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Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 20, 2017 @ 3:23pm
Latest Patch Notes: Build 1.24L, April 13, 2019
Build 1.24L, April 13 2019

NOTE: A new debug console (`) command has been added in BETA mode to help debug mouse scroll wheel issues. If your scroll wheel stops working on a regular basis, please switch to the beta branch and give this a shot. First, wait until the scroll wheel stops working. Then, press ` to open the console, and type “debugmouse” without quotes. Then, try moving the mouse wheel.

If the input handler is detecting your mouse wheel at all, you should see values appear in the game log. You can try this in different UIs to see if it works in some places and not others. Please report your findings to us!

  • Fixed bug with Job Trial map generation that would take your JP but not create the trial
  • Fixed bug with feeding max-happiness monsters anything at all
  • Fixed major bug with exiting Item Dreams sometimes screwing up the AI state
  • Sword Dancer’s Flame Serpent riposte should no longer destroy your existing Flame Serpent
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed rare bug in Item Dreams that could softlock the game in certain memory worlds
  • (Legend of Shara) Runes of Knowledge should actually cost JP now
  • (Legend of Shara) Calligrapher map buffs (orbs etc) should no longer be destroyed by monsters on step. Also, Calligrapher Forbiddance runes should no longer be destroyed by the player on step.

  • … Should be working on Linux now!

  • Various small UI-related optimizations

  • In the monster feeding UI, a monster’s favorite / hated foods are now marked in green/red with extra text too. You still have to experiment to discover them at least once, though.
  • When feeding a monster, the cursor will automatically be placed at the last food you fed that monster when the window opens back up

  • Clarified “Shadow Stalk” skill orb effect. The intended description and effect is that Shadow Stalk now requires a turn to use, but the spawned clones gain a ranged attack.

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Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 20, 2017 @ 3:24pm 
Build b053 / July 20, 2017

  • (From b052) Discipline no longer affects Spirit Power.
  • Rumor requirements with limited steps are now more relaxed

  • Fixed bug with certain rumor / requirement combinations causing errors
  • Fixed bug where 'deadly void' in Item Dreams was not visible
  • Fixed issue where upgraded armor would get too much extra dodge
  • Fixed issue where examining armor in the Dreamcaster would remove dodge bonuses
  • Fixed bug where text speed scaling at FAST and VERYFAST was not fast enough
  • Another pass at clearing monsters with 0% HP
  • The banker no longer calls out about his "new goods" (?)
  • Fixed bug where if you were using the controller to access your hotbar, and then opened + closed a menu, you would sometimes be stuck in a weird state
  • Fixed bug that was causing floats to be read incorrectly on some systems using the 123,00 format of decimals (engine now parses all global float/decimal notation)
  • Selecting "Back to Town" after clearing a side area will now spawn a return portal, too
  • Fixed issue where menu screen header was overlapping clickable/draggable buttons/actions
  • Fixed bugs where minimap would overlap Cooking screen, and also not remember its size properly when opening/closing a dialogue
  • Fixed bug where spacebar was double-bound in WASD layout, causing it to not Wait Turns correctly
  • It should no longer be possible to 'lose' a summon such as Spitting Plant by summoning it on a destructible object
  • Possible fix of rumor generation error that caused game to hang

  • Changed how extra dodge bonuses are handled on armor
  • All floats are now parsed in both decimal formats

  • "Unusual" monsters for the appease quests now have "___-Loving" in their name
  • Items with multiple dodge bonuses will have their dodge bonuses combined in the item display
  • Numpad is now also usable in WASD mode (why not?)
  • When dual wielding weapons, hovering over the equipped weapons will show you their dual wield penalties
  • You can now mark items and gear as Favorites! Favorites will not be sold when you select "Sell All Gear". You can map a keybind for this for speed too.
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 21, 2017 @ 10:29am 
Build b054 / July 21, 2017

  • Beautiful new music by Hiroki Kikuta in the passageway areas!

  • Sword Dancer's "Relentless Current" targeting is now consistent with Flame Serpent (cone begins ON your character)
  • Gambler's "Blood Debts" is now a free action, and gives you +50% health (temporarily) instead of +25%
  • Mint Fudge now lowers resource costs by 30% (was 20%)
  • Onigiri now heals 40% of max HP (was 30%)
  • Regen flask *base* healing (not scaling) has been buffed by +3 per turn

  • Fixed null ref error when hovering over some armors
  • Attempted fix at some weirdness with adding null actors to death processing queue (causing ingame errors)
  • Fixed bug related to loading games with Favorited items
  • GOLDFROG can no longer escape the monster corral (sorry bud)
  • There is now a brief cooldown on the "wait turn" button to prevent weird animation glitches
  • Planks should now block damage from Deadly Void again
  • Fixed bug with Budoka's "Iron Breathing" occasionally not healing.
  • Attempted fix at issue where the cursor would sometimes not be visible in a dialog with multiple options
  • Attempted fix at issue where camera did not track player (???)
  • Portaling out of the dungeon will now close any shop / dialogs you have open
  • Text speed setting should properly recall from save files now

  • 6 new food recipes! See if you can discover the key to making the perfect: Ice Cream Sundae, Gelato, Carrot Stew, Fruit Cobbler, Pumpkin Bread, Fish n' Chips.

  • RE-enabled the game pre-launcher for resolution and VSync control, this time removing any potentially confusing mappable Inputs (it should hopefully be obvious that this is not the right area to rebind controls, as it is done ingame instead!)
  • Three quality modes now available: VSync Off, VSync, and VSync Alt (every other VBlank)

  • PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 mappings have been added as defaults
  • The opening tutorial stage now always plays on a completely fresh save slot
  • Hovering over an empty weapon slot in your Equipment screen shows your Fist damage (scaling with Budoka, and also showing Budoka's offhand - or foot - attack power)
  • You should now be able to close the control mapper by pressing Escape
  • When opening/closing the menu screen with the generic Menu button (i.e. with Start on controller, or clicking the character portrait) you will now return to the last screen you last visited
  • Equipment comparisons now take into account bonuses to elemental damage. For example, if you have +50% fire damage, a 200 damage FIRE bow will show as +50% stronger than a 200 damage WATER bow.
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 22, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
Build b055 / July 22, 2017

  • Penetrating magic mod now also bypasses 50% block and parry chance
  • Increased the rate at which shops restock their goods
  • Monsters should now generally spawn further from stairs
  • The base damage of all Spellshaper evocations has been increased
  • All Spellshaper "Materialize" objects now last 9 turns (up from 6)
  • Hunter "Hail of Arrows" damage increased to 215% (from 175%)
  • Hunter "Ice Missile" damage increased to 125% weapon / 75% spirit power (up from 100/50)
  • Enemies tracked by Hunter's "Blood Tracking" now take 15% more damage (up from 10%)
  • Enemies hit by Hunter's "Triple Bolt" are now shocked for 7.5% current HP per tick (up from 5%) - remember, Shocked enemies will 'chain' and shock each other too!
  • Sword Dancer's "Relentless Current" now deals 130% of both Weapon and Spirit power (up from 110%)
  • Gambler's "Hail of Darts" now deals 120% weapon damage (up from 100%), while "Darts of Hail" deals 65% Weapon/65% Spirit (up from 50/50)
  • Gambler's "Double Down" now deals 150% of both Weapon+Spirit Power, up from 100%

  • b054a (Hotfix) Fixed NullRef in shops / hover
  • Got rid of "#T# is slowed!" combat log messages
  • If an Item Dream spawns with no Memory King for some reason, one will be forcibly spawned when you reach the top.
  • Minimap in Item Dreams now shows deadly void spaces again (in a different color)
  • Fixed NullRef bug with Guardian Spheres exploding
  • For "food loving" monster quests, the monsters will no longer consume an entire stack of food - They'll just eat one
  • Probably fixed some annoying situations with monsters disappearing from LOS
  • Attempted fix for rare stack overflow error related to Budoka "Two Finger Catch" ability
  • Added error checking for bad tile effect data
  • Possibly fixed error with Painter quest when you arrive at destination map
  • You will now use an Orb of Reverie to enter an Item Dream, as intended
  • Monsters in towns will now have the proper lighting material and not appear dark at a distance
  • Fixed bug where using a sword in your offhand did not give you the extra parry bonus of 3%
  • "Food-Loving" monsters will no longer be used twice for multiple rumors. Also, Grove Pests will no longer be Food-Loving for the purpose of rumors
  • Fixed issue with flashing staircases in boss fights
  • The quest item no longer drops repeatedly after the 1st boss fight (only once per save)
  • Fixed some bad behavior with monster "Sniper" behavior, causing them to generally dance around and not attack
  • Possibly fixed bug with "Maze Rooms" maptype that sometimes resulted in isolated rooms
  • You no longer take damage at the beginning and end of turn for Ember Spirit's fire, or Alchemical Gas
  • Fixed issue with Brigand's Escape Artist and Sword Dancer's Hold the Moon that caused the abilities to not work consistently
  • Crit chance from items like Surestrike Ring now shows up on the character sheet properly
  • Fixed various bugs with equipment comparisons (particularly with items offering crit % or +Guile), still not perfect but getting there

  • Monsters will now be much more aggressive to player pets, if those pets are in between the monster and the player. They also have generally improved pathfinding and targeting behavior... in theory?
  • There is now a huge variety of Item Dreams layouts and map types! ENJOY!
  • New Item Dream crystal auras: Double Healing, Tough Monsters, and 50% Resource Costs
  • New Item Dream properties: Monster Density, More Champions, No Champions
  • New random Item Dream floor events: Big Mode
  • All newly-spawned Quivers are now Offhand-slot items. These can be used with bows (even though bows still take two hands!)
  • If you switch to a bow from a non-bow item, you will auto-equip a Favorited quiver from your inventory. If you have multiple favorite quivers, it will pick the one with the highest value. If you have no favorite quivers, it will pick the best quiver you have.
  • Quivers will be auto-equipped if you are using a bow, and have nothing in your offhand.
  • When you encounter a campfire in a rest area, you will now be presented with the option of getting a special food item for free, rather than using the cooking interface. You'll also see what each food item does.
  • Planks can now be built in Item Dream maps with 'deadly void' again
  • Tier 5 weapons have been added (technically, this was more of a bug fix... they existed, but never dropped!)

  • Reworked monster spawning/placement code

  • New visual option for screen flashes on/off (these happen during crits, Percy's healing abilities, etc)
  • You will no longer get Quillkins or Spinebros from monster eggs (since they don't move...)
  • When using a portal to exit and return to an Item Dream, you will return to the spot where you left
  • When viewing ability info, you will now see which damaging abilities can crit
  • You can now fast travel to the 1st and 2nd branching areas as well as the 17th floor, instead of floors 5/10/15

  • Fixed up a bunch of achievement stats
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 24, 2017 @ 8:13am 
b056 / July 24, 2017

  • Updated grass tiles
  • Beautiful new fungal cavern tile set
  • Lighting adjusted (was washed out, particularly on Budoka and in towns)

  • You should no longer see sparkles in the Buried Loot map, giving away the location of the key
  • Penalty for attacking at range with non-bow, non-staff weapons is now -40% damage (was -25%)
  • Spear and Axe damage curve has been slightly reduced (about -6% weapon power); bow weapon power also slightly reduced

  • FINALLY fixed bug where abilities would randomly go on cooldown when using items!!!
  • Possible fix for issues related to control mapping, with Steam forcing weird/bad controller states and making some buttons unusable
  • Fixed issue where the Control Mapper window would become unresponsive
  • Grove Pests really actually seriously won't be part of the "food loving" quest
  • Fixed errors that occurred when dying in an Item Dream, in Adventure Mode
  • Added extra checks to prevent rare bug with items being duplicated
  • Fixed game load error if you were wearing a Surestrike Ring
  • You should probably no longer arrive in an Item Dream surrounded by rock
  • Fixed bug where some ranged enemies could attack through solid terrain
  • Fixed bug where the "Magical" item filter would not catch Uncommon (blue) items, and the "Legendary" filter did not always work properly - This may not work for some existing items
  • Hopefully fixed bug where monsters would sometimes spawn enclosed in rock with some "cave" style map layouts
  • Fixed bug where items would not correctly validate if they had a particular weapon mod, meaning stuff like Lightweight did not work correctly or at all
  • Ground stomp visual FX should now work again
  • Fixed major bug where a wide variety of passive skills and effects were cleared incorrectly (?!) upon dying in Adventure mode - This was related to many status effects not being tagged correctly as "Positive"
  • Possible bug fix for error w/ null target data being added to effects
  • You should no longer get Rumors to appease your own pets in the monster corral
  • Fixed key navigation on the options menu -> visual panel (couldn't move south of "Grid Overlay" previously)
  • Possibly fixed issue where monsters would occasionally be un-targetable with ranged weapons
  • Fixed NullRef error related to the check for offhand quivers (happened occasionally if you were wielding a non-quiver in your offhand)
  • Fixed bug on Consumables screen where navigating to the filter tabs would not hide the item info tooltip
  • Fixed bug with Consumable filters not working properly
  • Text speed should now update properly when you start a new game

  • A new NPC has arrived in Riverstone Camp; JORITO, the weapon master. He brings with him knowledge of 12 (!!!) new skills; two masteries per weapon type that can be learned with JP. You must first reach 'Advanced' status in any one job before he will share his secrets. More masteries will be coming too (additional tiers, plus ULTIMATE techniques.)
  • NOTE: You must start a new character to get the weapon master in your town.
  • Coffee now has an effect when consumed (haste, but slightly reduced accuracy)
  • Item rarities have been adjusted (affects item colors of non-legendary/gear sets)

  • EXPERIMENTAL: The game now autosaves all progress each time you switch maps.
  • Shaved another 18% off core save file size

  • Text speed can now be set to INSTANT
  • Added extra popup battle text for some buffing and debuffing abilities
  • When using a 1h weapon plus an offhand, switching to a bow/quiver and then back to the 1h will now re-equip your last used non-quiver offhand
  • If you mess up input bindings in the launcher, you can now reset all control binding to factory default by holding left bracket [ and tapping Q, once in-game[/list]
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Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 24, 2017 @ 3:34pm 
Build b057 July 24, 2017

  • Health curve slightly increased for level 5+ monsters
  • Increased healing effect of Mint Fat and Mint Super Brews
  • Loot tables have been adjusted; far too many weak/worthless items were dropping from upper level enemies and chests. To compensate, overall drop chance and magic item drop chance have been reduced slightly.
  • Various monsters at level 5+ that did not have the base cap of 95% accuracy now do
  • Treasure Hunters now use a charged-up Shadow Bolt attack for big damage. Watch out!
  • River Spirit ability damage increased
  • Rock Viper bite is now more powerful and roots a bit longer
  • Vine Stalker bite damage and poison duration increased
  • Guardian Arachnoid laser damage increased, Vault cooldown decreased
  • Bandit Spellshapers spells now have shorter cooldowns and do more damage
  • Bandit Buffslinger's Ice Prison now has a shorter cooldown
  • Debuffs from Sludge Spirits now last longer
  • Monster aggro ranges generally increased starting at level 4 or so. Some monsters that were more passive will now aggro if you're close (i.e. River Spirits, Wraiths). Overall, you can expect monsters to be much more aggressive by late game.
  • "Weaker" champion mods will no longer show up on higher level champions (i.e. you will see Barrier but not Turtling, Immune but not Resist...)

  • Fixed odd NullRef with drawing playing cards sometimes as Gambler
  • Fixed bug where abilities that should target "ALL" in an area were instead targeting only one
  • Fixed bug where Orbs of Reverie were dropping when they should not have been
  • Ranged merchants will no longer sell "accessory" slot quivers
  • Fixed bug where weapon masteries did not cost anything

  • New game mode: HARDCORE. Roguelike lovers rejoice! In this mode, there is both permadeath AND no 'meta progress' from one character to another (banker, trees, corral.) Not for the faint of heart! (Note: The save slot will still remember your total playtime and number of characters. This doesn't count as progress.)
  • "Frozen" champion mod is now more powerful, while a new "Chilled" mod has been added with the same effects as the old Frozen
  • New champion mods: Avenger, Harrier, Blinking (improved Phasing), Conjurer (improved Summoner)
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 26, 2017 @ 10:42am 
b058 / July 26, 2017

  • Replaced placeholder icons for the Weapon Mastery techniques

  • The giant chest room should have better/more loot now
  • Sword Dancer's core bonus stats are now Strength, Guile, and Spirit instead of Strength, Stamina, Swiftness
  • Hildegarde now carries a wider variety of food items and meals
  • Each point of Guile you have now increases crit by 0.2% (was 0.15%). This affects monsters too.
  • Some effects such as Iron Breathing and Radiant Guard will no longer trigger against Worthless enemies in HEROIC and HARDCORE modes.
  • Deflection, Evasion, and Elusion equipment mods reduced from +5/7/9% dodge to +3/5/7
  • There is now a cooldown on stun effects for both the player and all monsters. The same actor cannot be stunned more than once per 3 turns to prevent total stunlocking.
  • 'Protection' magic mod now offers 50% chance to negate crits instead of 25%

  • Buried Loot map no longer spawns key in the same place each time, also key should not sparkle anymore
  • Meta progress data should be properly flushed if you die/return to title screen (this was making it possible to 'share' progress between slots, not intended)
  • Critical hit numbers are now BIG again
  • Fixed bug where the 'last used offhand' logic was not applied to an offhand weapon.
  • Intimidate skill (granted from a legendary item) targeting fixed
  • Attempted fix at bug where black/white screen fades would not go away
  • Jumping Shot (weapon mastery) now requires a bow
  • Fixed bug in the casino where clicking to start a game would always use a 100g bet
  • Fixed bug where learning 2nd tier weapon masteries would cause various other status triggers to not work sometimes
  • Fixed NullRef bug related to Gambler Wild Cards ability and reflected attacks
  • Fixed bug where Adventure Mode save slots would sometimes appear as Heroic
  • Fixed bug where Lightning Jab was not activating a free turn as intended
  • Hopefully fixed bug where Heroic mode would sometimes convert to Adventure mode when restarting the game
  • Fixed bug where consumable item stacks did not account for seasoning (or lack thereof), i.e. one seasoned meal would make all meals in a stack seasoned
  • Fixed bug where enemies killed by Gambler's Double Down were sometimes not 'cleaned up' after the ability executed

  • New item set: Crystalline Armament
  • Onigiri recipe changed (2 Fish + 1 Grain) so it isn't the same as Fish n' Chips
  • Bezo's Crossbow now has an inherent chance to charm enemies
  • The Journal menu page now allows you to view Recipes you've learned! Recipes are shown once you've cooked them at least once, OR if you hear about them via dropped recipe pages, NPCs, etc.

  • New bindable hotkey for "Equip Item". This can be used when hovering over gear on the Equipment page. Tap it to equip the item. For accessories this will equip in an open slot, or if both slots are full, it will equip in slot 1. For weapons, it will hotkey to an open slot, or if none are open, swap with your main weapon.
  • There is a new dialog popup for when you get a randomly spinny Item Dream floor
  • Enemy bombs such as those dropped by the first boss or Champions now have a flashing red aura. Also, these bombs are higher in the sprite draw order
  • If you are using a bow and you switch to unarmed, your quiver will now unequip
  • Scrollbars have been added to all screens with lists that scroll (shop, skill lists, equipment, inventory) - scrollbars will appear if there are enough items to scroll, of course. Also, you can still use mouse wheel as always.
  • Added 'info bar' text indicating when you are in hotbar skill selection mode
  • Player abilities with a windup (such as Hunter's Triple Bolt, Hail of Arrows and Sword Dancer's Relentless Current) now use green targeting tiles instead of red.
  • Pressing "up" on the equipment screen gear tabs now scrolls you to the bottom of the equipment list
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 28, 2017 @ 11:04am 
b059 / July 28, 2017

  • Swapped placeholder sprite effect for floor spikes

  • HuSyn's Fortify now transfers 25% of damage instead of 50%
  • Base HP of Runic Crystal lowered
  • Static Field damage lowered from 50% of Spirit Power to 40%; cooldown raised from 9 to 11 turns
  • Shadow Shruiken damage lowered from 90% of combined Weapon+Spirit power to 75%
  • Fish n' Chips now requires 2 bags of grain and 1 fish, while Onigiri continues to be 2 fish, 1 grain
  • In HEROIC and HARDCORE modes, the Floramancer passive that heals you when your Floraconda dies no longer works on floors that are very easy for you.

  • Fixed HUGE bug where modified monster stats such as HP, strength, etc. were not properly saved, so scaled monsters / pets / champions would be weaker than intended on game load
  • Added descriptions and icons for elemental resistance scrolls' status effects
  • Fixed rare nullref error when targeting abilities (?)
  • You should no longer end up with negative money
  • Crystal Armaments added to loot table
  • You can now press the "Rumors" and "Recipes" button in the Journal with keyboard/controller
  • You should no longer be able to target your pets with a number of damaging abilities
  • The gold tribute amount is properly capped at the Dreamcaster when switching items, so that you don't exceed 100% magic mod chance
  • Monsters should no longer go ham attacking Fungal Columns
  • Potions like Mint Herb Brews and Verdant Tonics should now show their healing amount on mouseover
  • Water and Lava tiles should no longer ever overlap
  • Pet stats should no longer linger on the screen if your pet dies
  • Added try/catch to avoid rare nullref errors when clicking Restore Defaults
  • You will no longer be critically hit by *abilities* if you have Steel Resolve, as intended
  • You must now actually have a shield (or an offhand w/ block) to use Shield Slam
  • Talrose the Painter should no longer end up on staircases
  • *Actually* fixed error where the control mapper/keybinding screen would become unresponsive after pressing Restore Defaults
  • Floor spikes are no longer destroyed on step
  • "Deal Damage" and "Self Buff" consumable filters fixed (swapped)
  • Brigand's "Envenom Weapon" is now removed if it is toggled when you switch jobs
  • Using hotkeys 1-4 on the keyboard to quickly set a weapon to hotbar will now equip that weapon if you hotkey it to your active slot
  • Sneak Attack should no longer be consumed by ranged attacks, or by using abilities that can crit (but which do not auto-trigger Sneak Attack)
  • Fixed bug with several monster powers, such as Electric Slime and Thunder Spirit lightning attacks, where they would sometimes fire instantly instead of charging
  • Fixed rare nullref related to monster aggro / ally tracking
  • Fixed buggy level transition when using "Back to Stairs" portal option after clearing a side area
  • Attempted fix at issue where monsters would sometimes take several turns in a row before the player could act again
  • Floraconda's thorn shield should no longer stack tiles
  • Hopefully fixed bugs where meta progress data was not properly cleared when doing "Clear All Data"

  • Added code to help salvage save files where an Item Dream was corrupted on creation

  • Hovering over hotkeyed items in your hotbar will now show their effects, not just flavor text
  • Adjusted item drop logic so that items will prefer to land on tiles that are in LOS
  • Summoned pets should now appear as close to you as possible when switching maps
  • Relocated the stairs up that appear after the first boss fight
  • Favorited items will be * starred when in the sell item menu
  • Added a scrollbar to the Dreamcaster interface
  • When closing and re-opening the Journal tab, you will see the sub-tab you had last viewed (Recipes or Rumors)
  • Weapon masteries can now be viewed on the Skill page - scrollable text box!
  • New bindable action: "Scroll UI Text". This is bound to Right Stick (RS) by default. This will scroll certain UI boxes such as the scrollable text box on the Skills page.
  • Cleaned up display of items with % resistance to one element, but flat resistances to all elements
  • Status icon area now shows up to 8 statuses + 8 debuffs (was 6)
  • Crates, barrels etc should no longer overlap planks in map generation
  • Added a tutorial popup about cooking that appears once you've collected at least 3 ingredients upon returning to Riverstone Camp
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 30, 2017 @ 9:49pm 
b060 / July 31, 2017

  • Adjustment to JP costs: Now, when you switch jobs, the 4 skills which are normally inexpensive (<150 JP) will cost 250jp. In other words, only your STARTING job offers 4 cheap abilities. Future jobs will require a bit more investment.
  • JP is no longer converted to XP if you learn all abilities in your current job. This is because of the new Weapon Mastery system.
  • Base power of the Plain Wooden Stick reduced by 30
  • Increased Orb of Reverie drop chance
  • Tornado Stance kickback range reduced from 4 to 3, damage reduced from 120% of weapon power to 110%
  • The healing effect of Regen Flask now takes place BEFORE anything else in the turn order
  • Qi Mastery no longer triggers from worthless or near-worthless enemies, unless you are in Adventure mode
  • Damage from STAFF weapons is now based on 50% SPIRIT and 50% DISCIPLINE (instead of Spirit/Swiftness)
  • DISCIPLINE now raises all elemental resistances by 0.33% per point, up from 0.25%
  • STRENGTH's effect on physical resistance has been reduced to 0.16% per point, down from 0.2%.
  • Duration of various stun effects like the Mace critical effect has been reduced to the intended one turn
  • Decreased number of fountain spawns in higher level maps

  • If you return to town after KO, or use an ability that cleanses debuffs, all STACKS of those debuffs will be removed
  • Ability effects should no longer trigger on monsters that have died
  • Fixed bug where Floramancer's Vine Swing and Detonate Vines were not able to target vines....
  • Fixed nullref errors related to supporter monsters with old/bad ally and target data
  • It should no longer be possible to get the "No Champions" property in legendary Item Dreams (which by default have more and stronger champions)
  • Champion modifier properties in Item Dreams were not working on all map layouts; they should be working now
  • Game log (lower left) is now properly bounded
  • The logic for "Repeat Recipe" has been fixed (before, cooking multiple recipes in a row would sometimes mix the recipe ingredients as they were not cleared properly)
  • Fixed bug with "find nearest empty tile" code, used for keeping pets close to you on switch maps (among other things)
  • Impact damage from Plain Wooden Stick and Palm Thrust no longer ignores all resistances and damage modifiers (this is both a nerf and buff, depending on the situation)
  • Fixed error with mouse scroll wheel sometimes causing errors on certain UI screens
  • Fixed bug where some Legendary equipment was being sold in "Sell All" dialog option
  • Fixed "Self Buff" and "Damage" inventory filters on click/hover... again...
  • Fixed bug where upgraded armor would not visually indicate or properly calculate upgraded dodge bonuses
  • Fixed bug that caused permanent stat gains (or losses) when equipping/unequipping pieces of equipment with the same magic properties (like Well-Rounded)
  • When switching weapons to your Fists, any offhand you are holding should also unequip automatically
  • Fixed irregularities with Item Dream interface where the "Enter Item World" button and gold tribute info would appear before an item was selected
  • Fixed rare bug with save games and certain Gambler hands
  • Fixed wonky keyboard navigation while in Equipment screen submenus
  • Possible fix for issue with single target abilities where, if an invalid target was in the area, the ability would sometimes not execute properly
  • Possible fix for 'cave rooms' map code where rooms could spawn with no entrance possible
  • Possible fix for rare error where dropping an item did not remove it from your inventory, allowing for item duplication
  • Possible fix for enumerator error when creating Item Dreams, sometimes
  • Possible fix for bug in Adventure Mode where dying in an Item Dream would duplicate the item you entered

  • New STAFF MASTERIES and FIST MASTERIES added to the game! (Two of each)
  • If you have a level 12 (or higher) character in a save slot, you can now select NEW GAME+ mode for that save slot. By doing this, your character data will be saved and continued in a brand-new dungeon with much harder monsters and champions. While there are no rewards exclusive to NEW GAME+ yet, all monsters challenge values are increased and thus you have a much better chance at getting top tier loot that is otherwise only available in the most difficult Item Dreams. Overall, legendary/set item drop chance is doubled.
  • When using a Tent, one in-game day passes; trees will grow and merchants in town have a chance at restocking.

  • Added support for more text/dialog fields to be parsed in real-time
  • Improvements to how status effects are tracked under the hood - now supports fine tracking of statuses added by equipment

  • You can now access TWO skill hotbars! There is a new key binding for "Cycle Hotbars" that can be used to switch between them. You still use buttons 1-8 to hotkey abilities and use them, but the exact abilities used will depend on which hotbar is selected. You can also click to use these abilities, and drag/drop on the skill screen.
  • There is a new COMBAT LOG tab in your Journal which allows you to see a more expanded view of the last 80 log messages.
  • The Rumors tab of the Journal has been visually improved, AND... you can now abandon rumors!
  • The game intro text prior to character creation will no longer appear if you have meta data in a save slot
  • Screen fade and rest jingle when you use a Tent
  • Dungeon Digest's "Keen Eyes" feat now shows up on your character sheet

  • Added new text to Percy (town healer / turtle) explaining how job changes work
Madpinger Jul 30, 2017 @ 9:55pm 
Sounds good :3
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Jul 31, 2017 @ 4:17pm 
b061 / July 31, 2017

NOTE: If you have corrupted resistance data (negative values) please remove all gear, go to town, wait for any temporary buffs/debuffs to wear off, and then hold right bracket ] and tap the H key. This should repair your data.

  • New graphic for "Blademaster" champions... an actual blade! Also, updated visual for Blessed Hammer

  • Healing bonus of "Food Lover" feat reduced from +35% to +18%
  • Base health increase of "Toughness" feat increased from 20 to 30; HP scaling slightly increased per level as well. Previously, base HP at level 15 was 1955 w/o Toughness, and 2045 with. Now, with Toughness, you will have ~2293 at level 15.
  • Damage bonus of Rager feat increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • Adjusted aggro logic of certain monsters with "Gang Up" or "Predator" behavior; they now have a chance to aggro you regardless of any other factors

  • Fixed bug where buff/debuff icons were not appearing
  • Fixed bug where powerups would all tend to stack up in one tile
  • "Harrier" champion mod, as well as other abilities that pick random nearby tiles, will no longer target tiles outside the originating actor's line of sight
  • Fixed bug where number of Pandora's Boxes opened was not accurately tracked
  • Fixed bug where controller navigation of the secondary skill hotbar would not work properly
  • Avenger champions will no longer enrage if a player-faction pet dies
  • Fixed major bug where items upgraded in Item Dreams would not accurately save/load their item value. This meant loading a game and entering an already-upgraded item would result in an easier-than-intended Item Dream
  • Fixed bug where, in New Game+, your summoned pets would inherit NG+ monster bonuses
  • Fixed bug in New Game+ where some boss HP was not scaling properly
  • ALL actor data is now cleared when you start a New Game+ run; this includes completed quests and such
  • Monsters are now capable of breaking a wide variety of destructibles such as boxes and crates (as intended)
  • Materialized elemental summons will no longer cast on top of breakable destructible objects like crates and boxes
  • Loot value of destructibles in New Game+ now scales (as intended)
  • Fixed Regen Flask and item/food healing amount estimation in UI; these were not taking into account Discipline's effect on buff duration
  • Fixed bug where Jump Boots did not affect Righteous Charge, Flying Kick, or Jumping Shot
  • Fixed major bug where some status effects that increased or decreased stats such as physical resistance were not properly reversed on end.
  • Fixed bug with Choco Bar not doing anything
  • Paladin's Heavy Guard should no longer do anything if you have less than 7 Stamina (the buff will still show, but the effect on block will not be shown, and it will have no actual effect)
  • Paladin's Heavy Guard will now reflect 50% decrease of crit chance on the character sheet
  • Fixed bug with the "Volcano" map type where far fewer monsters would spawn than intended. This could also cause errors when trying to generate the item world, if there were no monsters on the final floor...
  • Fixed bugs with backup monster placement logic, used for various map layouts (resulting in slightly fewer monsters than intended in certain areas)
  • Most likely fixed crash with Erin the rumor giver
  • Planks/Shovels in Item Dreams should no longer spawn on 'solid terrain' like trees or earth pillars
  • Fixed bug where if you started the game while alt+tabbed (or otherwise out-of-focus), returning to the game would cause the volume to spike up.
  • Fixed bug where starting the game while alt-tabbed would cause the music to be at normal volume, even with "Audio Off When Minimized" enabled

  • Added "lax factor" to monster spawn algorith, which means on smaller maps, less-than-ideal monster placement will be used if it means achieving the desired density
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Aug 1, 2017 @ 3:12pm 
b062 / August 1, 2017

NOTE: If you have corrupted resistance data (negative values) please remove all gear, go to town, wait for any temporary buffs/debuffs to wear off, and then hold right bracket ] and tap the H key. This should repair your data.

  • New visual effect for Shadow Bolts of various types

  • Damage from Thundering Lion charges reduced to +15% Weapon Power/+20% Spirit Power per charge (was +25% Weapon, +20% Spirit Power)
  • Thundering Lion no longer procs from ranged weapons
  • The boost to skill damage from using an offhand weapon (dual wielding) has been reduced. Previously, using two weapons of the same power while dual wielding would give you about +35% more damage from weapon based skills. Now, the damage bonus is closer to +15%. As skills cannot miss, the bonus for using them while dual wielding is not intended to be high.
  • Energy and Stamina no longer grow with level. (Keep in mind, there are many items and magic mods that boost these stats.)
  • Mottled Sandjaw's roar attack debuff is more potent and lasts longer
  • Bandit Brigand's Smoke Bomb buff/debuff now lasts a bit longer
  • Detonate Vines will actually destroy the vine(s) now
  • Jade Salamanders are now tougher overall, and their poison breath lasts longer
  • The effect of Discipline on buff duration has been reduced, as it was significantly powerful at higher levels in lengthening the duration of food heals, Tornado Stance etc.
  • To balance the above change, the base effect of HP-restoring food has been increased, which should be particularly useful at lower levels
  • PETS of all kind now scale much better in terms of their damage output. Their toughness also scales a bit better.

  • With any luck, FINALLY fixed the error where pressing "enter" to confirm an ability use would sometimes trigger the wrong ability
  • Monsters should no longer break boxes and crates for no reason; only if they are in a combat state
  • Fixed issue in certain Item Dream map layouts where walls would be invisible
  • Fixed bug where staircases could be hidden behind trees
  • Attempted fix at issue where side areas were not marked as clear, despite all monsters being dead
  • Sneak Attack should no longer be consumed if you crit with a ranged weapon
  • Balsam (and similar items) no longer remove the Full "debuff"
  • Sneak Attack should now trigger properly if you have a weapon with the Wild mod
  • When you detonate vines or a Floraconda, they are now actually destroyed
  • Fixed bug where loading a save with summoned pets would result in the wrong pet faction
  • Fixed bug where Purifiers were considered collidable to monsters, causing them to path around and also causing issues with summons
  • (b061a) Fixed rare NullRef related to sprites fading in/out
  • (b061a) Fixed bug where food seasonings didn't work
  • (b061a) Fixed bug where entering Examine mode while also targeting an ability would cause a bad game state
  • (b061a) Fixed audio bug where the 'select' sound would play repeatedly while you dragged sliders around

  • Paladin's "Armor Training" passive has been reworked. Now, while wearing Heavy Armor, you will automatically do a slam attack for 45% weapon damage wherever you land after using a movement ability. The skill also costs 500 JP (up from 350)

  • Minimap location (if dragged with the mouse) is now saved with your game preferences
  • If you have multiple identical buffs/debuffs, these are now stacked with a counter in your buff/debuff area
  • If you've summoned or charmed a monster, and they use any kind of "wind up" attack, the tiles will show in green instead of red

  • Lots of new item flavor text!
  • New dialogue popups in the branching passage after the first boss
R.SaGa3 Aug 2, 2017 @ 10:09am 
Graphical effect location bug when hitting
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Aug 2, 2017 @ 11:02am 
Got it - will be fixed.
R.SaGa3 Aug 2, 2017 @ 11:37am 
There is a bug that stops when using the shadowstep skill.
Impact Gameworks  [developer] Aug 2, 2017 @ 10:52pm 
b063 / August 3, 2017

NOTE: If you have corrupted resistance data (negative values) please remove all gear, go to town, wait for any temporary buffs/debuffs to wear off, and then hold right bracket ] and tap the H key. This should repair your data.

  • Weapon scaling of enemy faction summoned monsters should be a little toned down now
  • Adjusted scaling of enemy-summoned Fungal Toads from "Frog Gang" champion ability
  • Lowered duration of Hunter's Shadow Stalk buff
  • Adjusted aggro scaling of summoned creatures. Summons will no longer automatically gain a huge amount of aggro.
  • "Buried Loot" chest should be much better (again)

  • Fixed wrong duration estimate when hovering over food
  • You *should* no longer trigger a weapon switch when trying to use an ability
  • Possible fix addressing issue where abilities could be targeted and not actually executed, also added further debugs for this
  • Fixed nullref error related to using consumables
  • Fixed nullref errors related to certain states with critical, block, or parry effects
  • Brigand bleed no longer procs from Staff shots
  • Gambler's "Sharp Eyes" buff should now be reflected on character sheet
  • Fixed bug where abilities intended to be single-target would sometimes hit multiple targets
  • Fixed "#heroname#" display in item descriptions
  • Detonate Vines no longer kills anything on top of a vine (lol)
  • Monster ice wall/ice prisons should no longer be cast outside line of sight
  • Fixed bug where monster shields/barriers were not always shown in the correct visual position
  • When using a seasoning in cooking and you would have no more of that seasoning, it is removed from your seasoning list
  • Summoned monsters will now use pathfinding to get to you if separated
  • Talrose should no longer expect to meet you in a boss area
  • Effects from multiple upgraded accessories should now stack
  • Ocean Gem should now protect you from "deadly void" tiles
  • Attempted fix at issue where music volume would not change, due to app not knowing it had focus
  • Monsters like Floracondas should no longer use pulling abilities when out of LOS
  • Fixed bug with swing animations not playing
  • You no longer gain a block chance while using an offhand that has no inherent block chance, even using abilities like Heavy Guard
  • Paladin Shield Mastery should no longer trigger from ranged weapons, OR while using an offhand with no block chance
  • Fixed turn logic bug with Escape Master and other multi-target abilities
  • Fixed cooking bug that interfered with some recipes such as Charcuterie
  • Fixed Nullref with Budoka's Iron Breathing and other abilities with no target tile
  • Fixed bug where dialog cursor was sometimes invisible when opening menus via controller
  • Fixed assorted bugs related to the "Warp to Stairs" option in side areas
  • Treasure Hunters should no longer be able to hit you with Shadow Snipe if you are outside their line of sight
  • Fixed bug where you could walk on top of destructibles by swapping places with a pet. You will now prioritize attacking monsters followed by breaking destructibles, followed by swapping with pets.
  • "Familiars" magic mod should now stack
  • Fixed infinite scaling bug with Crest of the Draik

  • When starting a totally new game in Adventure or Heroic mode, Julia will give you a handful of healing items before you leave town (5 items in Adventure, 2 in Heroic).

  • Weapon type (Sword, bow, axe etc) is now listed when you hover over a weapon
  • New combat log message when a boss resists a stun effect
  • When using the Escape Portal in town, you will have the option of immediately going back to the dungeon (or an Item Dream) if a portal is already open.
  • If you die in Adventure mode before using a ranged weapon, you will now get a bow in town and a quick lesson on how to use it
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