even if the crystal was moved or destroyed
  • Disabled the big boss health bar in situations where it was not supposed to be visible
  • Added extra checks to ensure monster/player sprites are always drawn at the correct position after a Vanishing effect occurs
  • It should no longer be possible to hit friendly monsters with Divine Fury’s defense debuff
  • Fixed a number of monster abilities not triggering as intended
  • Fixed game load/data corruption issue related to how tutorial data is stored
  • Fixed some bugs with Nightmare Princes / Memory Kings
  • Fixed bug with Roll the Bones skill orb mod
  • Fixed game error related to bad summon data
  • Fixed bug where certain loot drop modifiers were being added multiple times
  • Fixed bug related to modified abilities sometimes never going on cooldown
  • It should no longer be possible to capture or breed monsters if you have 11 monsters in the corral AND an active corral pet
  • Additional fix for Mac resolution errors
  • Attempted fix at missing music on Mac / Linux
  • Fixed some inaccurate estimated item heal values if you had the Food Lover feat
  • Fixed monster visual desync bug between sprite position and actual position
  • It is no longer possible to have both a regular Floraconda and Bull Floraconda active simultaneously
  • Fixed bugs with popup/conversation queueing, which previously was preventing some conversations or dialogs from appearing.
  • Crystal Bulwark’s effect should no longer happen unless you block (as intended)
  • Fixed bug that could cause billions of gold to be dropped in a Nightmare Prince’s lair

  • Once you have retrieved three Red Orb Shards, take them to Riverstone Grove to receive a NIGHTMARE ORB. This unlocks a powerful new type of Item Dream - an Item Nightmare! This is a very different dungeon type full of danger, new frogs, a deadly new boss (the Nightmare Queen, and new rewards!

  • Three new legendary armor pieces can now be found throughout the world!

  • New player stats have been added! Gold find, loot find, magic find, shop bonus, corral pet bonus. These stats can be changed through certain magic mods…

  • New magic mods (all equipment slots): Greedy (+15% gold dropped), Companions (+10% corral pet effectiveness), Treasures (+5% magic item chance)

  • Eighteen (18!!!) new magic mods added, exclusive to Item Nightmares!

  • Coolfrogs will now appear once in awhile, carrying extra loot with them.

  • Straight up engine optimization - better, smoother performance!
  • Refactored / cleaned up more code, especially for items
  • Added new types of animations (stretchable lasers/projectiles, originating position FX)

  • Gambler’s “Hot Streak” now creates blue flames, differentiating them from enemy flames
  • Removed a handful of extraneous tutorial popups
  • The game now shows handy tips during loading screens

  • Ruby Moon is now Ruby Crescent.
  • Ocean’s Gem is now Deep Lake’s Gem
  • Lots of improved item/legendary flavor text

using the mallet now kills monsters is this a bug?
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 30 Eki 2017 @ 15:09 
Yes... can you take a screenshot of the log where this happened? (Combat log)
İlk olarak Impact Gameworks tarafından gönderildi:
Yes... can you take a screenshot of the log where this happened? (Combat log)
I would but the combat log is empty :( It happened 3 times (killing the monster with a mallet) 2 times at floor 2F and 1 time at 7F
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 31 Eki 2017 @ 12:07 
Build b086g, October 31st, 2017

  • For a limited time, Halloween has arrived in the world of Tangledeep! Enjoy some seasonal visuals, as well as tasty and unique treats!

  • Player-created ice blocks and shadow traps now have distinct colors

  • Decreased monster density toward the second half of the game
  • Lowered the respawn rate on most floors in the second half of the game
  • Increased chance of getting Lucid Orbs and legendary items from Pandora’s Boxes
  • The “Companions” magic mod now applies to all pets - not just your corral pet - but the bonus is now 8% damage/defense instead of 10%.
  • Tamed corral monsters now heal for 25% of their max health for each in-game day that passes

  • Fixed weapon pairing validation error that could happen when starting a New Game+
  • Fixed error related to spawning certain Item Dreams
  • Controller prompts should now be automatically disabled if the game detects keyboard input
  • Fixed projectile animation for Bandit Buffslingers
  • Fixed bug with Quick Step and Cleave not activating
  • Fixed bug with minimap icon not working
  • Fixed bug where if you cycled your hotbar, the tooltip from the previous hovered skill would linger on the screen
  • Fixed bug with ‘kill monster with element’ quests; you will now ONLY be asked to use elements that exist in your ability list.
  • Music on OSX/Linux should really be fixed for real
  • Added more sanity checks to ensure all stairs in Item Dreams and Nightmares are accessible

  • Added a simple difficulty indicator when selecting character job - this is a general guideline
  • Text that appears in important popups/dialogs will now be copied to the game log, so you can go back and re-read (this is also in your Journal)
  • Character creation has been slightly reorganized. Name input is now AFTER job creation, so you know what your character looks like before naming her.
  • Character names can now have spaces
  • Added a delay and fade-in time for equipment, inventory, and skill tooltips
  • There are now separate bindings for Small and Large Minimap. The default binding (Tab on PC, Select on controllers) now toggles the Large Minimap on/off. You may need to manually change your binding.
  • Controller users can now use the right stick to move the minimap if it is open. (You may need to manually bind this once in the Key Binding settings.)
  • You can now sort equipment and inventory by Item Rank
  • Merchants will now show their rarest goods first
  • Merchants carrying multiples of the same consumable will now show stacks in the shop. You will now purchase these one at a time so you can make precise buying decisions
  • Added more game tips!
  • When modifying an item at the Dreamcaster, you will now always use an Orb of Reverie instead of a Lucid Orb (although, if you DON’T have any Orbs of Reverie, a Lucid Orb will be consumed instead)
  • The character sheet now shows how many Pandora’s Boxes you have opened
  • If you try to use your Flask when you are already healing from your flask, you will be prevented from doing so. Previously, it would refresh the duration of the buff but eat another charge, which potentially wasted the full potential of the flask charge.
  • Added a random name button to the name input screen so you can cycle through the list of premade names.
  • Cleaned up and consolidated various log messages related to gaining status conditions and gaining/losing stats
  • Selecting “Continue” on a save slot with meta progress but no character progress will start a new character in that slot.
  • Hovering over one of your core stats on the character sheet will now show your base stat as well as your modified stat value (after buffs, debuffs, gear, etc)

  • Lucid Orbs are now all named consistently
  • Added more random names for character creation
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 1 Kas 2017 @ 21:11 
Build b086i, November 1st, 2017

  • For a limited time, Halloween has arrived in the world of Tangledeep! Enjoy some seasonal visuals, as well as tasty and unique treats!

  • Added HuSyn, Edge Thane, Soulkeeper top and side attack animations
  • Added some UI juice when you equip or auto-equip items
  • Greatly improved grid overlay that is now pinned to the world (instead of the hero/camera), and outlines ground tiles instead of all tiles

  • Campfire Roasted Meat now restores 66% of health (up from 50%)
  • Campfire Roasted Cheese and Dessert now also reduce energy costs by 25% for 7 turns
  • Increased the strength of Mint Fat and Mint Super brews
  • Holy Symbol (chance to restore HP when you are hit) now scales slightly with level

  • Fixed game error with generating certain kinds of rumor text. (Rumors are now validated on load to ensure there is no bad data)
  • An item’s “Favorite” status should no longer be removed if you drop it or put it in the Dreamcaster
  • Swirly Pops and Lemon Delights should now list their estimated healing
  • Pets should no longer try to attack invincible Nightmare Queens
  • Fixed some bad behavior with the shop sort buttons and keyboard/controller
  • Fixed bug with Ice Evocation and abilities that affected charge time, accuracy, or vision range
  • Attempted fix at issue where game would soft hang after character creation
  • Fixed weird UI state that could occur if multiple dialogs popped up at once (level up + flask upgrade etc)
  • Fixed camera interruptions that could occur during Jorito’s cutscene
  • Attempted fix at a bug where weapons could be added to hotbar’s active slot, but not actually equipped
  • Fixed bugs with the shadow traps in the 2nd boss fight doing minimal damage and also triggering on the bosses sometmies

  • You can now purchase Pet Insurance from Jesse at the monster corral! Once purchased, if your corral pet would otherwise die, it instead ends up back at the corral with full health. The insurance applies to any pet, and has a cost that scales with your level and your pet’s level. However, once it is used, it must be purchased again.

  • New legendary Accessory!
  • New legendary Dagger!

  • When closing and reopening the inventory or equipment tabs, the game will remember your current view and filter settings
  • Consolidated combat log lines if the same actor is hit by the same effect multiple times on the same turn

  • Added some concrete effect and food descriptions for certain items
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 3 Kas 2017 @ 13:33 
Build b087, November 3rd, 2017

Halloween has ended!

  • Tweaks to the main HUD (bottom bar)
  • Camera BG color now adjusts to the dungeon/map BG color
  • Added subtle dialog fades
  • Switched to a different scanlines shader

  • Doubled the duration of Mint Fudge’s resource cost reduction (12 -> 24 turns)
  • Coffee now also boosts your dodge chance by 50%, and no longer reduces accuracy

  • Nightmare mods designed for books, shields, or quivers will no longer spawn on the wrong offhand type
  • Fixed bugs that could occur if you tried to get to the job selection stage during character creation while job data was still being loaded
  • Cleaned up some janky and inconsistent code related to item naming and rarity. Previously, sometimes item names or rarities could change (visually) after saving and loading.
  • Fixed bug where the game would sometimes flip upside-down on game over
  • Fixed music for Linux
  • Fixed pet insurance bug where insured & rescued pets would sometimes be lethargic and non-responsive
  • Touched up some buggy mouse/menu behavior on equipment and inventory screens

  • New weapon mod: BRAVE. Adds +30% attack damage if at 65% or higher health
  • New legendary higher tier weapon (whip!)

  • When using Roll the Bones, battle text will pop up indicating the effect
  • Flask infusion selection should now always come after the normal levelup dialog, which now has a bit more of a smooth fadein as well
  • Added a new “Snack Bag” shortcut on the main player HUD, next to the flask & portal buttons. Clicking this with mouse or controller will open the inventory sheet with only healing filters enabled, allowing you to quickly jump to your restorative items. “View Healing Items” is also now a bindable action.
  • It is now possible to drop, deposit, or withdraw a specific number of items! If a stacked item is selected, you’ll get a slider indicating how many of the item you want to (drop, deposit, etc)
  • Dropping, picking up, and hovering over items now shows the stack amount (if there are more than 1 in a stack)
  • Changed the way Inventory filters work to match how Equipment filters work. Now, if the filter is enabled (such as “Heal HP”), an item MUST have the Heal HP tag to be shown. If “Heal HP” and “Heal Energy” are enabled, then an item must have EITHER Heal HP or Heal Energy to be included.

  • Added “Dream” prefix to items that only exist in Item Dreams

Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 11 Kas 2017 @ 20:03 
This thread will be used for patch notes going forward!

Build b088j, November 12th, 2017

  • Rujasu’s Marked Cards are now weapon type - Dagger.
  • Cracked rocks in “volcano” / magma style areas can now randomly drop gems
  • You will now occasionally stumble upon a campfire in Item Dreams (chance is ⅓ the normal dungeon chance)
  • Slightly reduced damage from Harrier champion shots
  • The way magic mods spawn on items has been adjusted. Previously, when fighting higher level monsters, many “lower level” mods would no longer spawn on items or Lucid Orbs. This excluded many mods that were potentially useful regardless of level. Now, any ‘scaling’ or universally useful mods can spawn on high level items, even if those mods are also available on low level items.
  • Additionally, magic mods with multiple ‘tiers’ - such as +10 Strength vs. +20 Strength - will now always use the better version IF that version is available for a given item. In other words, you won’t roll +10 Strength on a high level item; only +20 Strength.
  • Soldier, Gladiator, Warlord (etc) mods now only spawn on melee weapons, not bows, crossbows or staves
  • Spiny Maze no longer spawns on 4F
  • Flooded Temple and Bandit Enclave now have a higher minimum spawn floor (after 1st & 2nd bosses, respectively)
  • Slightly increased chance for red orb shards to drop off Nightmare Princes (chance scales w/ monster difficulty relative to your level, bottoms out at 20%)
  • Aside from Health, Energy, and Stamina, stats are now capped at 255. (This is considerably higher than is currently possible for players to reach, but pet monsters can be bred to this level.)
  • “Massive” mod for shields now increases block by 10% (up from 5%) - applies to newly added mods only
  • Strength now increases physical resistance by 0.24% per point (up from 0.16%). A level 10 character with 45 Strength now has 10.8% base physical resistance, up from 7.2%.
  • Overall chance to Parry has increased; now gains 0.25% per point of Guile, up from 0.2%, and also adds 0.25% per character level. A level 10 character with 40 Guile previously had 8% Parry, and will now have about 12.5%. HOWEVER, the chance to parry ranged attacks is now half that of melee. (After all, it’s harder to parry a fast projectile compared to a melee weapon!)
  • Guile’s effect on crit chance has been reduced slightly (0.16% per point, down from 0.2%)
  • Reduced base Spirit Power (before gear) by about 33%. The effect of each point of Spirit and Discipline is unchanged, but the formula that calculates Spirit Power has a lower overall result.
  • Nightmare Queens now move slightly faster

The Spellshaper job is very, very powerful with extremely high (and versatile) damage output, relatively low cooldowns, and very high range. The idea of the job should be versatility, but it is definitely on the overpowered end of the spectrum and so a few changes are being made in addition to the Spirit Power change above.

  • The range of Spellshape: Ray has been reduced to hit a maximum range of 5 squares.
  • The 2nd Spellshaper innate ability no longer increases Evocation range by +1 square. Instead, it reduces the base cooldown of Evocations by one turn.
  • Shadow Evocation now deals 90% of Spirit Power (base), down from 100%
  • Spellshape: Square now costs 35 extra Stamina (up from 30)

  • Some kind of insidious bug has been causing players to anomalously gain higher max stats than intended. This is probably the result of some old or bugged equipment OR status effect data. Going forward, the game will validate your stats on load and make fixes as necessary. It will look at all your equipment and status effects (permanent & temporary) and add those to your base stats (including your level-up bonuses) and make sure it arrives at the expected value. As a result, you *MAY* see some of your max stats go down. (Or up.)
  • Fixed bug with inventory filters
  • Fixed bug with hover/examine mode tooltips
  • Fixed bug where a monster’s death could sometimes be processed twice
  • Fixed bug where Item Dreams would sometimes load in the wrong map order (old bug!)
  • Fixed bug where Gear Set items would not be colored green
  • Effects that give the player awards when a monster dies (i.e. health restoration) should no longer trigger if a monster is killed by a non-pet monster
  • Fixed cursor flickering in hotbar navigation mode (via controller)
  • Fixed bug that could duplicate your pet if you died in Adventure mode with pet insurance
  • Fixed bug that could cause loading problems if Pet Insurance was used
  • Fixed Destroyer’s sprite shifting / flickering
  • Adjustments to anchoring system to hopefully avoid issues where certain things were anchored incorrectly to the player
  • Fixed “Equipped” text not moving on EQ sheet
  • Seasonal items should no longer appear in “appease monster” (food-loving) rumors
  • Fixed “holes” in the targeting of some abilities if a friendly pet/monster was in the targeting radius
  • Fixed bug where the 2nd boss fight ending would not trigger. (Loading a post-boss2 bugged save and walking one step will now fix the boss battle condition.)
  • Using any ability that grants a free turn, such as Lightning Jab, will no longer reset your CT to 0. For example, if you have 50 CT and you use Lightning Jab, your CT after using will be 50 + your normal CT gain.
  • Fixed various casino bugs
  • Fixed bug with the instant HP restoration flask infusion not visually displaying its effects
  • Fixed bug where the Tent animation would not pause movement/turns
  • Crest of the Draik now works again
  • Enabled three legendary items that were not dropping
  • Your offhand weapon now uses its own element, instead of both weapons using your mainhand element
  • Tents should now actually do something again
  • Fixed bug with loot sometimes dropping twice / duplicated on ground
  • Fixed bug with Gambler’s “Sharp Eyes” buff that caused it to (visually) inflate your crit % higher than the actual effect
  • Fixed error that could happen when selling multiple pieces of equipment, when you owned at least one page of gear
  • Fixed bug with Nightmare mods spawning on the wrong gear slots
  • Fixed bug where starting in New Game+ with a corral pet out would sometimes disconnect that pet from the game data forever (and cause other problems…)
  • Added more aggressive checks to try and fix bugs with side areas not being marked as cleared
  • Removed references to “OLD Ruins” (old boss 3 fight, now deprecated)
  • The buff from Cheerleader champion monsters no longer lasts forever!
  • Coin stacks now properly save/load the amount of money contained
  • When using Spiritwalk, monsters should lose aggro on you instead of following (since you are supposed to be invisible)
  • When a Knight’s Shovel is used on objects like a pillar or tree, the object’s sprite will now also be destroyed
  • Attempted fix at issue where items or sprites could sometimes draw slightly off-grid
  • Fixed bug where the “Blasting” offhand mod would sometimes cause you to deal *less* damage to monsters with elemental resistances
  • “Liberating” armor should now prevent the paralysis effect of Greater Freeze

  • New third-tier Dagger mastery - Critical Weakness. Increases your chance to crit a target by 6% for each consecutive attack.
  • New third-tier Sword mastery - Deadly Riposte. Your counter-attacks deal double damage.
  • New third-tier Staff mastery - Flow Condenser. 25% chance to absorb 25% of Elemental Damage and turn it into Energy
  • New third-tier Mace mastery - Sunder. Anytime you hit a monster for 15% of their health or greater in a single attack, your chance to stun them is doubled (30%)
  • New third-tier Spear mastery - Scorpion Tail. You have a 15% chance to auto-attack an enemy that moves next to you. Chance increases if you do not move.
  • New third-tier Axe mastery - Overpower. If you kill an enemy with an Axe, you immediately attack again. (Can trigger once per turn.)
  • New third-tier Bow mastery - Skirmisher. If an enemy uses an ability within your Bow range, you have a 18% chance to shoot an arrow and stop that ability from being used.

  • Fourth tier weapon masteries have been added - “Ultimate Techniques”. These are extremely powerful abilities tied closely to a specific weapon type. You may only learn one Ultimate Technique per character, and you must earn it...

  • New side/area & quest - Craggan Mine!

  • You can now talk to any of your pets or summoned creatures to issue certain basic commands. There are two ways to talk to a pet.

    (1) Enter examine mode - on keyboard, press “X”, or on controller, press the right stick button. Move the highlight to your pet, and then press ‘confirm’ (enter, or “A” on controller by default).


    (2) In the “Pet Party” ui, click on the pet’s picture.

    There are three basic options or commands right now:

    * “Stay very close to me” (pet will stay within 1 tile as best it can), OR “Wander a bit” (pet is allowed up to 3 tile distance)

    * Use abilities OR don’t use abilities

    * Come to met at once (pet stops what it is doing and moves to you)

  • Added a higher-tier version of Puller - “Hauler” - which buffs the mob that is pulled into the fray.

  • New gear set (rank 4!)

  • New magic mods for melee weapons: Fencer’s (+5% Parry), Duelist’s (+9% Parry), Bull (25% chance for 1 square knockback)

  • Monsters with movement abilities that have no other effects other than movement will no longer print “Monster used (ability”) to the log
  • The game will now prevent you from using Crystal Shift if you do not have a Runic Crystal summoned
  • Removed extraneous Smooth Camera and Auto Pickup Items options (these should always be on), added a new Auto Equip Weapons option that will prevent weapons from being auto-added to hotbar and equipped when picked up.
  • Reworked the inventory item filter/tag system. It is now much more sensible. You can view all items, view a single category of items (and the categories have been reworked), and/or view favorites only.
  • New items added to your inventory are added at the top of your inventory / equipment sheets, by default, until you sort again.
  • Name input at character creation now supports completely free text input, up to the character limit of 50.
  • Pets should no longer attack “food loving” monsters
  • You can now drag hotbar items around on the Skill sheet, and hotbar items can be dragged to the active skill list to remove them (this functionality is a bit janky, I’m working on it!)
  • In the cooking UI, you can now see the quantity held of each ingredient and seasoning

  • Added numbers in the description of many player abilities to clarify their exact effects.

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Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 12 Kas 2017 @ 21:29 
Build b089, November 13th, 2017

  • Reduced the frequency that Monster Chow appears in stores
  • Reduced the health scaling of monsters bred at higher rarities (previously, this was up to +40% per generation; it now caps at about +14%)
  • Arrowstorm (ultimate bow tech) no longer takes a turn to activate
  • Valkyrie (ultimate spear tech) now deals greater damage to enemies at ranges 2+3
  • “Greedy” monsters that see other monsters picking up items may now instigate a fight
  • Brigand’s passive chance to inflict Bleeding now only works with melee attacks

  • Darkfrogs should now scale to player level, like Goldfrogs
  • Fixed bug with dropping full stacks of items
  • Fixed bug with the pet command “Don’t use abilities” that would cause it to switch on forever. Now, it can be toggled on and off.
  • Fixed bug with the dodge flask infusion not working.
  • Fixed display of +Health bonuses on the equipment screen’s ‘gear bonuses’ section
  • Cracked rocks in volcanic areas should no longer stack atop one another
  • Fixed missing dialog for rescued Craggan miner that appears at the campsite (also changed his sprite)
  • The paralyze proc from Ascetic’s Orbs now triggers 100% of the time on crit, as intended, instead of 20% of the time on all attacks
  • Fixed bug where any changes in monster behavior (attributes) were not saved/loaded
  • Cleaned up some jank that could occur between job selection screen and name input
  • Fixed bug where Sword Dancer’s basic innate was not working at all. It has been restored. (25% chance to extend duration of Flame Serpent and Ice Tortoise on move.)
  • Fixed bug in stat validation that typically affected Charge Time gain on load
  • Fixed bug where you could knock out multiple monsters at once

  • It is now possible to EXTRACT magic properties (mods) from items via the Dreamcaster. This costs the same as REMOVING them, however it also destroys the item, yielding a Lucid Orb Shard with the extracted property. Upon getting three Lucid Orb Shards with the same property, they will fuse in your inventory to create a full Lucid Orb that can be used to guarantee that property on any other gear!

  • The final showdown in an Item Nightmare is now substantially harder, as the Queen will be accompanied by two Princes! Also, the Queen will now speed up as you destroy the Nightmare Crystals.

  • Some Item Dream floors will now have lots of Berserker monsters that go nuts!

  • Some Item Dream floors will be a greedy monster brawl!

  • New consumable (rank 3): Consecrated Chalice. Creates a spreading pool of holy water that lasts for a few turns. Standing in the water restores health each turn.

  • When using pet command “Come to Me Immediately”, the pet should no longer enter any other states
  • The cooking UI now shows the effect of each seasoning.
  • Ability tooltips now show required weapon type (if any)
  • The combat log now shows HP loss if you use an ability that drains your own Health. (A damage number will also popup above your head)
  • When pressing “F” to target a ranged weapon and there are no enemies in range, you will auto-target a destructible object if one is available

  • Clarified minimum buff durations for spice/seasoning effects.
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Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 15 Kas 2017 @ 16:08 
This thread will be used for patch notes going forward!

Build b090c Beta, November 15th, 2017

  • Updated skill icons!

  • Increased damage of the “Fireburst” Nightmare Prince mod, as well as the frequency of Firebursts occurring
  • Slightly increased healing of the “Vampiric” Nightmare Prince mod, plus damage of the melee attack. Both attacks now debuff your attack and defense briefly.
  • Increased damage output of the Shadow Turrets summoned by “Nightmare”... Nightmare Princes
  • Upon starting New Game+, your pandora box count is now reset.
  • An enemy that is feared and is “overtaken by fear”, in addition to running from you, will also be unable to block, dodge, or parry on your next turn
  • Damage from the “Ignite” weapon mod is now based on 30% of weapon power (up from 20%). Also, igniting the same target twice will refresh the duration.
  • Pets now take 50% ground effect damage (up from 25%). Since pets inherit some player defense as well, this isn’t a huge nerf.
  • Floramancer’s Grow Spitting Plant now has a cooldown of 6 turns (up from 3), duration is now 18 turns (down from 20)
  • Floramancer’s Thorned Skin passive now has a 50% activation chance
  • Floramancer’s Detonate Vines now deals 190% Spirit Power as Fire (down from 200%)
  • Paladin’s Blessed Hammer now deals 55% of Weapon Damage and Spirit Power (up from 45%) base, plus an additional +25% damage overall if Radiant Aura is active and a Wrath charge was used
  • Spellshaper’s Kinetic Magic boosts Spirit Power by 20% (down from 25%), when Stamina is at 50% or lower
  • Spellshaper’s “Spellshift: Penetrate” no longer exhausts you, but instead Seals you for one turn.
  • Soulkeeper’s Immunology now boosts debuff duration by 1 turn (down from 3 turns)
  • Soulkeeper’s Call Elemental Spirit cooldown 4 -> 5 turns, now requires 3 Echoes. Modified version (summons 3 spirits) now requires 5 Echoes with an 8 turn cooldown.
  • HuSyn’s Crystal Shift cooldown 4 -> 3 turns, can be used as a free action
  • Spellshaper’s Materialized Shadow now roots for 2 turns (down from 3)
  • Gambler’s “Cheat Death”, on triggering, also immediately removes all negative status effects.
  • Monster crit damage is now limited to +30% of normal damage
  • Hunter’s Triple Bolt now deals 8% of max HP (base damage) per tick, up from 5%
  • All Edge Thane verses are now free actions to activate (they still cost resources and trigger a cooldown)
  • Once an Edge Thane song is active, you can switch songs at no CT cost without losing any song levels. Previously, switching took a turn and reset song level to 1.
  • Hergon’s Frostplate now summons two shards at random instead of one.

  • Consecrated Chalice is now tagged as “Recovery” instead of “Selfbuff”, as well as “Summon”
  • Fixed bug where selecting a Lucid or Skill Orb when using “Modify Item” would alter the cost of the removal / extraction
  • Fixed bug where 2 Lucid Orb shards would combine to form a Lucid Orb (instead of three, as intended)
  • Fixed bug where the “Sniping” magic mod could produce far higher-than-intended damage values
  • Spitting Plants summoned in town should no longer move around.
  • The game will now validate player resistances and elemental damage mods to make sure they are correct on load.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when removing a magic mod that granted certain resists.
  • Spitting Plant’s attack no longer does a guaranteed +30 damage on top of its normal damage
  • Deadly Riposte (3rd tier sword mastery) should no longer affect counter-attack damage from non-Sword weapons
  • Harrier shots should no longer hit you while using Spiritwalk
  • It should now be possible to learn the tier 4 (ultimate) Dagger mastery
  • “Dream” items like Planks and Knight’s Shovels should now be removed upon leaving an Item Dream
  • If you have no valid orbs to enter a particular item, you will no longer proceed to a blank orb selection screen with an error
  • It should no longer be possible to store stacks of items at the Bank if you only have enough money to store 1 item in the stack
  • Lucid Orb shards should no longer have wonky combining behavior when depositing at the Bank
  • Fixed bug where Goldfrog coins could be picked up infinitely if you portaled out and came back

  • New Nightmare weapon magic mod - Shocking. 25% to call a lightning bolt on hit, dealing damage and Disarming the target briefly.

  • New legendary Spear!

  • New legendary Bow!

  • New consumable: Scroll of Frogs. Just… enjoy.

  • You may now find “Dream” potions or offense items in Item Dreams. These are just like Dream shovels / planks and will disappear when you leave the dream.

  • A more expanded 2F tutorial zone has been added to the game, after completing the first “Path to Tangledeep” zone. This will be presented on fresh save slots.

    • Item Dream crystal auras are now color coded. Green = good for player, Red = bad for player / good for monsters, Yellow = good/bad for both.

    • Ten new achievements added!
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 22 Kas 2017 @ 20:12 
Build b091c, November 22, 2017

  • Shop interface now has more breathing room, particularly for items with long descriptions
  • Various new and cleaned up skill icons
  • New final boss phase 1 room art
  • New tutorial pt 2 art

  • Cleaned up some audio/SFX quirks
    * Added several new SFX
    * SFX mixing pass

  • Critical hits when riposting with a Sword will no longer give you 100% parry
  • Bumped up the spawn rate in Fungal Caves (was over-nerfed)
  • All bosses should now ALWAYS spawn with a minimum of three items to drop, and their max item count has been raised by 3.
  • Nightmare Queens will now warp near the player if the distance becomes too great.

  • Fixed several bugs with Fade’s Crescent Bow (the Moonbeam effect)
  • Monsters should no longer get angry at themselves for looting items
  • “Shocking” weapon mod’s lightning bolt should now appear on the target enemy, not the player
  • Fixed bug with Athyes’ Scarlet Headband where the stun effect never worked
  • Fixed bug with modified version of Highland Charge not executing properly
  • Fixed bug where, in New Game+, side areas would sometimes not be marked as complete. (This only applies to NEW NG+ files)
  • Fixed bug with various side areas never marking as cleared
  • Defeating the Research Overseer should trigger the correct event
  • Campfire Roasted Meat now *actually* heals 50% HP (down from 66%) as intended
  • Attempted fix for bug where your pet could die, but still be targeted by monsters, confusing the monsters and putting them into a bad state
  • Fixed a number of item/drop tables that could still include seasonal food
  • When buying from shops, item stacks will only be shown in red if you can’t afford a single one (as opposed to the whole stack)
  • “Pet command” tutorial should no longer pop up when you hit a monster with a Monster Mallet
  • You can no longer avoid death by immediately pressing Alt+F4 when dying :P
  • Fixed wonky game log scrollbar handle behavior
  • Lucid orb shard creation should now always print in the log
  • Fixed visual bug when opening Pandora’s Boxes
  • Attempted fix at some janky monster and player movement that could sometimes occur causing two moves to ‘overlap’ and make the sprite move twice as fast
  • Tutorial popups should no longer interfere with boss dialogue
  • Fixed bug where talking to NPCs, signs, or the Dreamcaster could cause your CT to jump up to “FREE TURN!” immediately. Also, talking to the Dreamcaster without and orb no longer spams the combat log and passes a million turns a second.
  • Fixed bug with Crabbid’s grab - crab was not following you correctly.
  • Fixed visual bug with Two-Handed Specialist
  • Any bugged stats, resists, or damage modifers should now be corrected every time you switch maps, not just when you load the game.
  • Fixed bug where Nightmare mods could appear in item dreams
  • Fixed game error with Fade’s Crescent Bow
  • Clicking to toggle “Auto Equip Weapons” on and off now… works

  • Tangledeep now has its 12th job: the WILD CHILD! A fierce warrior born in the wilds of Tangledeep and raised by monsters, the Wild Child has the unique ability to learn certain monster abilities (a trait inspired by ‘Blue Magic’ from the Final Fantasy series). These monster abilities each have both an active component and a short self-buff for the Wild Child, so finding and learning as many as possible will give you more combat options than ever.

  • The CLAW weapon type has been added to the game! Claws are focused on pure offense, and provide the most benefits when you are in the thick of combat, taking damage constantly. They gain increased attack damage based on damage YOU’VE taken in the last three turns, so going toe-to-toe with a tough monster is a great way to gain a ton of extra power. Claws are also naturally ‘lightweight’ with fewer dual wielding penalties. This also means there is a new set of WEAPON MASTERIES!

  • Claw Tier 1 - “Frenzy” - Empowers you with 33% more damage, 25% defense, and immunity to paralysis for a short term. However, you are also Sealed and unable to use other abilities.

  • Claw Tier 2 - “Iron Grip” - Permanently makes you immune to Paralysis/Disarm effects, as well as anything that reduces your damage.

  • Claw Tier 3 - “Razor Step” - The ying to the Spear’s “Scorpion Tail” yang. Each time you move, you have a chance to strike one nearby enemy automatically. (An enemy can only be hit by this once per three turns.)

  • Ultimate Claw Technique - “Devastation”. Launch yourself into the air to an enemy, executing a barrage of claw slashes on everything around you. After landing, gain Super Regeneration, restoring 50% of all health lost per turn for a very brief time. A great way to launch into battle and show monsters you mean business!

  • New high rank legendary Spear!
  • New legendary consumable!
  • New legendary shield!
  • New legendary Medium armor!

  • Refactor of status immunity effects. Much more modular and powerful now.
  • Many enhancements to SFX system

  • After upgrading your Monster Mallet, the new minimum threshold is now displayed when hovering over the Monster Mallet, during conversations, etc.
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 29 Kas 2017 @ 14:42 
Build b092, November 29, 2017

  • New “Heavy Sentry” art

  • New “boss intro” music (for the bosses that have story bits…)

  • Fixed bug with 2nd tutorial map image not matching tilemap
  • Fixed minor display name with the dungeon name/placard
  • Fixed bug with “#HERONAME#” appearing in item descriptions
  • “Chemist” item mod no longer doubles item damage (!!!) instead of increasing by 25%
  • Fixed some strange movement bugs related to Deadly Void tiles
  • Fixed some bugs that could occur when switching to New Game+ mode, or when rebuilding maps for some reason
  • A portal to the final boss phase 2 area is now spawned in the final boss phase 1 area once you beat phase 1. This avoids situations where you can potentially be cut off from the final battle.
  • Fixed bug where save files were deleted in Adventure Mode on getting knocked out
  • The explosion range of Fungal Columns is now 2 tiles, as intended and displayed
  • List of dropped legendaries should no longer be cleared when regenerating maps or entering New Game+
  • You can now change clothes to your current job. Previously if you changed clothes to a different job, you would not be able to change back to current.
  • Fixed visual sprite quirks with the Bandit Brigand during use of its Cloak & Dagger ability (applies to other monsters with similar talents)
  • Cloak and Dagger (as well as other movement effects) should now pick up items and trigger abilities such as Phoenix Wing
  • It is no longer possible to dodge lava damage.

  • The final boss phase 2 battle has been reworked from the ground up. This may (?) be quite a bit more difficult now, so it’s definitely recommended that you complete all hubs!

  • A target dummy has been added to Riverstone Grove. Go hit it!

  • Dungeon Digest text is better-formatted and also provides information on whether the current floor has a legendary item or not.
  • Specific legendary items will now continue to drop/spawn until you pick one up. Once that legendary is acquired, it should never spawn or drop again.
  • There is a new indicator that displays if you are being targeted by an enemy ability such as the Goliath Beetle’s charge attack or the elemental shots from Treasure Hunters / Bandit Snipers.
  • Likewise, monsters also show indicators when they are targeting you.

  • Fixed bug with “Ace of Armaments” achievement

  • “Bag of Stones” is now “Pebble Pouch”
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 3 Ara 2017 @ 9:06 
Build b093c, December 3, 2017

  • Much improved new targeting line/effect
  • New artwork for Wild Child’s herbs
  • New FX for Roll the Bones

  • New boss music for 3rd boss and final boss! (Final boss phase 2 will get custom music too, don’t worry)
  • Various new sound cues/SFX

  • The Blackjack game in the casino is more weighted to the house (shark) now; you must go first, rather than the dealer going first. However, player will automatically win if your opening hand is a Blackjack. The payout has also been reduced to 1.5x your initial bet (down from 2x)
  • Instant death effects like Gambler’s “Snake Eyes” dice roll will no longer work on champions. Instead, they will lose 50% of their current Health.
  • The “Burning” magic mod now adds +20 weapon power (up from 15), while the “Flames” magic mod now adds +45 power (up from 35)
  • ANY attacker inflicting Shadow damage with a regular weapon attack now has a 25% chance to add “Shadow Vulnerable” to the defender (stacking debuff)
  • Robot vulnerability to Lightning reduced slightly
  • Wild Child’s passive abilities now cost 600jp (up from 500)
  • Slightly reduced the effect of Guile on crit chance (0.14%, down from 0.16%)
  • Steadfast magic mod (which now has a clarified description) now increases damage taken by 15% from non-shield angles (down from 25%)
  • Claws now benefit from the Lightweight weapon mod. The bonus of using two Lightweight claws is not quite as powerful as two Lightweight daggers with the 2nd dagger mastery, however.
  • All enemy monsters in New Game+ now have higher base stats (Strength, Guile, Swiftness, Spirit, Discipline)
  • Nightmare Queens will now more aggressively teleport near the player during the “chase”, if the player gets too far away
  • Cedar Caverns 4F monster density increased
  • Item rewards for completing combat rumors are now guaranteed to be equipment with minimum of one magic mod (“Uncommon” rarity)
  • Third boss now has higher base damage and resistances, prior to its weak state

  • Target dummy will now never die
  • Fixed bug where some projectiles would not “fire” from one enemy to the next
  • Fixed bug where toggling Sneak Attack on and off would allow you to instantly refresh its duration
  • Fixed bug where Fire/Water immune champions were not spawning.
  • Fixed bug where Gambler’s extra chance to crit with abilities was not working
  • Shops will no longer carry two of the same legendary item
  • Fixed some minor bugs with damage/defense values derived from stats in equipment comparisons
  • Fixed bugs related to NG+ monster scaling, where some mid-level monsters were not being scaled up enough
  • Fixed game load error that could occur after removing resistance-altering magic mods from gear
  • Fixed game load bug related to status effect immunity
  • Fixed edge cases with Nightmare Queens not relocating near the player if out of sight for awhile
  • Pets that die with pet insurance active will now have negative statuses cleared as well as being healed to full
  • Map difficulties are now properly adjusted in New Game+. This raises the value of treasure sparkles and destructibles (chests, barrels, etc) in NG+.
  • “Slay monster with element” quests in NG+ were previously not giving scaled NG+ rewards; they are now.
  • Probably fixed bug where dead monsters would sometimes leave lingering “danger squares” on the map
  • Fixed bug where the “Foraging” magic mod did not display increased powerup drop chance

  • You can now bet 10,000g at the Casino in a single game.

  • New casino game: ♥♥♥♥♥hirorin! This dice game goes by many names, but no matter what you call it, it’s a fun way to win (or lose) gold. (Note: Art/graphics for this game, and other casino games, is placeholder!)

  • You now win Casino Tokens by playing Casino games. For every 1,000g you win (total), you’ll receive 1 token. Casino Tokens can be spent at the new Casino Shop, run by Casino Katie. This shop has various wild equipment (featuring some exclusive NEW magic mods), legendary items, and powerful consumables! Anything goes here!

  • New campfire encounter! Maybe hold on to those gems? ;)

  • EIGHT new non-legendary accessories, mostly high-rank! Have fun!

  • Two new Nightmare-only weapon mods!

  • New legendary gear set (Soulkeepers, rejoice!)

    • Massively upgraded shop functionality

    • You should no longer have to repeat the tutorial levels if you start a New Game+
    • You should no longer see area intro text on NG+
    • You can now ask the casino shark about any of the games.

    • Demon Gauntlet is now Demon Bracer
Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 8 Ara 2017 @ 19:51 
  • Improved audio latency (delay between keypresses, actions and SFX/music triggers)
  • Improved music crossfades
  • New ending/credits theme

  • Buffed the effect of Gambler’s advanced passive, which now *also* has a better chance of drawing cards of a face you already have. This leads to better hands overall.
  • Rebalanced Gambler hands according to probability (generally buffing several effects.)

  • Champion monsters that manage to get 5 mods (or more?) will now show the proper skull icon again
  • Fixed error that prevented you from using some dialog options (such as accepting rumors) after dying + restarting
  • Gems marked as “favorite” will no longer be sold when selecting Sell All items
  • Fixed bug with Nightmare Worlds
  • Fixed sloppy code where the trigger for allowing a New Game+ start was whether you were at least level 12, not whether you beat the game
  • Fixed bad bug in Gambler hand drawing logic

REMINDER: All new side area / map content is generally only accessible if a new character is created, or if you restart in New Game+.

  • New icy side area / quest!

  • New desert side area and wandering merchant! New monster for this area!

  • New optional boss fight / event in the Bandit Library

  • “Charms of the Spirit” shop now has a 3rd tier of items once you reach level 11

  • Created new ending sequences!

  • New mini-quest in Jelly Grotto

  • You can now select “New Game+” on an existing save slot where you’ve beaten the game to recreate the dungeon. (The difficulty does not increase further at this time.)

Impact Gameworks  [geliştirici] 19 Ara 2017 @ 8:27 
Build b095d, December 19, 2017

  • Wild Child side and top animations complete! ALL JOBS are now fully sprited & animated!
  • Big overhaul to the equipment, inventory, and skill UI pages! (Note: While most controls are the same in these new UIs, to use an ability from your skill sheet you must hold the ‘diagonal shift only’ key and then press ‘confirm’. This is Shift on PC by default)
  • New animation that now plays whenever you are pulled by a monster, to help clarify and indicate the effect
  • Title screen waterfall animation
  • New FX for summoning various map effects like ice, fire, acid etc
  • Spruced up levelup and feat selection UI
  • Some projectiles now have arc movement!
  • New sprite FX for spider webs and Grizzled Komodon’s sandstorm
  • New sprite FX for a number of summon effects/skills, as well as monster abilities
  • Various new text improvements

  • It is now substantially easier to raise lower level monsters. They require less food, and their happiness grows faster. Higher level monsters still require as much as they did before.
  • Emerald Maul is now a 1H weapon, and the 3-piece bonus of “Emerald Bastion” has changed to: Deal triple damage from Armor Training.
  • Emerald Choker now gives you a chance to reduce cooldowns when struck
  • Casino-exclusive magic mods should show up more frequently now in the Casino shop
  • Increased the weapon power of several legendary 2H weapons

  • Fixed bug with music overlapping sometimes
  • Fixed bugs where shovels could be used on the wrong maps
  • Fixed game errors that could occur with targeting lines
  • Fixed bug where certain passive abilities like Gambler’s advanced + innate abilities were not always being activated properly (this is now validated on load and map change)
  • Big boss health bars should no longer appear in non-cutscene areas until you actually start fighting the boss
  • Fixed bug with Desert/sand tile Item Dreams
  • Fixed game error that could occur when defeating a Memory King in a dream with a Nightmare Prince
  • It is no longer possible to dodge certain damaging effects with Medium armor (such as damage-over-time effects from statuses)
  • Attempted fix at bug where monster illusions could spawn on collidable spaces, including the player
  • Guardian XA2 is no longer hurt by lava

  • New gear set! (Great for Edge Thanes)
  • New legendary bow!
  • New legendary 2H sword!

  • Releasing a HAPPY or JOYOUS monster from the corral will now occasionally cause something good to happen as time passes… Your former monster buddy may write a letter with one of their powers attached! This can be taught to your current pet, permanently!

  • Three of the game’s jobs (HuSyn, Gambler, Wild Child) are now locked initially. This is for any or all of these reasons: the jobs are a little more unusual OR difficult to play, the story requires it, to reduce ‘analysis paralysis’ for new players… If you have been playing the game for awhile, the unlock requirements will not be too difficult…

  • GAMBLER is unlocked by discovering the Casino and completing a small quest & new side area for the shark.

  • HUSYN is unlocked by reaching floor 18

  • WILD CHILD is unlocked by completing the FRIENDSHIP FOREST quest

  • Two new character feats have been added, but they must be unlocked! “Notorious” attracts more champion monsters (a double-edge sword), and is unlocked when you complete the ‘Big Game Hunter’ achievement. “Lucid Dreamer”, which increases the chance of unusual Item Dream encounters and events, is unlocked after defeating your first Item Dream.

  • The “Rager” feat is now also locked at first, and can be unlocked by defeating a champion while at 25% or lower health.

  • Two new recipes involving Chili Peppers!

  • Upon completing the 3rd boss fight, all the non-major boss monsters will be automatically destroyed.
  • Smoothed over some rough edges with the “escaped frog” corral quest. There is a little camera pan intro to show you the frog, the frog can no longer die, and its happiness starts at “Content”, so that you can immediately take it as a pet if you’d like.
  • Controller: Right stick can now be used to fast scroll through various menus
  • Controller: Holding L2 / LT and using dpad can also be used to fast scroll
  • Controller: Holding L2 / LT on various sheets will compare to accessory slot 2, instead of slot 1 (where applicable) - same is default bound to Shift on PC
  • The wrath bar is now disabled if your health bar is turned off.
  • Elixirs now have a default high rarity

  • Various flavor text updates
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